Stay without wood. Forest crisis in the Shuisky area

In the Shuisky area, residents are afraid of being left without heating and a basic opportunity for washing. Late last year they were informed that there would be no firewood. For villages where there is no natural gas yet, this news sounded like a death sentence. Because the forest is being cut down, and the chips do not even reach the residents – in the exhibition.

Residents of the villages of Mikhalevo and Gnezdilovo have been in a road crisis for several years. The road from Shuya to Novye Gorki is broken. So much so that the only bus refuses to go. It seems, what else to mourn. But there was a reason. Late last year, they were told there would be no firewood.

“I called myself at our Shuya forest office. They said we would not accept any more applications. “Forests are not ours.”

Until then, plots of land in the former state were given to residents. I wrote a statement to the forest office, paid and went to harvest. They gave for free from the lease of the land. But now the whole forest in the Shuisky area is leased for half a century ahead.

Viktor Ulitin, 1st Vice President of the Regional Forestry Committee: “We have leased almost 96 percent of the territory of the Ivanovo region. The district Zavolzhsky, Privolzhsky, Ivanovsky are not for rent at the moment, as there are mainly forest parks here. And the Teikovsky district.

Residents of the villages of Mikhalevo and Gnezdilovo say they were carrying firewood by their side – about five kilometers away. Now, there are rumors that there is a variation of small plots about 40-50 kilometers from their villages.

Alexander Sushin, resident Μikhalevo: “Where should I go now? Unknown. And for 50 kilometers – it is not realistic! Not everyone will go there. You have to get there, cut it, bring it back. Firewood is gold! When our forest, which is here, is in piles.

Each year, logging in the Shuisky area is about six thousand cubic meters of wood. Plots for the population are trying to gather closer. But this is not always possible. Firewood in the fire of discontent is also thrown by the fact that the inhabitants of Mikhalev and Gnezdilov live surrounded by forests. The wood in front of their eyes is made almost daily.

Alexander Sushin, resident Μikhalevo: “What is seen here is a small fraction of this forest. Tears, you will say. How he was here! Cars are brought here almost every day. Bring out. They take us to Moscow, to Sougia. So, another 5-6 years and we will not have any forest “.

The regulations are set out in local law. A family is guaranteed to be able to collect 10 cubic meters of wood for heating the house, 5 cubic meters for a bathroom. The forestry committee assured that there will be no problems with the supply and supply of the population with firewood. The issue was resolved with the tenants.

Viktor Ulitin, 1st Vice President of the Regional Forestry Committee:“Citizens, if necessary, turn to the forest office. Foresters, along with the tenant, choose a location where citizens can harvest wood on their own. In addition, tenants provide a timber harvesting service. That is, it prepares the wood. It comes out. But already here, the applicant already brings the harvest, the subtraction.

The supply of fuel for the cold months cost residents an average of 500 rubles or more. The forestry committee says that even if the plot is leased by the tenant, the overall price will not change. But a ready-made firewood machine will cost about 20 thousand rubles. Depending on the type of trees. Such a price does not warm the villagers at all.

Alexey Sushin, resident of the village Gnezdilovo: “Nobody offers. And if you buy, then 10 thousand for 5 cubic meters. I need 30 thousand. We survive. The word genocide has already been said today. This is how the genocide really begins. Soft, creepy. Not that they kill. “But they make life in the countryside simply unbearable.”

Gasification would help change the situation. The sites are ready for this. But if Mikhalevo has one more chance, then the long-term plans for the gasification program until 2025 do not include the village of Gnezdilovo.

Alexey Sushin, resident of the village Gnezdilovo: “Last year we collected signatures for gasification in 6 villages. The main pipe is 300 meters away. And close to all 6 villages. There was a denial: by 2030, you will have no gasification. ”

We will have to come to terms with the new rules and believe that there will be no problems with fuel supply. The Forest Committee has already suggested to regional MPs to try to change forest legislation at the federal level and provide for the allocation of logging plots for ordinary villagers in forest lease agreements. Meanwhile, the authorities are talking about the possibility of collecting dead wood. Anywhere and in any quantity.

Natalia Sergeeva, Sergei Tyutin. TV company “Bars”.

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