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In Perm, the number of cafes and restaurants sold is growing



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According to Avito in Perm, the activity of entrepreneurs in the field of buying and selling ready-made companies in the field of catering is increasing. Compared to March 2022, the number of sales ads in April increased by 11%, and compared to February 2022, by 12%. On average, you can buy a cafe or restaurant in Perm for 500 thousand rubles. But the prices are different. For example, a self-service cafe can be bought for 270 thousand rubles and a pizzeria for 2.5 million rubles.

Among the facilities that went on sale recently is the Doka Pizza on the street. Krupskaya, 25, Karamely cafe on the street. Ekaterininskaya, 122, Philter Café on Komsomolsky Prospect, 14, Cafeteria at the Colosseum Atrium Shopping Mall, Ogorod Café on the street. Revolution, 24 and “Lakshmi” on Topolevsky Lane, 5.

available for sale

The owners of the facilities cite business fatigue, relocation from Perm and change of business as reasons for the sale. However, experts believe that other factors could have led to the decision to sell – a change in consumer preferences, an increase in production costs and a drop in turnover.

“Every example of business selling has its own accompanying factors,” notes restaurant Oleg Oshchepkov (Snail, Marks and Vekhotka cafes). – Living conditions can change, for example, moving. Since a cafe or restaurant can not be moved, of course, the business is for sale. However, the general tendency to increase the number of offers for sale indicates a general negative situation in the economy. Overall, it remains quite worrying for a large number of people. “Many are trying to take a break from active spending, including going to less cafes and restaurants.”

According to Elena Giliazova, vice president of the Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry, higher activity in the sale of coffee and restaurants is associated with increased service costs and a redistribution of citizens’ spending.

“In the face of shrinking budgets and uncertainty, people are starting to refuse to go to cafes and restaurants. The service itself is becoming more expensive, as annual inflation is approaching 17%. For restaurant owners, consumables increase in price, from food to disinfectants and napkins. “Only salaries do not increase, now they remain at about the same levels.”

“Marginalization is falling and there are those who are tired of fighting even a pandemic and are ready to leave the business after new challenges,” said Evgenia Kerzina, head of R&D Marketing.lab, a retail and research lab at Perm State. National Research University. “In addition, maintaining prices requires even closer cooperation with suppliers and innovative approaches to business promotion.”

Turnovers are falling

According to Permstat, in March 2022, the turnover of the restaurant in the Perm region amounted to 2.1 billion rubles, which is 8.7% less than in March 2021. Market participants confirm the downward trend in turnover in while noting that the situation is worse than the statistics show.

“March 2022 was the same in terms of traffic as March 2021 and, in turn, was very bad,” says Maxim Minin, owner of Novopomodoro and Toropomodoro pizzerias, noting that in March 2021 coffee and restaurants faced another wave of restrictions due to the pandemic. – During this year’s May holidays, the traffic situation was at the same levels as last year. “But because of rising food prices, profitability is significantly lower.”

According to Marina Medvedeva, financial director of the management company Rial, compared to stores that sell clothes, shoes, accessories, the situation with the traffic in cafes and restaurants is much better.

“Some people have a habit of going to cafes and restaurants,” said Marina Medvedeva, referring to the traffic in cafes at the Coliseum Atrium. “This is a place to hang out and hang out with friends.” According to Medvedeva, while people are still going to restaurants out of inactivity, the situation in the industry will clear up closer to autumn.

Eugenia Kerzina also says that consumer habits work in favor of the catering industry.

“Of course, now the consumer power is falling,” he notes. “Consumers have revised their cost structure and spend less in stores. But food is the last thing they will refuse. The consumer is accustomed to a pleasant hobby. Around 2019, we started to record the habit of eating breakfast outside the house to the residents of Perm “.

However, in general, the forecasts of coffee owners and experts are rather pessimistic. According to Oleg Oshchepkov, there is hope for a summer break, after which the situation can be clarified. Maxim Minin also believes that the situation will be clarified by the end of May.

“Now there is a completely different initial cost to revenue,” notes Minin. “At the end of March, there was an interest rate, now it is different, but prices do not return to their previous values.”

Variety and price increase

In early March, after the start of the special operation, the restaurants expressed fear that many products of foreign origin would have to be abandoned. However, in reality, most of the variety was saved in restaurants and cafes.

“Due to the additional logistics costs for suppliers, prices for imported food and beverages have risen by 30-60%,” says Vadim Yakhnin (Les Marches, Montenegro, Danube, Mekong). “There are holidays now with whiskey, now with pineapples, but we have kept the whole important variety.”

Oleg Oshchepkov also confirms that suppliers still manage to retain menu items.

“99% of alcohol cards are formed at the expense of the Old and the New World. We are currently working on existing supplier stocks. And it seems they can find new routes for refueling. “But the cost of logistics is rising significantly, so prices will rise at the entrance, which means that this can not be avoided at the exit.” According to Oleg Oshchepkov, market participants are now working with internal costs and cost optimization.

Maxim Minin notes that due to the significant increase in prices for foreign products, some of them have to be abandoned.

“Wine prices initially rose by 30%, then fell,” notes Minin. – Italian flour has doubled in price, so I had to give it up in favor of the Russian bond. For the same reason, we have abandoned imported beer. There are no other options with such prices of suppliers “.

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