The forest, planted six years ago, will go under the bulldozer.

Vyacheslav Pravdin / News, 14:59, Yesterday /

Spring 2015. Fire, smoke, death. Exactly seven years have passed since those terrible days of the ubiquitous raging element of fire. Tens of thousands of Tranbaikalians then came out to fight the fire with whatever they could get their hands on – from rakes and shovels to spruce branches. It is unlikely that you will find a better example of such a large-scale unity of the inhabitants of the area. These fires changed a lot in the life of our area. With undiminished unity, new forces and a new governor, in the spring of the following 2016, the restoration of the Trans-Baikal forests began.

The biggest event will take place near Cheetah. In the area of ​​Blagodatny settlement, forest officials, community members, students and anyone who wishes will plant more than 100,000 young pines. The participants in the action decided to restore the forest plantations in the area where the fires were raging last year and where all the vegetation was destroyed. According to organizers, more than 1,500 people will take part in the event.

μιthat place has become a kind of monument to the love of the inhabitants for the Trans-Baikal nature. The choice fell on him not by chance – an entire small area for fire victims was built nearby. A few days later, Natalya Zhdanova even punished all the officials who did not participate in the All-Russian Day of Forest Planting.

Alexander KARMANOV, President of DNT “Titan”
There was a rally where Zhdanova spoke. Governor. She also participated here. I also planted myself.

Five years later, the young development went through the most difficult phase of its life and began to grow. However, he did not manage to become a forest. The bulldozers entered the territory of the future forest and began to cut all living things.

Alexander KARMANOV, President of DNT “Titan”
These were the areas of the forest fund. And last year we saw exactly that on our landings. These landings are trampled. Here you can already see, they started building houses. +04: 34 We arrived, we started asking what it was and where it came from. We are told that everything here is legal.

Upon learning of what was happening, the former Transbaikalia governor was very upset and declined to comment on the matter. Natalya Nikolaevna’s feelings can be understood. These seedlings just now finally took root and began to grow. Another ten years and there could be a pine forest in this place. But instead, concrete cottage foundations sprouted to the ground and even age-old trees that survived the fire fell under the cutting.

Olga KARMANOVA, resident of DNT “Titan”
On the opposite side is the forest, which has always been and remains a forest fund. Houses are being built there. Huge pines in the foundations, already full. Of course they will [рубить]all cut.

Residents of the area began to sound the alarm: write complaints to the prosecutor’s office and other audits. As a result, a case was filed for illegal logging.

Based on the materials of the prosecutorial control, the investigator of the Ministry of Interior for the Chita region of the Ministry of Interior of Russia for the Trans-Baikal Territory initiated and investigated a criminal case based on a crime under part 1 of Art. 260 of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation.

However, it did not end there. As it turned out, in 2019, the areas of the natural monument were transferred from the forest fund to the category of areas for individual construction of houses. Such a decision is the prerogative of the residents of the Far Eastern Hactare program.

Viktor LUTZ, head of the rural settlement Smolenskoye
Because a person chooses an individual house construction for one hectare of Far East and builds it. A person within three years determines and chooses the type of permitted use. There is a possibility for individual construction of houses, it is possible for commercial activities, etc., etc. Everything that is not prohibited by law, as they say. Let’s say they chose IZHS. Well, I do not know why there. I have not seen all the documents. I do not know why there, on a piece of land, maybe an acre, probably 10 or 15 houses are built there. But this is not a question for us.

It turns out to be an absurd situation. Why, then, do we need land legislation, the Forest Code and a host of other regulations if they are all repealed by a, incidentally, less well-thought-out federal program?

Olga KARMANOVA, resident of DNT “Titan”
I will now give you the documents we received in response to our letters, our appeals. But everything is answers. They write to us: “yes, here it is from the forest fund, but not completely forest, and maybe not forest”. And Baska listens and eats. Construction continues – the forest under the bulldozer is being destroyed.

Based on the cadastral map, the whole part of the forest zone from the micro-region 1 is under construction. Blessed in DNT Titanium. The plot is demarcated so that there is not even a road between the settlements. According to locals, former deputy Roman Shcherbakov, known for his involvement in the bribery of Rosreestr chief Nikolai Zateev in 2017, is in charge of construction. Unfortunately, it was also not possible to receive Shcherbakov’s comment at the time of filming the report. Therefore, the construction continued according to the schedule and, as it seems, in a few weeks there will be no trace of forest plantations here.

Olga KARMANOVA, resident of DNT “Titan”
The hectare of the Far East is now such a chip under which you can easily steal.

Vyacheslav PRAVDIN, Alexey PAVLOV, ZabTV.

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