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In the Southern Urals, you can choose a place to stay for every taste and budget

A few years ago, a decision was made to actively develop tourism in the Chelyabinsk region. Beautiful nature, many lakes and mountains – all this allows you to spend weekends and holidays in your homeland. Tourists can choose both a relaxing sanatorium vacation and active rafting. Read more at FederalPress.

Elovoe Scandinavian Park Hotel

This 4-star hotel is located on the shores of Lake Elovoye in Chebarkulsky, 85 km away. from Chelyabinsk. Travel time is a little over an hour.

The place is ideal for holidays with family and children. The hotel park building itself was rebuilt from the former sanatorium – a major renovation was done inside and out. You can choose rooms to stay in the buildings “Iceland”, “Norway” or “Denmark”. The cost of the rooms ranges from 4,500 to 13,500 rubles.

For guests there are many restaurants, gym, saunas, barbecues, play center and outdoor playgrounds for children. The hotel has a large area, which will surely be enjoyed by lovers of long walks. For these purposes a good path has been built here that crosses a pine forest and along the shore of the lake.

Particular attention should be paid to the Lagom Spa, which features a thermal pool, a Himalayan salt sauna, and a jacuzzi overlooking the pine trees. There are several types of massage and body wraps to choose from. Tickets cost from 800 to 1,600 rubles, children under 6 are free.

There is also a heated swimming pool overlooking the lake. Admission for children under 6 is also free, for other age groups the ticket costs from 500 to 1500 rubles.

Of the advantages of resting in this hotel, guests note the good nature, the proximity to the lake, the friendly and helpful staff. Of the disadvantages, one calls the menu monotonous, one considers that his room is not clean enough.

“Pearl of the Urals” Sanatorium

The sanatorium is located on the shores of Lake Turgoyak. It takes about an hour and a half drive from Chelyabinsk. In the territory of the sanatorium there is a medical center where they offer treatment of the musculoskeletal system, the gastrointestinal system, the cardiovascular and nervous system, the respiratory diseases. Climatotherapy, diet therapy, water and heat treatment and other methods are used here. On the ground of the sanatorium there is a swimming pool, which is filled with water from Lake Turgoyak. The single accommodation with meals and treatment costs from 9,000 rubles per day.

In their spare time, visitors to the resort offer excursions to the island of Vera, where there are ancient quarries, dolmens and tombs, which, according to official figures, are about 6000 years old. In summer, there are barbecue areas, a beach and a pier. Inside the building there is a gym, billiards, a cinema, a video game room and a children’s playground.

Among the advantages, guests note a good location, food, treatment. Of the disadvantages – the old number of rooms.

Leisure center

The recreation center “Russian Island” is located on Lake Kaldy, 65 km. from Chelyabinsk. There are wooden cottages and houses made in the Russian style. The cost of rent per day starts from 2000 rubles. There is a restaurant and a cafe in the area, you can also cook your food at home, so there is everything you need.

In summer, a sandy beach is equipped here, water walks, sauna and you can go fishing from the pier. A children’s playground with slides and swings is equipped for children, there is a games room where you can spend time in bad weather.

Of the advantages, vacationers note the beautiful area and nature, the close location to the city and the disadvantages – there is no cleaning in the rooms and you have to do it yourself.


Relaxing on the lake with a tent is considered one of the most economical. The only cost is travel and food. Many do not like such holidays due to lack of shower, toilet. But some resorts in the Chelyabinsk region now offer so-called camping service – you can set up a tent in their territory for a fee and enjoy all the benefits of culture.

The campsite “Polyana” on Lake Uvildy, which is about 77 km away, charges 1,000 rubles a day for such a service or 500 rubles a day. For this amount, they are ready to provide a place for a tent, drinking water. The use of shower, toilet, sink, fireplace is allowed. The area itself is fenced.

The main advantage of camping is that every weekend you can spend time at a new lake, and at the same time it is quite economical. Disadvantages – can be suffocating in some summer tents, it is not safe to stay in them during a storm.


Rafting has long been considered one of the most popular and interesting types of leisure. In the Southern Urals, plan along the rivers Ai, Belaya, Yuryuzan. The excursions are from one to three days. The cost starts from 1,690 rubles per person.

Rafting on the Ai River starts from the town of Kus or the village of Mezhevoy, which is about 220 km from Chelyabinsk. The route runs along the cliffs of Megara and Mikro Pryta up to 100 meters high. Sometimes, even in the beginning, tourists are offered to visit the Kurgazak cave and during the trip, to climb the steps of Dry Falls. It is a land with protrusions. In the spring, when the snow melts, or after a downpour, a 16.5 meter high waterfall flows here. Dry waterfalls are considered one of the most impressive places on the river Ai.

Of the advantages, tourists note, of course, the stunning beauty of the prites and the cognitive nature of the excursion. Many say that they return from rafting with a sea of ​​positive emotions as after a good rest.

Of the possible disadvantages – mosquitoes and gnats that appear in the forest at night.

Photo: FederalPress / Daria Seymovskaya

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