Creating Michelin-starred restaurant ratings in Russia can take years

18/05/2022 09:17


MOSCOW, May 18. / TASS /. Creating new ratings for Russian restaurants is possible, but it will take years to completely replace the famous Michelin guide. This view was expressed by experts and restaurateurs interviewed by TASS on Wednesday.

The Michelin Red Guide, the most famous and important of the restaurant ratings, has been produced since 1900. In October last year, restaurants in Moscow were included for the first time: a total of 69 stores, nine of which received stars. One month later, opinion polls show that one in ten Russians would like to visit the capital to go to a Michelin-starred restaurant. However, on March 4 this year, the French company Michelin, which is the driver, suspended its operations following the establishment of facilities in Russia.

Approach the Michelin level

There are many different prestige restaurant awards in the world, more than a dozen restaurant guides, but none of them could reach the Michelin level either in terms of importance or prestige, said Ivan Samoylenko, CEO of B&C Agency, said in TASS.

“It would be possible to create something similar in Russia, but it will take years. Of course, there are efforts to create different guides, restaurant guides in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. However, the consumer needs a rating that must be reliable. “He should be a guide who will objectively show the advantages of this or that institution. To get a star means a lot to the restaurant and the chef. Then the citizens will be guided by this Russian or metropolitan rating,” he believes. the expert.

His position is widely shared by Anton Sviridenko, head of the Center of Experts under the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights. “If we are talking about the All-Russian score, then in order for it to be valid, a lot of work is needed to build standards and evaluation procedures,” he is convinced.

A member of the Development Party, restaurant Larisa Nevidailo, also believes that “if it is possible to create a Russian rating, then it will take several years.” “In addition, the recognition of international evaluation is on a larger scale than the evaluation within the country,” he noted.

At the same time, some other experts are convinced that there is no need to reinvent the wheel – in Russia there is already a national award award restaurant WhereToEat, which is over 10 years old.

“The rating is simply valuable because all the restaurants in the country can participate in it. We are constantly receiving feedback from restaurants. They appreciate us and we are a catalyst for the guests. So it is possible, of course, to invent a new rating, but let there be “At least for more than three years in our reality. It’s a very big and time-consuming job,” said Irina Tiusonina, general producer of the WhereToEat Award.

The location of “star” restaurants.

The chefs of the capital’s Michelin-starred restaurants interviewed by the agency last October are divided.

Artest restaurant chef (two stars) Artem Estafiev believes: “To make a rating that is at least in some way similar to Michelin, you first have to go through all this thorny path. “I want to be part of this story: indestructible, worthy, honest. I think that is possible in the future, but it is far away.”

Andrey Shmakov, chief chef of the Savva (one star) restaurant, agrees with him, commenting to the agency on the prospects of creating a Russian driver. “You have to understand that nothing happens fast. Each rating has its own history and path, because Michelin has been around since the early 20th century. Again, it takes time for the new rating to spread and we will look there.” he said.

At the same time, the chefs of the capital’s Twins Garden restaurant (two stars), Ivan and Sergei Berezutski, said that an international guide with more than a hundred years of history “no local rating can replace it.” “Let ‘s look at it objectively. Michelin is equally valid around the world – both in Europe and in Asia. Russia has long had the WhereToEat award, which covers the whole country. “The question is – why? The experts will be the same, so most likely the results will be at least similar”, believe the interlocutors of the agency.

High kitchen sign

Other experts, on the other hand, support the creation of new Russian restaurant guides. For example, Tatyana Mineeva, authorized to protect the rights of entrepreneurs in Moscow, said that “of course, it is necessary to think about creating a domestic rating with a serious weight of reputation.”

“Moscow has not ceased to be one of the best gastronomic places on the world map just because there is no Michelin here right now. The level of competition in the market today is very high. This means that you can stay alive only with a unique presentation. which can attract the attention of a huge number of visitors and new ideas.The new rating will take all this into account and will undoubtedly become a new sign of “high cuisine”, for sure.

Alexander Sysoev, founder of the Russian Restaurant Festival and owner of the industrial medium SysoevFM, noted that restaurants and visitors have been asking for new ratings for a long time.

“We also need guides and ratings / awards, but they should be as transparent and honest as possible. Of course, there are two actors here: international guides attract foreign tourists, local guides work with local audiences, but they can also capture tourists. A strong Russian guide can meet both needs, with the right advertising campaign.Restaurants are an important part of free time.It will increase in quality, hotels will increase in quality and the structure of the city itself.But these will “It must be a separate city of drivers, I would not combine everything into a single score,” he explained.

His team is already creating the first premium guide for Russian big cities, in which it is planned to highlight the most interesting places in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Sochi. “The launch is scheduled for early June. We have very strong strategic partners, such as Yandex.Maps, that will help make the project truly effective,” Sysoev added.

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