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Migrants from different locations express their subjective opinion about what they like in the new country, what they do not like, what they are missing. An emotional questionnaire with three open-ended questions was completed by 860 people. Material of

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The 10 most popular countries were gathered. We combine locations with small options: Latvia, Germany, Netherlands, Cyprus, Canada. 860 IT specialists participated. 40% are developers, more than 50% are 26-35 years old.


7 participants of the questionnaire moved to Latvia (middle and elderly). All professionals aged 26-35 years.

Only two specialists want to stay in the country for a long time or permanently, three plan to move.

  • Sea, nature, delicious food. Compared to Minsk, there are few people everywhere, real bilingualism: almost everyone in the service sector (including medicine) can speak Russian.
  • Excellent milk, bread, beautiful natural places (nature is almost the same as Belarus, but the presentation is on a different level).
  • Freedom.

What he does not like

  • Everything is late.
  • It infuriates the whining of other immigrants from Belarus. As if they did not know where they were going.
  • Lack of English on packages and other labels. Many do not work non-working hours. Terrible internet banking.
  • I do not like very high taxes and complicated Latvian language.

Who (what) is missing

  • Relatives, relatives and friends.
  • Belarusian language in transport.
  • Good gyms, regular spa, covered parking in front of shopping malls.


9 participants in the research moved to Cyprus. All aged 26-35 years. Half are elderly. 4 experts intend to stay in Cyprus for a long time or forever.

  • Climate, friendly atmosphere, security, sea and mountain.
  • Nature, people, food, history.
  • Good experience with the police.

What he does not like

  • I have never met more lazy people than the locals. They never keep their word, they do everything anyway. And if you are a Russian-speaking girl, they try to “remove” you at every step. They can drive, block the road, jump out of the car and “meet”.
  • The bureaucracy on immigration issues is outrageous.
  • Fill in the optional local. Not a single word can be trusted.
  • It infuriates the high cost of living, the heat.
  • Bad medicine and slow procedures everywhere.

Who (what) is missing

  • Relatives and friends, Belarusians.
  • Cars.
  • Medicine.


7 experts were transferred to Canada – participants in the research. Almost everyone is middle and senior. 6 out of 7 specialists intend to stay in the country for a long time or permanently.

  • The work of the officials, the level of service, safe roads, relaxed and friendly residents, clean roads.
  • With awe for the mentality of the people, the quality of life, the weather.
  • I like the openness of the people and the freedom of choice, which was not in Belarus.

Whatever you do not like, it infuriates

  • All prices are tax free.
  • Stress.

Who (what) is missing

  • The friends.
  • Low fuel prices.
  • In terms of affordable drugs.


Of the 12 IT professionals who moved to the Netherlands, 8 are aged 26-35, 6 are elderly. 10 experts plan to stay in the country for a long time or forever.

  • Training, easy access to international teams, excellent food, availability of loans and local services, travel to the EU without any hassle.
  • Very nice people. Wide variety of products. Cheap cheeses, cheap flights.
  • Ecology, freedom of expression, product quality. Availability of basic products.

What he does not like

  • The service is disgusting. Extremely expensive. Housing crisis (roof over your head is a basic need). Finding a rental can take up to 3 months. Everything must be scheduled months in advance.
  • There are difficulties with the local language.

Who (what) is missing

  • Families, friends.
  • The availability of high quality restaurants and cafes against the backdrop of a computer salary, delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Cheap housing with good repair.
  • Lack of spontaneity (go to the hardware store at 10pm, arrange to meet a friend tonight). Forests and trees.


15 participants of the questionnaire moved to Germany. Most are developers. 11 experts plan to stay in the country for a long time or forever.

  • Excellent ecology (air, water, urban environment), many places for tourism (both natural and urban). Very kind and helpful people. Democracy, there is no arbitrariness of officials and security forces.
  • I like a multicultural society (and work groups), a sense of security, food, nature, cultural life.
  • Laws work.

What he does not like

  • All issues are resolved very slowly, no one is in a hurry. Very difficult German.
  • Huge taxes. “German Ordung”.
  • Bureaucracy, technological backwardness, contracts, taxes.
  • Old conservative society.

Who (what) is missing

  • Relatives, relatives, friends.
  • Some well-known products and services (manual car wash, car spare parts service).
  • Medicines.
  • Lack of quality services. Everything here closes very early. The shops are closed on Sundays. You must retake the test to obtain a driver’s license.

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