Where to go on the weekend of May 14-15

What to watch

Cabaret at the Theater of Nations

From May 12 and throughout the weekend, the Theater of Nations will screen the new play “Cabaret” uploaded by Evgeny Pisarev. The theater defines the premiere as a musical without lamps, feathers and a vaudeville feel. “Cabaret” is a musical drama, entertainment on the verge of hysteria in view of the impending catastrophe. Berlin in the 1930s, the last days of the Weimar Republic. In the club where the American singer Sally Bowles works, partying and fun until the morning, love and romance, behind the doors of the club – political discord, economic collapse, Jewish pogroms. The heroes live a day against the backdrop of the Nazi catastrophe. Starring: Alexandra Ursulyak, Yulia Churakova, Denis Sukhanov, Dmitry Lysenkov, Sergey Kempo.

This is the first approved production of the musical, known from the film of Bob Foss with Liza Minnelli, in Moscow, so the creators took it very seriously: German vocal teacher, although he will sing not only in German, carefully selected costumes and sets in the spirit of the times.

Jackie Kennedy’s tragedy on the big screen

On May 15, Pablo Larren’s Jackie, starring Natalie Portman as the legendary Jacqueline Kennedy, will be screened at the Pioneer Cinema. Other actors: Peter Sarsgaard, Greta Gerving, John Hurt.

The drama about the first lady of the United States is not just a classic biographical film, but a chronicle of the dark, almost insane, horrible moment in her life – the first days after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. What happened, how did this woman survive, whose endurance was admired by the whole world. Jackie premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2016, the film was nominated for all the major film awards in the world. But the victory was most often won by costume designer Madeleine Fontaine, who managed to convey Jackie’s irresistible femininity, which is still considered an “icon of style”.

Dance show for love

On May 14, Barvikha will present a dance and poetry performance “Adam and Eve. Life after Paradise. The performers – two-time world champions, three-time European dance champions in Latin America, Arsen Aghamalyan and Oksana Vasilyeva – will remember all the great love stories from Romeo and Juliet to Jose and Carmen. The cordial duets of famous dancers will be accompanied not only by music, but also by the poems of Vysotsky, Yevtushenko, Brodsky.

Musical Theater “Helikon-Opera”

“Fanari” Book Market

On May 14, Café Mart will host the Lantern Book Garage Charity Market. The program includes not only the sale of books collected in advance by the Muscovites, but also speeches by speakers, discussions of authors and psychologists about favorite books and ways of self-support, reading funny books, children’s workshops and a concert in the finale. Well-known science populist Asya Kazantseva will tell you how the body experiences stress and how to help it. The head of the Guild of Russian Literature Anton Skulachev will discuss whether literature can become a help and salvation. Author of the book Go Crazy. A Guide to Mental Disorders of Big City Residents »Daria Varlamova will talk to the hosts of the podcast” Norm “about how to save yourself in difficult times.

Evgeny Razumny / Vedomosti

Bloggers, writers, experts will sell books and advise buyers. Moscow publishing houses and independent bookstores will participate in the market. All proceeds from the garage purchase will be donated to the House with a Lighthouse charity, and the remaining books will be donated to the North Russian Library Library and donated to the country’s rural libraries.

Collection of the best in Russian literature

On May 15, the Voznesensky Center will host a presentation of the collection “The Constitution: On the Main Books of Russian Literature.” The Shelf project was created in 2017 and aimed to identify the most important works of Russian literature. To do this, a large community of experts has compiled a list of 108 works included in the Russian literary canon. These are novels, short stories, stories, plays, poems, literary memoirs – from The Tale of Igor’s Campaign to the novel by Pelevin Chapaev and Void. Each of these works the authors tried to describe clearly and accessibly. The first two volumes of this edition contained 60 articles – on Russian literature from the time of Ancient Russia to 1917. The authors of the work Polka, Yuri Saprykin and Varvara Babitskaya, will talk about how to read Russian classics and why in these difficult times they began to turn to it more often.

Voznesensky Center

Elegant small restaurant Paternal opened the gastronomic trio of Anton Pinsky, Vitaly Istomin and Artem Losev – through the wall from their own successful last year project Ava. The atmosphere of a carefree life somewhere in the south of France or Italy is also ideal for the Lakes of the Patriarch: only 20 seats, a chandelier in the shape of tree branches, a ficus in the corner, pink covered dishes, salt shaker from Paris flea markets, a beautiful audience – and chefs in the room, who make sure everything is fine.

The black cod donuts with romesco tomato sauce are suitable for lovers of denser dishes, for healthy people – grilled cabbage with crab and pecorino, and the raw part is crowned with crab sushi instead of rice and lightly salted cucumber petals instead of tours.

In summer he is attracted by the sea and some by the ocean. An ocean restaurant opened in Bolshaya Nikitskaya shortly after the May holidays 345 – in the adjacent building from other new works by Lucky Group, Maya and T1. Every week, from Morocco, Sri Lanka and the Arctic Ocean, fish and seafood are delivered to the restaurant’s glass case, which chef Sergey Andreichenko can cook in any way the guest chooses. Crudo and seviche are made from sea bass, red red snapper (also known as snapper) is cooked in salt, sea parrot is cooked in josper. Northern shrimp is served with grandfather’s tomato adjika and chili vinegar. And to all that – freshly brewed beer bread here with butter and bottarga.

May 15 15 Kitchen + Bar not far from Ostozhenka celebrates its 7th anniversary. In addition to supervising chef dinners and bartender tours, the bar entertains guests culturally: exhibitions of contemporary artists, interactive performances, film screenings of the Documentary Film Center have taken place on the courtyard terrace over the years. And against the background of such a busy life, the 15 Kitchen + Bar managed to enter the list of recommended by the Michelin guide in 2021.

At the birthday party, guests are welcomed with cocktail greetings and a barbecue party. And the menu includes spring innovations by chef Yan Bychikhin and bartender Artem Averin.

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