Members of the Legislative Assembly discuss problematic issues of the timber industry in Transcaucasia

Logging is one of the main industries in the Trans-Baikal region. However, the growing volume of the permitted cutting area in the area now leaves much to be desired. In 2014, loggers raised the issue of what the government needed to develop investment plans and provide support to the forest industry. For 8 years, practically nothing has changed in this regard. This is despite the fact that investment projects and support, according to the Ministry of Economic Development, exist.

Alexander BARDALEYEV – Minister of Economic Development of the Trans-Baikal Territory:

“This year, I hope to start the Vostok Service greenhouse complex, a tree nursery in the Chita region. The project involves the development of a coarse pulp factory in the Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky region. “Pretty good study. I hope we will finish this project by the end of this year.”

In words, all this sounds beautiful, despite the hesitant speech of the minister. However, MPs suspected in the report fears of opening a coarse pulp plant, recalling the sad experience in the work of Polyarnaya TsPK. The question did not take long to come.

Yuri Gaiduk – Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Trans-Baikal Territory:

“Will the fate of Polyarnaya TsPK be repeated? Will we give the cutting area again for 50 years. Will we give it all to someone – the same question: who will face it? The Chinese again? And the third question is whether the fact that Petrovsk- Zabaikalsky and Khiloksky Are the areas included in the nature protection zone? And will we set up this business there? Has it been coordinated somewhat with the environmental authorities?

Alexander BARDALEYEV – Minister of Economic Development of the Trans-Baikal Territory:

“Such projects are, of course, since it is a production project, it must pass all the tests. And it will be implemented in compliance with all laws.”

It does not make sense to deny that today logging in the region lags behind in every way. Zaur Appoev, First Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of the Trans-Baikal Territory, during the meeting described the issue of sawn timber prices in the region as “controversial”. What will happen to the cost remains unknown. Now the price of wood, to put it mildly, is catastrophic. And this is just before the construction season. The Ministry of Natural Resources sees no way out of this situation. If last year 1 cubic meter cost an average of 7 thousand rubles, then this year – 20 thousand. At such prices, it is cheaper to transport wood from Buryatia than to buy it in the Trans-Baikal Territory.

Alexander BARDALEYEV – Minister of Economic Development of the Trans-Baikal Territory:

“We have our own problems. We meet regularly with our lumberjacks, with companies. We had separate meetings with the Ministry of Natural Resources. The momentum has decreased this year. There are projects, entrepreneurs who are ready to face it, there are also no enough resources for the forest “.

Sergey SUTURIN – Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Trans-Baikal Territory:

“We need to get the Rosstat benchmarks and duplicate the information available to the ministries. There is a gap somewhere, because according to Rosstat, we have a disaster with the volume of harvesting and processing of wood. There will be no harvest without road felling. this issue separately consider Support for the construction of logging roads “.

Representatives of the Ministry of Planning and Development of the region in their report reminded the support measures of the Advanced Development Area. Now among the residents of TOP now – only the favorite of Governor Osipov – Mr. Kuzmitsky and the company of “Innovation” with their pellets. Meanwhile, there are several investors who want to take a measure of support in the field of forest development, but even here it is not so simple.

Elena FROLOVA – Deputy Minister of Planning and Development of the Trans-Baikal Territory:

“Everyone is faced with the fact that now the investment limit is quite high. If earlier, in order to make and receive the PDE status in the forest sector, and to receive plots of forest funds at a preferential interest rate, it was necessary to invest from 500 to 750 million, depending on the modernization or the creation of a new business. Now the limit has been raised to 2-3 billion rubles. Companies just do not know what to buy for this amount. “

Often, companies entering the foreign market, even in neighboring markets, can not withstand price competition. Until these problems are resolved, the issue of forests will remain unresolved.

Victor Solovyov, Alexey Pavlov. ZABTV

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