About delicious and healthy food. The mayor’s office discussed the issue of baby food in schools and kindergartens in Magnitogorsk

In order to be able to work in front of the curve, to clarify issues related to the organization of school and preschool meals, a meeting of municipal representatives and journalists was organized.

The press conference was attended by the head of the education department of the city administration Natalya Safonova, the deputy head of the education department Mikhail Ivanov and the director of JSC Gortorg Oksana Shvachkina.

According to the concluded contracts, JSC “Gortorg” acts as a meal organizer in schools and kindergartens. The quality of the food is monitored by the marriage committee (employees of the catering department, the educational institution and the public committee), Safonova said about the existing food control system in the educational institutions.

We have been saying for several years that parents should be actively involved in the process of organizing children’s nutrition. And those parents who have health booklets, have been vaccinated, are present, even when placing food in individual institutions. Gortorg traditionally organizes food tasting for parents, you can get acquainted with the menu on the websites of secondary schools, on the pages of institutions on social networks, – says the head of the education department.

Natalya Viktorovna says that eating in kindergarten is different from eating at school. For example, municipal classes are funded at the expense of federal, regional and local budgets – free of charge for the parent’s wallet. This decision was made by President Vladimir Putin.

On the spot, specifically in the Chelyabinsk region, it was supported by local authorities. Such a meal costs 61.68 rubles. Children from low-income families and students with illnesses among students in grades 5-11, with the presentation of certificates from health care and social protection institutions, also eat for free – at the expense of local and regional budgets. For the rest of the children, the cost of breakfast is 42 rubles, lunch – 49 rubles.

The head of Gortorg Oksana Shvachkina spoke about the developed standards, the menu for different ages, its balance in terms of the amount of nutrients and vitamins:

– JSC “Gortorg” organizes meals for school and preschool students in 225 food units. Activities are strictly regulated. The public catering includes special nutrition for children – only in accordance with regulatory documents. The Health Epidemiological Rules, which entered into force on 1 January 2021, regulate the work of public catering in schools and pre-schools. According to these rules, a menu is developed, where the rules of the products are calculated, the work of the staff is lined up: how many people must be in the catering department, which products to cook from …

Oksana Olegovna explains that parents and all stakeholders can see through a single information system which products are purchased from Gortorg. The manager notes that all markets are transparent, you can see not only prices but also supplier data. The discussion about the insignificant quality of the products in the school canteens is unfounded, the director of the company is sure. Another point was made by Oksana Shvachkina – on the use of semi-finished products in the diet of students. Parents on social media are asking questions about this.

– According to the sanitary rules, restaurants that do not have a department store can not work with raw materials. Unfortunately, our schools and kindergartens, built in the 1960s and 1980s, were built as training facilities. Regardless of who feeds our children – Gortorg or entrepreneur, these requirements must be met!

Oksana Olegovna explains that in restaurants before cooking, cooking is possible only from semi-finished products and this is not a whim of the performer, but a requirement of the law.

In the Pravoberezhny and Leninsky districts, there are practically no separate laboratories in institutions, so it is impossible to fully organize cooking there. But on the other hand, in recent years, school catering units have been filled with modern equipment that allows you to cook high quality food from semi-finished products. Natalya Safonova lists that the catering departments received combinations of steam, ovens, and even dishwashers.

Oksana Shvachkina says that it happens very often in schools, her visits are always sudden, none of the catering staff knows them, she approaches the controls so carefully.

Natalya Viktorovna completes the words of the head of Gortorg, assures that when she visits schools, she always starts her visit from the catering department: schools and kindergartens are not food organizers, but control belongs to them, so they control. If the need arises, then the employees of the catering departments are always accountable.

– We ask the parents to inform the school principal in time, to direct the children to react afterwards. You see, for example, an overcooked cutlet – go to the on-duty manager and immediately everything will be resolved quickly. Give information, call, communicate! Natalia Safonova asked at the end of the press conference.

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