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More and more visitors are flocking to Kiev restaurants (Photo: 100 years ago)

The number of visitors to restaurants in Kiev is growing. But it will not be possible to reach pre-war indicators soon. The trend will be installations in the basement

The administration of Kiev has become more loyal to the restaurants. They were allowed to sell alcohol from 11:00 to 22:00. “The city is interested in the flow of funds into the capital’s budget, and this is possible only with the maximum opening of business,” said Nikolai Povoroznik, First Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration. The curfew comes now an hour later – at 23.00. The facilities will lead to an increase in attendance of Kiev institutions. But not all. Ukrainians save money, so they go to cafes and only to their favorite places.

What about restaurants

In the center of Kiev – on the street. Pushkinskaya, Podil or Independence Square have almost no people on the premises. There are few of them on the city streets, says Olga Nasonova, General Manager of Restaurant Consulting. This is fundamentally different from the pre-war situation, when working in the central part of the city was almost guaranteed to provide restaurants with an audience.

Many people are gone, and first of all, this is a credible audience. “For example, in Chernivtsi itself, restaurants are full,” says Nasonova.

According to her calculations, if before the war in Kyiv there were about 500 thousand creditworthy citizens who could afford to go to a restaurant, now it is about 200 thousand. And most of them do not leave the residential areas of the city, where restaurants are more in demand in the central part.

People return to the city every day and this is good news for restaurants. This week there are 30% more visitors than last week, says Dmitry Pogrebicki, co-owner of the Pesto Café restaurant chain. But so far, only half of their network facilities are open, Pogrebitsky says, and half of the sales now come from delivery.

Restaurant sales are now 40-50% lower than in the pre-war period, says Maxim Khramov, owner of the Pastateca restaurant chain and Givi Rubinstein restaurant. But, like Pogrebicki, every week records an increase in the number of guests.

The license to sell alcohol at night will help, first of all, the bars, agree all the interlocutors of NV Business. The number of restaurants opening is also increasing: if 10 days ago 40-50% of the total number of facilities were operating in Kyiv, now it is 60%.

At the same time, only one in five institutions has a high occupancy rate, says Nasonova. These are cafes and bakeries, as well as restaurants known in Kyiv, such as Musafir, Mama Manana, Milk Bar, the premises of Dmitry Borisov, etc. But even in these, visitors are not ready to spend much. Khramov says the average of restaurant checks is not rising, although prices have risen by 20-30% in recent months.

Everything is quiet in Lviv

In the restaurant market areas, the situation is very different. Andrey Khudo, co-owner of the FEST restaurant! So far, its facilities in Kharkov are not working, Odessa is not working well and there is a positive trend in Kyiv.

Visitors’ behavior changed when they drank alcohol, Khudo added. Due to the ban on the sale of strong drinks, stores sell beer and wine. “So there are fewer items in the check and that affects the reduction in total sales,” says Khudo.

Restaurants in Uzhgorod do not feel the impact of the crisis – the facilities are full, especially in the coastal area.

What’s next for buying restaurants? Pogrebitsky believes that in order to return to the pre-war indicators, it will be 3-5 months after the end of the war. Nasonova says the restaurants will open in the basement, where guests feel more secure. Tables near large windows overlooking the street, which were in trend six months ago, now frighten visitors.

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