The spread of smallpox, the guaranteed wages, the death of the pilot, the forest Z: important at this time

The spread of smallpox, the guaranteed wages, the death of the pilot, the forest Z: important at this time

The most remarkable events of the last 24 hours.

Cancellation of age limit for contractors

A bill has been tabled in the federal parliament to raise the age limit for the first military service contract. “The purpose of the bill is the abolition of the age limit for citizens of working age (foreign citizens), which gives them the right to conclude the first contract of military service. The use of high-precision weapons, the operation of weapons and military equipment require highly professional specialists. “Experience shows that they become such in 40-45 years”, states the explanatory note of the bill. At present, Russian citizens can sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense for up to 40 years, foreigners have the right to sign a contract for up to 30 years.

basic interest rate

The State Duma proposed the introduction of a minimum wage for employees of the education and health care system in the amount of one and a half minimum wage – now it is almost 21 thousand rubles. On May 20, the corresponding draft law was sent to the government of the Russian Federation for conclusion. “In education and health systems, pay is unfair. Let’s take an ordinary school. There, the size of the salary depends to a large extent on the “proximity” of the teacher to the principal. If “everything is fine” with them, then the teacher’s salary will be higher than average. “If something does not work, then he will receive moderate money in his hands,” said the author of the initiative, Deputy Sergei Mironov. He noted that it is at the minimum basic salary for the employees of the education and health care system that then all the next additional payments and bonuses will have to be collected.

The death of a military pilot

During the special operation, a SVVAUL graduate, military pilot Vadim Alaev, was killed. This was reported by the press service of the Saratov administration, where they expressed their condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Vadim Alaev from his youth prepared for military service, he dreamed of heaven. He graduated from the Syzran Higher Military Pilot School. In 2020 he was promoted to the rank of captain. The man was posthumously honored with the Order of Courage.


Monkey pox had spread across Europe and America since early May. A rare infectious disease is transmitted by airborne droplets. Symptoms become acute one to two weeks after infection. Patients experience rashes and itching and suffer from fever, chills, headaches, muscle aches and nausea. Although there is no specific vaccine for smallpox, the disease usually resolves on its own within two to three weeks. Mortality is less than 10% and most deaths occur in young children. Immunologist Nikolai Kryutskov suggested that there was a possibility of smallpox in Russia. At the same time, he noted that the pandemic potential of the disease is quite low and the virus is low contagious.

Forest in the shape of a giant letter Ζ

In the area of ​​Samara, a giant geoglyph in the form of the letter Z was created. The geoglyph is a geometric or shaped pattern applied to the ground. A giant Z made of pine seedlings was planted to support Russian troops participating in a special operation. The geoglyphic appeared on Kyazhya Tau mountain in Kamyshly area, next to the alley of memory, which was planted last year in the shape of a star. The size of the geoglyph is 330×200 meters, so it will be visible even from space. According to the Samara government, a total of 12,000 pine saplings were planted. The new geoglyph appeared in a colorful video taken from above.

Poaching bears do not have enough food

New details have become known about four minors detained on the border with Kazakhstan, who are about to leave Russia for Uzbekistan. Now the animals are still overexposed to the branch of the Russian state circus in Orenburg with the new names given to them by the representatives of the circus – Grisha, Misha, Masha and Dasha. It is well known that toddlers need baby food and cereals. Now aerial trainer Svetlana Kosareva takes care of the animals. According to her, the little ones eat well. However, the circus will be very happy with the help of the residents of the city, who will bring supplies for the rhubarb. “All the well-to-do residents of Orenburg can help the children. The teddy bears will be grateful for instant cookies, cereals, infant formula. “They can bring them to the circus and leave them on alert,” the circus said.

Scale of the pandemic

In the Samara region, 78 new cases of coronavirus and three deaths were recorded among patients with Covid-19 per day. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 383,339 people have been infected in the area and the death toll has reached 7,852.

What is happening in the country?

In Russia, 5,089 people became infected with coronavirus within 24 hours, 96 people died. During the whole period, 18,283,706 cases of infection were recorded in the country, 378,168 people died.


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