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At the stage of its ideological maturity, ergonomics (the applied science of comfortable and human design) was identified only with the world of luxury. Only the super-things and the super-environment that consisted of them had ergonomics. But now ergonomics is no longer a price or a feature. An excellent position in the scope of his subject and the original aspects of the image are the same sure factors of ergonomics, its emotional factors. A good example of such a phenomenon is the residential complex “House near the Voznesensky forest”.

However, in a purely essential sense, this is not a house, but HOUSES – four four-storey buildings made of yellow and red brick. In the original design, it was really just a house-experiment. The possibilities of the experiment proved convincing and four whole buildings were already named – they did not transform it, because it took root organically. But the simplicity of this work is. Original. Yes, it sounds like an oxymoron. But you can not say otherwise.

The complex stands out in the current urban context, it stands out from the standard “residence for the surroundings”. The generally accepted, well-known image of such a house is a 16-25 storey house surrounded by similar buildings. Even if, at the will of the topography, it turns out that next to them is a preserved green mass – a grove, a forest park or a natural suburban forest – then such a building, as if to say, ignores it, exists egocentrically, as a ” thing in itself “. While in the image of “Voznesensky” it is exactly Proximity to the forest is one of the main, highlighted elements.

business news“I would call this project a chamber,” said Alexei Yepanchintsev, head of the new contract service at the Metr Academy of Sciences. – The number of floors is small (four floors), the layout of the buildings is free, there are few apartments – this is the same building proportional to one person, for whom there are so many discussions and dreams both in the professional environment and in society . We have incorporated the idea of ​​humanitarian and “green” development without sacrificing urban comfort. This is such a balance of urbanization and environmental correctness – what is commonly called eco-urbanism.

A small number of apartments is also a return to the traditional “neighboring” subculture – the socio-cultural environment that existed before the era of massive high-rise buildings.

“House by the Forest” in this case is a purely subjective element of the name: The Sinyaginsky Arboretum is located next to the complex – a very interesting, picturesque recreation area – a park that became famous in Runet thanks to panoramic photos. The trees that form it have different rhythms of autumn wilting, different colors of autumn foliage – from yellow-lemon to red, ruby ​​and crimson. And the trees are planted according to their deciduous rhythms and color groups. Because, during the Indian summer season, the orchard panorama literally becomes a spectacular sight – a huge and ordered exaggeration of vibrant plant shades.

– Yes, we tried to use the picturesque beauty of the place with the maximum yield of reputation, – confirms Alexey Yepanchintsev, – we “sewed” it even in the brand name of the project. We inherited the band’s name from the manufacturer, “polished” it to the detriment of environmental performance – we noted a connection to nature in the brand name.

This is not the opposite of high-rise buildings, but, say, an unchanging part of urban life – an offer for those who feel uncomfortable with the style of the city and do not like the rural, rustic life in its purest form. This is a “sloboda” way of life, a kind of golden mean between the first and the second. According to this, the name of the project was also designed: “Voznesensky” is a name from the toponymic series of old Russian cities: Moscow, Tver, Yaroslavl, Vologda, Kazan – from where the settlement was the main archetype of the urban environment for several centuries .

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According to social performance and price, “Voznesensky” belongs to the group “first home”. The archetypal “first district” is most sought after in cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg.

“These are cities with social debuts, cities that serve as migration magnets,” explains Alexei Yepanchintsev. – The opposite is the so-called cradle cities: Yaroslavl, Kemerovo, in part even Tomsk and Nizhny Novgorod (although it is a millionaire). From the cradle cities, the population moves to the cities of social emergence. If an average of 15,000 people come to Novosibirsk every year, then it is reasonable to expect that they will soon buy 7-9,000 apartments here. If no one comes to the city or any new developing generation leaves for the capital, the purchase of new buildings in such a city is correspondingly anemic. A typical example of this is Yaroslavl, which for almost half a century stubbornly approaches the millionth demographic limit and regularly returns from it to its “eternal” 800 thousand. Being a city of social debut is a kind of gift of fate, an urban property. And Novosibirsk responds quite well to such a role – the theme of the first apartment in it has been worked out by different developers and with great variability.

From the beginning of the construction of Voznesensky, there was a family mortgage and a maternity capital. The mortgage is valid in all major banks. A big fan of mortgage options is an added argument for both young families and individual conquerors of the Siberian capital.

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“Both of these sociotypes are taken into account with the same respect in the design of apartments,” says Aleksey Yepanchintsev. – And new families (still childless couples and couples with their first child), and unmarried. For them, the ergonomics of the home and the comfort of the immediate environment are important: the yard, the space for daily walks, the route of daily shopping. On the contrary, the factor of “centrality” of management is the least important for them. Why the in this generation there is a large layer of professionals, whose pace of life is freer and is no longer strictly associated with the “home-linear-office-office” scheme.. And here’s what for us It turned out to be a surprise, because the popularity of the project among the people of the older age group – they are buy apartments to live in them in retirement. Not as an investment, not for rent, but only for yourself – for a comfortable and relaxed life by the forest. Modern retirees often have a “country cottage” conditionally in the addresses of their dreams. And “Voznesensky” confidently overlaps this picture: in fact, life in the countryside, but without the mysterious set of “firewood-well septic tank” – just a comfortable extract of country life, without aggravating impurities.

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Voznesensky apartments are comfortable rationality. There are no huge apartments, no “capsule”. Basically, these are two- and three-room apartments. Dvushki – 53 sq. M, three rubles – 63 “square”. Such forms of apartments, although they are, according to the original plan, housing for social debut, are designed for long-term residence. Made, we would say, with a margin. There are also studios in the band, but not many of them – there are only six of them in the newer series.

– We treat the studios calmly, without snobbery, – emphasizes Aleksey Yepanchintsev, – For houses of this size, the presence of many studios will not be a stress factor. Anthills, which are actually just studios, have become a curse for this format. Here, the studios are in pieces. For young people whose social debut was formed a little earlier than family life.

The architectural proportions of the complex allow its rapid construction. It will be completed this summer, and by autumn it will be busy. Made of bricks, low four-story buildings – all this easily falls into the realm of the liking of a variety of people.

– Long-term functionality and universal impact – these success criteria are no less important than the idea of ​​the project, – concludes Alexey Yepanchintsev, – So, I dare say now that we have succeeded – we have found a balance of understanding, subtle originality and practicality.

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