Guide to Kaliningrad

THE What to do in Kaliningrad – in our short guide.

The tourist season in the Kaliningrad region begins in June. Although the sea is still cold, you should not worry – it is always like that here.

Oleg Barmin, a local resident and founder of a digital village in the Kaliningrad region, says the season runs through October.

How to get there

For starters, calm down, just calm down. The planes are flying to Kaliningrad, however, the travel time from Moscow has been increased to almost three hours. Only those who are registered in the Kaliningrad area or have real estate in this area can enter by bus or car.

Tickets for the Yantar train are on sale, but you must apply for a transit visa or enter Schengen to travel. Travel time is almost twenty hours, so the fastest and most convenient way is still by plane.

Where to stay

There are more and more good hotels and interesting places to stay in Kaliningrad.

If you prefer chain hotels, take a look at MERCURE KALININGRAD.

If you are attracted to boutique hotels, do not forget to pay attention to Villa Toscana. The hotel was built on the site of an old German mansion in the Amalienau area, home to the most luxurious villas of the wealthy Koenigsberg residents before the war. There are 15 standard rooms with double beds, a single room, two suites and two studios on three floors, as well as a playground and a restaurant.

What to watch

Traditionally, all tourist routes start from the Cathedral and Psarochori. If this is your first time in Kaliningrad, make sure you go for a short instrumental concert. The Kaliningrad instrument is considered the largest in Russia, so you should definitely listen to it. Kant’s tomb is located outside the cathedral. If you see the cathedral, you must navigate to the left.

The fishing village is a remake, although very beautiful. You can climb the observation deck at the Mayak Tower – from there you can see the cathedral and Kant Island.

If you want real antiquity, go to the Amalienau area: take a stroll through the miraculously preserved buildings and look at the Altes House Museum – see what the apartment looked like in the early 20th century and have a cup of coffee. Amalienau was a suburb of a Prussian city. Today, the old villas are still impressive, although you can see a satellite dish on the roof and laundry on the balcony.

Do not miss the World Ocean Museum. The ships on the embankment of the river Pregolya belong exactly to him. Inside there are aquariums, shellfish, the Depth Exposure and the skeleton of a huge sperm whale.

From the unusual – you can visit the “Whaler’s House”, a modern museum that narrates the daily life of Kaliningrad in the 1960-80s.

What to try

One of the best restaurants is Seasons, “modern cuisine with Russian roots”. Be sure to try agricultural oil with seaweed, minced Baltic herring, perch and cool desserts. No less delicious in the gastro bar “Sol” – pay attention to the tartars and tataki from the section “raw”.

Well, you can not leave Kaliningrad without throwing a few Koenigsberg bugs, ie meatballs, in your mouth. Reindeer bugs can be ordered at Steindamm 99. For a snack, get Kaliningrad cheeses, for dessert – ice cream.

Oleg Barmin recommends visiting the restaurant “Pro Pech” and Copper. Pro Pech is a restaurant of contemporary Russian cuisine specializing in grilled local products. Copper is a Scandinavian-style movie theater built in Königsberg in the late 1930s.

Where to go

The minimum schedule looks like this: Zelenogradsk, Svetlogorsk and Yantarny – there is the cleanest beach and the Nordic Spa with fonts on this very beach. You have to compete to enter a modern place with newlyweds and hunters for beautiful shots from all over Russia, so book in advance.

Both Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk should be dedicated to at least one day each – or rather, a couple, and arriving at the Curonian Spit. Yes, you just have to go, you will not get there on foot: first to Zelenogradsk, from there – by bus or taxi to the park. The bus runs only in summer, from May to September.

Having visited Kaliningrad, you will realize that it is almost impossible to fit everything in one trip. You may soon want to pet the Zelenograd cats again, you may meet the sunset with a glass of sparkling water by the Baltic Sea, you may look at the Königsberg Cathedral. There will be a reason to return.

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