“People refused to pay such large sums.” Find out how much it will cost to graduate from schools and kindergartens

A few more weeks – and the last bells will ring in Belarusian schools, teenagers will receive certificates and then some of them will go to celebrate their graduation. Younger graduates – 9th grade and those who finish kindergarten – will also participate in the “cohort” of celebrants. We learned how the graduates will celebrate this holiday and how much money was spent on preparations.

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“The school administration wants to go to the restaurant, of course, at our expense”

This year son Alina (name changed. – Ed.) from Molodechno completes 11 courses. The woman said the students’ parents started thinking about the upcoming graduation last fall. But she never assumed that the parents’ assets would “whet their appetite” in such a way and closer to the holidays the amount for the event for her family would be “excessive”.

The budget for the final exams and the celebration after receiving the certificate was calculated together. Alina did not like the final decision on the amount.

– Requirements for everything. “For example, for exams, in addition to notebooks and pens for children, we have to buy food for the supply, not only cookies, but also sausage, preferably – they check the notebooks for a long time, they want to eat,” the woman said indignantly. .

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Parents also determined how many gifts should be for teachers – the majority voted to be in the range of 20-30 rubles. But eventually, for some reason, “some people decided” that it would be 50 rubles each. There are at least ten teachers, and the class teacher also needs a gift, but more stable and more expensive.

– Bouquets for teachers are going to buy 120 rubles! I can not give it to my mother, but here to strangers! And also a gift to the school – scaffolding, I think this is in agreement with the principal. But when we asked our photographer to take pictures of the children at school, he did not allow it, they say, we need one that will give us.

Decided to make a photo album for graduation – it cost $ 35 (about 88 rubles), you can buy an online photo for $ 15 (about 38 rubles).

Banners for the photo area were ordered directly for the celebration. Upon receipt of the certificates, the children, accompanied by adults, will go to a restaurant located in the Ice Palace.

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– In the restaurant, the charge for one person is about 80 rubles. The school administration wants to go with us of course at our own expense. My son really wants to be there, so I agreed, so let’s go together. But if he refused, I would jump to heaven.

So far, parents have given exams and graduation for $ 100 (about 250 rubles) and 150 rubles, but, most likely, the tuition is not final.

“I still need clothes for the dance. I ordered a suit for my son, it will cost about 350-400 rubles, we will also buy shoes – they will cost 100 rubles. There is no money, my grandmother helps, there is also an installment card – I buy it. The son said the girls generally prepare two dresses each – one for the last call and the second for graduation.

Alina does not really care about her outfit for the restaurant, she says, “I will put what I have or maybe buy a second-hand t-shirt.”

“They want ‘very cool and showy'”

Queen (name changed. – Ed.) – a close relative of a high school graduate from Fanipol. The girl knows in the smallest detail how the event will take place after receiving a certificate from a teenager. She says she is shocked by these plans – she graduated from school a few years ago and there was no such “arrogance” at all.

The official school part did not raise any particular questions – flowers, gifts for teachers and gyms. But because of the unofficial, which will follow after the delivery of the certificates, the parents “fought”.

– In high school there were meetings in which parents discussed how to graduate, asked the opinion of children. We agreed that we should rent a cafe or a mansion in or near the city and celebrate the holiday there. “But no one expected that in early April we would receive an Excel document at the cost of all expenses, which would prove to be huge,” Regina recalls.

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According to the girl, five parents of children from two classes of graduates (both classes decided to celebrate together) want to make an informal part of the celebration “very cool and showy”.

– The list included a photo zone, limousines that would take the kids from school to a restaurant, and that is a maximum of two kilometers, a red carpet in a restaurant, some kind of welcoming area with costume animators – will lead the graduates to the festive table.

You have to pay for all the “chips”. For example, the presenter “charged” the price for his services at $ 600 (about 1,500 rubles), the welcome zone would cost about $ 300 (about 750 rubles). And they also need money to decorate the room, invite a photographer and videographer, pay for the main dishes of the festive table and buy extra.

– Parents with graduates were divided into two camps: those who supported the “calm” were fewer. People refused to pay such large sums. After all, families with different material wealth, there are large families, someone raises a child alone.

And not all graduates wanted “coolness”, some offered an economical and fun option – finally a ride on a yellow school bus.

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– When it comes to clothes, this is generally a separate discussion – one of the boys’s parents buys a three-piece suit and expensive shoes for 500 rubles, so that it is “very beautiful”. So what are these shoes? Then they will just stand there – because now all the guys in sneakers are walking. I’m afraid to imagine how much they spend on girls, there is also hairstyle, makeup, manicure!

So far, the cost of the graduate’s family, which Regina spoke about, is $ 210 (about 526 rubles), since both parents go to the restaurant. They refused a limousine, part of the “chips”, after the “revolt” of the parents, for example, the organizers “threw” the reception zone themselves.

“Let the children be able to gather as little as possible with their own company”

After the ninth grade, many students drop out of school for college, high school, for some of them their parents arrange a graduation.

– My son goes to college, so he will not have such a diploma as a high school student. I thought this was not possible and suggested to other parents to arrange a vacation for the children, at least a minimum. “The majority supported me, only three people refused,” Minsker said Anna.

After receiving a certificate of basic education, children will be led to the mission, for which each participant will have to pay 20 rubles. After that, the children will go to a pizzeria – there each of them will pay for the order himself, depending on what he ordered. At the cafe, they will be served a large five-pound cake, which the parents ordered in advance, the delicacy costs about 200 rubles.

In the Jeanne (name changed. – Ed.) from Logoysk this year, the son is also finishing elementary school. Graduation for ninth graders is getting a certificate and a concert at school.

We do not give gifts to teachers. In the examination, there will be only three flowers on the table. After the events of 2020, in general, the parents’ relationship with the school became dry, and for their part – no one asks us for anything, they say, we do not need anything, everything is voluntary.

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The parents wanted the children to go to the zoo in Baranovichi and then sit at the kiosk. Unfortunately, it did not work – there were difficulties with transportation.

– I think that the children themselves will be divided into small groups and will go for a walk.

In the tasting (Name changed. – Ed.) There are two children from Minsk, both graduates: the eldest is finishing ninth grade, the youngest is in kindergarten.

– With the release of the elder, nothing is absolutely clear – the parents’ meeting will take place on May 25, something can be decided there. So far, we have spent 10 rubles for exams and that is it. Our class was not preparing for anything – not friendly.

The class teacher insisted on a trip to Golshany, but the children were against it, so the trip would not take place.

– This is bad. Let the children have little time to meet with their own company, some adults to organize the process. We live near Pavlov Park, we could go out there, at least fry kebabs, sit on blankets and chat. But in our class there are parents who are categorically against any pay, blackmail, it is only to spend nothing and not to spend extra money on anything. And I would like a vacation for my child, to go somewhere and remember it.

There is more transportation, and material costs are small

The younger Lada has more traffic at graduation in kindergarten, although the material costs are small. First there will be a concert, after a small sweet table, the children will receive a book as a gift. Presentations will be given to the principal, teachers, musician and physical education teacher. For these purposes, the parents handed over 70 rubles.

Oxana from a small village in the Chervensky district, took over the organization of her graduation in kindergarten – when she saw that time was passing and all the parents were silent about the upcoming event.

– Organize a vote on who is ready to donate how much money for graduation. We determined that 110 rubles would be normal. I outlined what could be done about this amount and came to my parents with a ready “business plan”. Nobody started to disagree, only disagreements arose over one thing – whether balloons should be released into the air. We decided that no, we will not pollute the environment.

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With the budget allocated, the kindergartens will have a beautiful room with a photo zone, a photographer, diplomas, books as a gift and a little pleasure. Teachers will be given flowers, about 50 rubles for a bouquet, sweets and a certificate in the store.

– By the way, everyone handed over money together, we did not have to “blackmail” them from anyone, even though we have a rural area, many are from villages and people have a very large salary gap. And no one is asking me to report on the money spent – they trust me.

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