Andrey Norkin’s Night, the Read-Boltay Festival and Museum Night

Voronezh. 20/05/2022. ABIREG.RU – Business Information Agency (ABIREG.RU) presents you an announcement for events for the coming Weekend that you will definitely like.

The working week has come to an end. We have prepared for you a selection of events for the coming weekend.

Friday 20 May

On May 20, the Concert Hall at 19:00 will host Andrey Norkin’s creative night “Another Format” (18+). You will find more than two hours of brilliant humor, happy laughter, heartfelt stories and live communication with the audience.

At the Chamber Theater on Friday – the play “The Grenholm Method” (16+). This is a psychological thriller about interviewing office workers. The director described the type of show as a “stress test”. According to Georgy Tskhvirava, this test is passed not only by the heroes of the play, but also by the audience. Start – at 19:00.

At the Koltsovo Theater on May 20, a delicate comedy melodrama with unexpected plot twists “Roller Coaster” (16+) based on the work of French playwright Eric Assou. Start – at 19:00.

On Friday, you can watch Alexei Vdovin’s spring concert at the Litera Bar (16+). Start – at 19:00.

Dance classes (18+) will also take place in the “Delfini” park (amphitheater). From 19:00 – Zouk style lady dance master class, from 20:00 – Zouk couple dance master class. And from 20:40 to 22:00 the warm open air along the Zouk awaits everyone and from 22:00 to 00:00 the park will be filled to the brim with bachata, salsa and kizomba. By the way, the schedule may change due to weather conditions.

Vasily Yurchenko will appear at the Apraksin restaurant on May 20 with the French accordion program (16+). The world-famous, favorite melodies performed on the accordion will sound for you, at the concert you will be transported to the cozy streets of Paris, you will enjoy a pleasant evening sitting at a table in a restaurant and drinking coffee with a croissant. The start is at 19:30.

On May 20, a very black comedy from the Kot Theater comes on stage in Voronezh. If you like the spirit of detective stories and you are no stranger to harsh humor, then “One-armed from Spokane” (18+) would be a great choice. The start is at 19:30.

Burger House will host a gastronomic evening (16+). In one night the restaurant was gathering, as they say, bread and spectacle. Or rather, new writing snacks from chef Zakhar Matveev. And traditionally – live vocals by Elena Khaliullina. The presenter of the evening is Anatoly Anatolyevich. Start – at 20:00.

Both Elena Goncharova and Denis Novikov (16+) will appear on stage at the Pinta Haus restaurant on Friday. Pop hits, Russian rock, foreign classics – this duo has a lot of music in its arsenal for a great mood. Start – at 21:00.

On May 20 and 21, on the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theater, the glamorous premiere of the season, the opera “Vivat, Russia!” (12+). The appearance of this historic canvas on the stage of Voronezh is scheduled to coincide with the 350th anniversary of the birth of the first Russian emperor Peter I.

On May 20, 21 and 22, the City Palace of Culture (formerly the “Machine Palace”) will host a book festival for the whole family “Read-Dumpty” (0+). The theme of the festival is “Game to the Future”. Opening hours of the festival: May 20 from 15:00 to 20:00. May 21 from 11:00 to 20:00 and May 22 from 11:00 to 16:00. Free entrance.

Weekend May 21-22

On weekends, at the Star & Mlad cinemas (Moskovsky Prospekt and Grad City Park), you can watch new movies: the comedy “Prilyli!” (18+), Clone fiction (16+) and the documentary Maradona: Death of a God (16+).

Saturday morning yoga and breakfast on the terrace of the restaurant 15/86. You will have a dynamic practice with Elena Murenkova “Yoga of Strength and Flexibility” (16+), and then – a juicy breakfast on the most picturesque terrace of the city. The start is at 11:00.

On May 21, a charity trip will take place at the Chernavsky Bridge Dam. The money raised will be donated to the Common Children Foundation for the treatment of seriously ill children. The amount of the participation fee is not defined. Each participant can make a charitable contribution in any amount. The age and fitness level of the participants does not matter. The start is at 11:00. The start of the race is at 12:00.

And in Central Park from 11:00 to 21:00 there will be a charity festival “Good Land of Voronezh” (0+).

The “Museum Night” (6+) will take place on May 21 at the Oldenburg Palace. On the program: at 14:00 a concert “Music in retro style” on the terrace of the palace and at dusk, at 19:00, guests will be immersed in the world of poetry and beauty of Ramon – a poetic tour of Upper Park “I am helpless not to express in words … “, at 20:00 on the veranda of the palace in open form will appear the Big Band of the Voronezh Philharmonic.

Museum. IN. Kramskoy also participated in the annual Night of Museums (12+) campaign. The museum will be open from 14.00 to 00.00. The entrance to the museum closes 30 minutes before closing. The program includes: an exhibition of a painting, thematic excursion, lecture, photography zone, concert and master classes.

In the museum-reserve “Kostenki” this night will be brilliant literally and figuratively (12+). The museum has prepared many interesting things for you: open-air competitions, the theatrical performance “Visitor from the past”, blitz excursions, an archeological search and the favorite disco “We light it in a primitive way!”. And at the end of the holidays, a spectacular fire show “Fire Through the Ages” awaits everyone!

The museum-estate of D.B. Venevitinov For you tonight on the banks of the Don from 21:00 to 22:00 there will be a concert by the Symphony Orchestra of the Voronezh Concert Hall (12+). And after the shadow show, “Ah, this waltz sounds great!”. Free entrance.

The comedy Money Like a Bucket (16+) will be screened on May 21 at the Cott Theater. The story of what happens to people when money literally falls on their heads. This is a new psychological comedy of the absurd in the French style from the duet of the brilliant playwright S. Thierry and the head director of the Kot theater Alexei Proskuryakov on the stage of Voronezh. Start – at 18:00.

At the Chamber Theater on May 21, at 18:00, dance performance “The Medusa raft” (16+). The reason for its creation was a real maritime disaster – after the Meduza frigate crashed, the passengers and crew of the ship escaped on a raft on the high seas for 12 days. And at 20:00 they will show the show “Women who dare” (16+). This is a show about love, jealousy, betrayal, being in love, cunning – for what is known to all.

On Saturday night you can go to the Georgian cuisine restaurant KinZa-Dza with the violin of Alexander Savvin (16+). Start – at 20:00.

Chaihona No. 1 of the Vasilchuk brothers invites you to a party in honor of the official opening of the summer terrace on May 21. Special guest from Moscow – Zarina Music Project & Drummer Show (16+). Presenter: Stas Vasiliev (Europe Plus radio). Gathering of guests – at 21:00.

The AnnReal band from Kursk with the program RocknRoll & Dance (16+) is waiting for you on the stage of Pinta Haus on May 21st. Tonight there will be not only legendary things from AC / DC, Elvis Presley, Bon Jovi, Limp Bizkit, Offspring, M. Jackson, Roxette, Zemfira, Mumiy Troll, LINDA, but also dance hits “Inveterate Scoundrels” and Ricky Martin . Free entrance. Start – at 21:00.

Sunday morning can be spent with benefits for the body. Dolphin Park invites everyone to the pier for an open yoga class (12+) from 10:00 until 10:00. You need to have a yoga mat with you and a good mood.

On May 22, Dolphin Park will host the premiere of the first play “Like Tsar Peter…” (0+) by the Voronezh Academic Street Theater or, in short, the VAU Theater, a play started by the Platonov Arts Festival. At 14:00 a square show will be shown and at 16:00 the walk version. Free entrance.

On the stage of the concert hall of Voronezh State University (“UNIVERSITY HALL”) on May 22, the “1/8 season” of the Voronezh League of the International KVN Union (12+) will take place. The best student teams of Voronezh will take part in the game. The start is at 17:00.

At the Room Theater on Sunday – the play “Antigone” (16+). The eternal question of the choice between duty and freedom, the eternal dependence of a human being on the role we all play in society – this is what worries us today in Anouig’s work, created in 1942 based on Sophocles’ tragedy of the same name. Start – at 18:00.

At the Drama Theater. A. Koltsova May 22 – an eternal story of love, fraud, betrayal, intrigue, a cruel society in which a person lives – the play “Masquerade” based on the drama of the same name by Lermontov (12+). Start – at 18:00.

The play “Ghosts of the Dodo, or 13 love stories” (16+) will also be screened at the “Gata” theater. Start – at 18:00.

Have a nice weekend!

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