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A 1.5 meter long arm was removed from the patient’s neck

The next night in the admission department of the Moscow Regional Hospital named after Professor Rozanov VN At first, metal parts appeared and then the victim, who carried it inside, had an iron bar about 1.5 meters long and 16 meters in diameter. millimeters protruding from the neck of a twenty-year-old man.

The young man fell from a height of 2 floors, and under the windows there was a construction site. Friends took him to the hospital and one can only guess how this happened.

Despite the tragedy of the situation, we can say that the patient was lucky – the accessories did not touch the vital organs. The examination revealed a transverse wound in the neck, a wound in the left shoulder and superficial wounds in the right hand.

“The patient was diagnosed with a foreign body stabbing in the right half of the neck,” said Artem Aleksandrovich Kosov, head of the emergency department. – The foreign body was cut and removed, the wound was surgically treated and the wound canal was drained. “You could say the guy was born wearing a shirt.”

Now the drain has been removed while doctors are monitoring the patient, but the young man will spend less than a week in the hospital – his condition is not a cause for concern and he will go home soon.

The first child of a Cuban was born in Pushkino

A resident of Liberty Island gave birth to her first child at the Pushkin Perinatal Center on May 9, during the Immortal Constitution procession. In the practice of obstetrics and gynecology, this is far from the first “international” childbirth, when the mother does not know the Russian language … But the nature and the unconditional professionalism of the doctor overcome all language barriers!

The Jordanians living in the United Arab Emirates, in our perinatal center, have a baby girl named Yulia. Another newborn went home to one of the African countries named Irina (named after the newborn she gave birth to). Our patient Diana named her son Toni-Karin, but, paradoxically, does not react to his own name, but to the Russian Vasily.

“He was capricious about something,” smiles obstetrician-gynecologist Rano Kendzhaevna Khaitova, who was giving birth. And immediately calmed down and smiled. Maybe it’s because of our doctor’s charm or maybe the experience of international childbirth – for example, Rano Kendzhaevna is still in a relationship with the parents of a baby from C Εte d’Ivoire (a country in West Africa) who was born in a maternity hospital us.

Our current patient Diana only knows Spanish, which our doctors do not speak. “If only English or French, we could somehow communicate in person, and in this case only with the help of modern technology,” the doctor continues. – Although, I wrote the words that were necessary for myself on a piece of paper – lie down, breathe, push, stop, do not worry … So they gave birth to a sheet of fraud. “Together with midwife Vera Vladimirovna Starkova and neonatologist Irina Valentinovna Galuza, they gave birth to a boy weighing 3,880 grams and 53 centimeters tall.”

Although they found a common language with the patient, Rano Kendzhaevna is sure that even without modern technologies everything would go well: “We gave birth to Muslims, both Orthodox and Catholics. We made “international” births even when there were no smartphones. And they did a great job – nature itself decides everything and we only help. ”

It is night outside, the child starts crying and complaining about the pain in his ear, he spreads it with his hands, you take the baby in your arms and you feel that it is warm …

“Yes, according to statistics, in young children, ear pain occurs more often at night,” says the head of the ENT department of the Moscow Regional Hospital named after Professor Rozanov VN Bogdan Yurievich Kuleshov https: // t .me / lorspec – What to do right now? One hand reaches out to call an ambulance. But you do not have to do it right away. First you need to measure the child’s temperature and give him painkillers. If the child calmed down and fell asleep and the temperature dropped, then you can safely wait in the morning. And in the morning, contact a pediatrician or ENT doctor. And do not self-medicate! “If your child has these symptoms, it is best to see a doctor.”

On Saturday, in a single day of medical examination of the adult population in the outpatient clinics of the Moscow Regional Hospital named after Professor Rozanov VN, 124 residents of the district came. Of these, only 9 people are healthy, 25 – with various risk factors and 90 – with diseases.

Among the risk factors in the first place are high blood pressure, low physical activity, unbalanced diet, in the second – overweight, in the third – high cholesterol and smoking. Among the identified suspicions, diseases of the cardiovascular system precede (65 people!), Diseases of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, diabetes are in second place, diseases of the eyes and urogenital system in third place. 5 people were sent to the second stage of the medical examination.

The statistics are not violated – the majority of women (twice as many men), and in terms of age category, the majority of patients are over 40 years old, the age category is 18-39 years old – 13 people.

6 patients underwent in-depth medical examination and 58 were vaccinated against COVID-19.

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