What will May 2022 be like? Meteorologists are surprised

April brought us warmth. As meteorologists predicted, it turned out to be noticeably hotter than usual.

With the average monthly temperature in April for Magnitogorsk being 4.7 degrees, the actual temperature of the month, according to observations, was 7.2 degrees, ie 3.3 degrees above average. The highest air temperature -23.6 degrees above zero- was recorded in our city on April 14. This day was the hottest for all the time of the meteorological observations. True, we were unlucky again with rain. They fell by half less than the long-term average.

What if the beginning of the last week of April treated us with good weather. On Wednesday, according to the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation, Honorary Meteorologist of Russia Roman Vilfand, came the climatic summer: the temperature background was 21-24 degrees. Then there will be a sharp drop: the temperature will drop by 10 degrees and will remain in the range of 10 to 13 degrees. With the beginning of May, the meteorologist believes, the situation will not improve.

Scattered rows of rain clouds will erupt at the ends of the Urals. But not so cool air will flow in the area and therefore the temperature regime is expected to be close to the level of the climatic norm – in the afternoon plus 10-15 degrees, – in turn, meteorologists at the Phobos Center explained.

Nevertheless, May will please the inhabitants of the Southern Urals with unusual heat, where in some places the air temperature will reach + 25-28 degrees. “The supply of well-heated air will be provided by Asian winds,” said Lyudmila Parshina, head of the laboratory at the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

In the Chelyabinsk region at night, in the first days of May, the average temperature will be 4-10 degrees and during the day throughout the month there will be a constant spasmodic change of temperatures from 10-13 to 17-20 points and back. All this will be done against the background of almost daily cloudy skies and short rains.

According to meteorologists, the expected average monthly temperature in the Southern Urals will be slightly warmer than normal. The expected amount of rainfall is 45-60 mm, a little more than usual.

In early May, intermittent rain is possible, the temperature during the day is plus 11-16 degrees. By the beginning of the second ten days, hot and dry weather will be created, in the afternoon the thermometers will rise to 29 degrees above zero. In the middle of the month there will be short-term thunderstorms plus 16-21 degrees in the afternoon. By the beginning of the third decade, there may be several hot days, no rain is expected, the prevailing daily temperature is up to + 31 degrees. The last days of the month it will rain, it will be colder during the day, it will be plus 19-24 degrees.

So the temperature changes are waiting for us all month. Do not forget that frosts are periodically strong not only in April but also in early May, said Roman Vifand. Statistics say that only once every fifty years there is no frost in early May. “So we have to get ready,” he warned.

Unusual warmth.  Meteorologists made an unexpected weather forecast for May 2022

As for the coming summer, meteorologists here are ambiguous. In their opinion, at the beginning of the calendar summer of 2022, the weather in Russia will be strange – it is possible prolonged periods of rainfall, heavy cavities, temperature fluctuations and other unpleasant natural disasters. What will happen this summer season, while it is impossible to say with certainty.

Based on the statistical indicators of recent years, as well as the analysis of satellite data on the movement of the atmospheric fronts and currents of the Global Ocean, the experts concluded that June will not meet our expectations.

And yet, according to the long-term forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center, in some parts of Russia in June there will be more sunny dry days than cloudy and wet. In the Southern Urals, for example, at the beginning of next summer, it will be very comfortable in general. So far, meteorologists have promised that the daily temperature background in June for the Southern Urals will vary between 20-27 degrees. At the same time, they promise at least 16 sunny days in the first month of the calendar summer and a maximum of 14 cloudy days, but there will be very little rainfall throughout June. And you can not do without changes in atmospheric pressure.

In the coming April, there was an event that few noticed, except that those who were sensitive to the weather felt unwell. On April 20, the largest Category X flare in many years was recorded in the Sun. The indicator of flash activity, which characterizes the general situation in our star, was in the red zone, immediately approaching the highest level of violet. According to X-ray measurements from the flare, it is the largest since September 6, 2017, said physicists at the Solar Astronomy Laboratory.

Even from Earth, with relatively simple instruments, extremely large groups of spots were visible, observed in the upper left quarter of the solar disk. Although sunspots look like darker areas of the sun’s surface, they are naturally areas of concentration of very strong magnetic fields and electric currents in the Sun.

Regarding the forecast of magnetic storms for May, according to the Laboratory of Solar Astronomy of IKA and ISTP, on May 7 and 8 a turbulent geomagnetic situation is expected.

An accurate weather forecast for each day can be found in a special section on the MR-info website.

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