“We released the owls and deer, but the bear is still with us.” How wild animals live in Tyumen

The history of the “U Lukomorye” zoo nursery began a long time ago. The owner Elena Vladimirovna – the woman did not want to give her last name – this business was inherited from her mother. She taught her daughter how to take care of animals and promised to let everyone visit, not lock herself in. Elena fulfilled her promise: the kindergarten has been open for three years. However, this business can not be called a business. There is no profit. All the money that the nursery brings covers only part of the maintenance costs. They need more than 200 kilos of food to be fed daily. But the owner is not stingy and confirms the phrase “We are responsible for those who have been domesticated.”

Is the cage a prison?

– I always had thoughts: “Is it right? That’s what I do;”. I watch a lot of educational movies about animals, about wildlife. This is not just a hobby, sometimes it can be used for work. And here is an interesting conclusion he made: it turns out that every animal in nature is born to be eaten. When you see real nature and shift it to a person … Well, no, I do not need such freedom.

Nature is very harsh, but, unlike humans, it is a natural habitat for animals. If the animal is healthy, moves independently, can be supported, we release it in nature. At least to save space, because soon a healthy animal will be replaced by someone who needs help. For example, a deer was released a month ago. Released many owls. The rest are non-graduates. Someone has broken his leg, someone has broken his wing. They just will not survive in nature. We try to match such animals and help to have offspring.

Can you feed?

– You can not feed the animals. As soon as the nursery opened, the fight for the established rules began. Despite the many signs with bans, people believe that after paying the ticket, they can at least stand on their own two feet. But no. Many animals have already died due to the bad behavior of visitors. It’s like a kind of game: they have fun, the children have fun. Sometimes at the cost of an animal’s life.

It became more or less calm a year ago, when the law banning feeding came out. However, for people, internal rules and a big law have different weight. Now at least they started asking if it was possible to feed. You can not feed. You can come during feeding hours and see how the pets eat.

About the Circus

– I’m familiar with the circus first hand. I go there, I know people who give me animals. And believe me, in the circus, apart from love, there is nothing. I know this more than anyone else, because if you have ever infected an animal, it will never come back to you. Animals dance, jump, follow orders not out of fear, but out of love and mutual respect. Yes, and animals do not enter the circus from the natural environment, this is a misconception. As a rule, from zoos, nurseries. And they get it from nature if for some reason their parents died. Poachers, for example, have experienced landscape fires. The circus is therefore also a center for animal rehabilitation. Commercial only.

All animals with their story

Each animal has its own story. Some were decommissioned by a circus, others were bought from a zoo, others were thrown in a box at the door. For example, the bear Grushenka brought from the Moscow circus. Former owners took a small teddy bear, her parents were killed. For about 17 years he lived and worked in a circus, even starring in movies. But then disaster struck – Grushenka fell ill with cataracts, began to see badly and was frightened of the scene. Therefore, it was deleted, the bear has been living with us for the last 6-7 years.

Archie raccoon dog behaved like a baby. He survived the battle with the dogs, he was essentially dismembered. The child recovered for a long time, essentially reassembled. And then, on his sambre farm, they bought a girl. They created comfortable conditions for the couple and now ten puppies were born at the same time. They live in a large friendly family.


– Many cats. Some of them are the so-called “euthanized animals”: animals that were taken to the clinic for euthanasia, but the doctors did not raise their hand. Veterinarians bring them to the shelter for a new life. All cats are beautiful, children go crazy with them. Someone even comes especially to the cats to visit. They take bowls and plates with them to feed the children – you can feed cats.

Such a number of pets of a species leave imprints on working with them. For example, it is important to ensure that no one gets sick, otherwise a chain reaction will start. Therefore, all our cats are vaccinated, dewormed, live under the strict supervision of a veterinarian.

So visit, we are all very happy to see you!

The nursery is located at: d. Patrusheva, st. Solnechnaya, 25.

Ticket for adults – 400 rubles, children (up to 7 years) – 300 rubles, children under 3 years – free.

You can sign up for a tour by calling +7 (980) 929-87-43

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