Ida Galich fans suspect she got veneered

Technology and medicine do not stand still. Specialists are constantly improving their skills in order to carry out the most painless treatment of patients with the help of the most modern devices. And even here there are trends that change regularly. We discuss the most relevant and what should be left in the past.

Veronika Melekhova, dentist, owner of DELFI CLINIC.

In 2022, as in the past, a key trend in modern dentistry is a healthy lifestyle. Patients continue to thank doctors with a strong desire for a beautiful and at the same time healthy smile with white, uniform teeth. On the one hand, frequent bite correction is required, on the other hand, bleaching procedures. Not to mention the general maintenance of dental health, which includes caries treatment and occupational hygiene. These procedures will always be relevant.

From the innovations of 2022, I will add aesthetic veneers. That is, not “chewing gum” that everyone notices, but natural ones that recreate “their teeth”. Everything that will give us health and create a beautiful smile will be in trend. As for the correction of the bite, here it is debatable. Both straps and straighteners are in vogue right now.


Adults often prefer the latter because they are more discreet and natural. But students and teens prefer braces. In addition, they use bright accessories – rubber bands. Children are less responsible because they can take away the grams and forget about them. Braces are always worn.

Trends, including dentistry, are determined by the stars. Braces are one of the most popular trends. And we see their show right between celebrities and influencers. They created a common trend. In recent years everyone goes to the halls, eats right, meditates.

By the way, the stars are treated not only with the use of braces, but also with the use of more modern methods – aligners. I also noticed a trend that people have become less shy about braces, and also because of the emerging trend for barbecues. The stars charge students with confidence. In the early 2000s, teens were embarrassed to get braces while watching the series Don’t Be Born Beautiful, where the main character was ridiculed for them. The kids started to feel ashamed of the braces, but now everything has changed. In fact, it is worth thanking the celebrities for supporting the trend for orthodontic equipment and spreading a healthy lifestyle.


Many of my patients associate the word “trend” with something expensive. Indeed, one should not think that dentistry is a cheap pleasure, but not as expensive as it seems to most. If you still want to save on dental services, then you should come for dental examinations every six months, make sure you do professional oral hygiene every 3-6 months and deal with caries immediately.

If you remove a tooth and after 3-6 months you have to install an implant, you do not have to save money and walk “like this”.

This will lead to big problems, the bone will start to leave, the teeth will start to move towards the missing defect, complex orthodontic treatment will be needed, because later there will be no conditions for implant placement. The result is aesthetic and functional damage.

Anti-aging dental procedures are still in trend: cosmetic dentistry, dental prosthetics and high quality restoration. When patients even have white teeth, this is a sign of youth. The aesthetic result throws us several years at a time. Therefore, it is so important to have high quality oral hygiene – both professional (at the dentist) and personal at home.

As for the prosthesis, when we restore the height of the lower third of the face, the nasolabial folds become less intense, the wrinkles disappear around the lips, the lips become thicker due to the strengthening of the frame, the corners of the mouth become more “smiling” , all the soft tissues and the chin area are stretched. A high quality restoration should convey all the natural beauty: change in tone, texture and areas of transparency. With the help of a smile, we return youth to the face. It is not necessary to make the restoration perfectly white without texture.

From 2021, the trend for tooth extensions remains popular. It is very controversial because it is full of serious health problems. Despite the fact that we see him regularly on social networks even on glossy covers, dentists do not excite him.

The use of additives can be dangerous. For example, one of the limbs may be accidentally swallowed, resulting in difficulty breathing. Such procedures can be performed only under the supervision of other persons (including specialists) and only natural materials that will not be dangerous to the body can be used to implement ideas. With such teeth, patients will ring a lot, they will not be able to eat, so this will certainly not become a trend for long. Rather, just creative ideas for stunning photography. I do not advise you to implement such ideas yourself.

Among the outdated trends that we should not go back to in 2022 and beyond, I will include: veneer teeth grinding, concrete fillings, metal crowns, prostheses and extracts. If earlier they used thick veneers, under which the teeth were rubbed very hard, now the principle of dentistry is to remove less tissue so that the teeth look more natural.

Now the teeth are ground to a minimum, the artificial tooth corresponds to the anatomy of the natural tooth and the functionality is the same. As for the composite fillings, they are now placed in layers. The borders of the seal are made smooth so that the transition is not visible. Everyone has long since forgotten about metal crowns. Zirconium and all-ceramic crowns have come to dentistry, which fully help to restore the anatomy of the tooth, transfer its color and density, depth. Prostheses – dental implant and restoration of part of the tooth with a crown. And finally, they are distracting. Do you remember what it is about? A painful way to correct an excessive bite. However, medicine has long avoided the word “pain” and has found methods to treat the pathology without the use of traumatic devices.


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