the action turned into chaos and conflict

What were they thinking? This is what customers, restaurants and delivery workers want to know after Grubhub’s food delivery promotion surprise went awry. And he proved that there really is no free lunch, according to The guardian.

Grubhub’s plan was ambitious: to feed all New Yorkers and the surrounding area for free during Tuesday’s lunch break. The platform referred to a survey it had conducted. It showed that 69% of New Yorkers said they skipped lunch.

Grubhub’s platform collapsed as New Yorkers rushed to place orders. The fiasco left the restaurants shocked, the delivery workers disappointed and many customers left on empty stomachs.

Christopher Krautler, a spokesman for Grubhub, said the platform was processing up to 6,000 orders per minute on average, which exceeded all expectations. Krautler acknowledged that the request caused a temporary delay in the system. And some users got an error with their password, but it was fixed quickly. He added that the platform has completed more than 450,000 promotional lunch orders.

The app offered a $ 15 discount on any order in the New York area between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Fi Bakhtiar, general manager of Jajaja Mexicana in the West Village, called it a lousy show. When the restaurant opened at 11:30 a.m., she was surprised to find 40 Grubhub orders in a row.

I say: ‘Wait, this can not be true. And then suddenly it was like, “Well, I think that’s true.”

Bakhtiar said Jajaja West Village, which specializes in packaged food delivery, was able to fulfill all Grubhub orders. But he did not expect that. Neither she nor the managers of Jajaja’s other affiliates in New York received a warning from the platform about the action.

Many restaurants did not succeed.

Megan Benson, who works at a fast-food restaurant in Brooklyn, said the flood of lunch orders had caused shortages, turning the kitchen into a war zone. The restaurant is usually busy from the moment we open the door. We did not have time to refill, so half the food was quickly exhausted. The phone kept ringing because people were calling like crazy to let them know they were missing their meals. Or they just did not get the food, so Grubhub traditions had to keep coming back. In the end, my colleagues got angry because they constantly pushed the phones in their faces. “Believe me, I almost got into a fight.”

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The delays meant Benson had to stay long after midnight to clear. He returned home at 3:30 p.m. “I just hope we get paid for our overtime this week,” he said.

Krautler said Grubhub had notified all of the chain’s restaurants in advance, which included many forms of email communication and within the platform. But even with such preparation, no one could predict the level of demand. And, unfortunately, this has put pressure on some restaurants.

It was not better for the customers, some of whom ran out of money due to the “free” promotion.

Chloe Brailsford, a comic book artist, moved to Brooklyn last year. He quarantined at home and decided to use Grubhub for the first time after learning about the promotion from a friend.

By the time it logged on shortly after 1pm, many of the restaurants in the app were flagged as closed. He initially tried Taco Bell, but when he placed an order, a notice appeared that the restaurant was no longer available. He then managed to find a cafeteria taking orders, with a delivery estimate of 45 to 55 minutes. It took two attempts to order Belgian waffles and hashish. Which for some reason, even after the discount, was $ 22.26 including shipping. The app said the food will arrive between 14.59 and 15.09. By five, however, Brailsford had no food. Watch as the estimated time of arrival changed at 20:00. He tried to call Grubhub’s customer service, but waited half an hour before leaving and went to the grocery store. And there you can buy your own dinner: a can of Progresso. Krautler did not answer a question about whether customers like Brailsford would get their money back.

For delivery service workers, this action was also ambiguous.

According to Krautler, Grubhub increased employee motivation and drivers earned two to three times more than usual.

Two delivery workers said they earned more than usual. One employee, Artemy Isakov, said the bonuses helped him earn about $ 500 for six hours of work. Another employee, Maurice Jamison, said she made $ 300 for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But other employees, including those many thousands of miles from New York, reported that they could not connect at all because the application was overloaded. An employee of Grubhub in California said that his application crashed several times and stopped working completely during the Free Lunch offer in New York. He was able to complete only three deliveries in eight working hours, earning only $ 28 a day.

Hildaline Colon-Hernandez, policy director for Los Deliveristas Unidos, said that because the Grubhub app was discontinued yesterday, many employees were left with orders in hand, unable to deliver them.

“Sometimes employees come to the restaurant and the restaurants have not even received an order from the app,” he said. This leads to controversy. Employees say, “Wait, the restaurant is full.” And when they deliver to customers, they tell them why they waited two hours.

Following the publication of this story, a Grubhub spokesman stated that customers would receive a $ 15 Grubhub credit. And refund of money spent if their order was not delivered during the offer.

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