Games and mods in which you can still visit McDonald’s from Russia – Food at DTF

You will find restaurants of the famous chain in Morrowind, The Sims, San Andreas and even in Hearts of Iron IV.

In Russia almost all McDonald’s are closed and will soon start serving something else outdoors with a completely different brand.

Therefore, we offer a small set of games and mods with which you can indulge in nostalgia and see famous restaurants just as we remember them. Almost.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Welcome to McDagoth’s mod adds a McDagoth’s fast food restaurant in Balmora. Yes, it’s slightly different from the real McDonald’s, but let’s praise the fact that the setting is the universe, where there was a space race between two empires that used giant hollow moths and sun-made ships to cross the border. natural world.

The dinner menu includes a Big Guar burger, a quarter of Khajiit with cheese, Gonian nuggets, moon sugar pies and a Skooma Shake drink. There is no ice cream because the machine that makes it is broken. In the basement of the same cafe, you can order an additional service – MacRab, which will serve you for the rest of your life.

Hopefully we do not have to miss the Burger King in Skyrim mod where you can eat at Burger Jarl.

The Sims

In 2002, Sims Online developers partnered with McDonald’s, and as a result, virtual restaurant copies appeared in the beta version of the game. The community did not like it, they even started a kind of protest action: the Sims stood near every restaurant in the chain for a long time and were constantly sick.

The years passed and the players themselves wanted to add McDonald’s to the Sims. Because for The Sims 4 many mods came out for this theme. You can add exact copies of these restaurants to the game – there’s even a modification to McDonald’s from the ’80s. Added to the game and full “McDonald’s” and McCafe, where people order their food. And you can also do this so that your Sims can eat a virtual copy of McDonald’s food at any time – a situation like Stanislav Lem’s “Sexshake”.

McDonald’s Monogatari: Toy Honobono Tenchou Ikusei

Once upon a time, McDonald’s released games that advertised its chain. But for some reason their action took place anywhere, but not in the restaurants themselves. Only McDonald’s Monogatari: Honobono Tenchou Ikusei Game (McDonald’s Story: Friendly Manager Training), released exclusively for Game Boy Color in Japan, dared to break this tradition.

The protagonist of this game is a guy who dreams of becoming a manager at McDonald’s. To do this, he constantly goes to a restaurant, where, during various mini-games, he earns money for the company and makes the people around him happier. Something like a primitive and more monotonous clone of Harvest Moon.

It is true that they say that there is no end to the game, so the guy will never be promoted to the position of manager. If so, then developers have created the finest satire when working at McDonald’s.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

All possible public spaces were turned into Counterattack maps: police stations, hospitals, schools, Tatooine. So the gaming community is giving everyone a chance to kill a virtual terrorist in the middle of a McDonald’s toilet.


The world of Minecraft mods is full of chaos and madness. For example, there are many mods like MinecraftDonalds that add recipes for creating McDonald’s food. For some reason, it is photorealistic, but at the same time flat. And to create a burger, active gunpowder and red powder are used.

Unfortunately, there were no mods that would combine the already built McDonald’s and cooking from there at the same time. But Minecraft is one such game in which it is easy to build a restaurant building yourself – there are many examples of such buildings on the internet. A strange “McDonald’s” will come out, where the player is the same builder, and cook, and farmer and customer.

McDonald’s building by Reddit ArtifexBT user


In GTA V, you can put a mod that adds McDonald’s. No one but the player goes there. There you can just eat and enjoy the view of the restaurant, the realism of which sometimes only spoils the rain: it stubbornly ignores the roof.

Modification added by “McDonald’s” to GTA: San Andreas looks much more vibrant. It simply replaces all the textures of menus, menus, food and vending suits from the in-game Burger Shot restaurant chain with that available at McDonald’s. Because there are guests there, the restaurants themselves can rob at any time.

McDonald’s Video Game

Unexpectedly, a video game called McDonald’s Videogame was created without McDonald’s involvement. This free flash game was developed by Paolo Pederchini, an Italian developer who specializes in projects that promote social justice and criticize economic inequality.

McDonald’s Videogame is a small tycoon where you have to run a company on four levels at once: farmland management, animal slaughter, business management in a restaurant and management of the company’s headquarters. In each of them, different decisions must be made in order to increase McDonald’s profits. For example, cutting down rainforests and demolishing a village for new fields, feeding dead cows to other cows, which can cause foot-and-mouth disease, and bribing officials.

Hearts of Iron IV

In the end, fashion allows you to take the history of mankind in a completely different direction and turn the whole world into a great McDonald’s. This can be done in one of the mods for the global strategy Hearts of Iron IV, where in 1936 the McDonald’s nation appears in California.

At first, the McDonald brothers rule there, but as the game progresses, the fascist clown Ronald McDonald or the Communists, led by General Happy Meal, can come to power. Other national tricks suggest occupying South Park and KFC’s home and then annexing the rest of the United States. Otherwise, it’s still the same Hearts of Iron IV, so it ‘s very likely that you brought McDonald’ s to Moscow long before 1990.

In what game would you like to see McDonald’s? At Fallout, to eat Brahman burger? In Heroes of Might and Magic III as a new faction?

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