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A seminar for residents of Novosibirsk was held at the public reception of United Russia on Thursday, May 19. The meeting raised issues of maintenance and renovation of apartment buildings, as well as the work of management companies.

Vladislav Igorevich Lumin, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Representatives of the city of Novosibirsk, Deputy Chairman of the Union “United Russia”, addressed the guests of the meeting. He noted that due to restrictions on the coronavirus, such events have not been held for a long time and now that they have been canceled, there is again the opportunity to hold interesting and useful lectures.

– The housing and community services sector is constantly changing, this is a kind of “dense forest” in which you can easily get confused. “In order for people to understand the issue and to understand where and for what they are paying money, we are organizing these lectures”, explained the deputy Vladislav Lyumin. – We will probably organize seminars once a month, because this is really imperative.

The MP also noted that the topics for the seminars are formed by the residents of the city themselves with the help of calls to the reception.

– Suppose that if the question arises to deal with garbage, then we formulate such an agenda and do a seminar on this topic. “I think we will see each other more often now,” said Deputy Vladislav Lumin.

After Vladislav Lumin concluded his speech with wishes, the floor was given to Ilya Vladimirovich Maksimov, regional public reception specialist for housing and community services, who complained that the state of the housing stock leaves a lot of room. He also noted that the general assemblies are the main body for the strengthening of apartment buildings.

Ilya Maksimov began his lecture by explaining the difference between current and major home repairs.

“The difference here is dramatic,” he said. – Overhaul is required for a component only when its degree of wear exceeds 50 percent. That is, if the roof is, say, 30 percent worn, then this is usually referred to as ongoing repairs.

The expert noted that he had to look at this issue separately because the representatives of residential buildings often confuse these two concepts. While the current repair involves restoring the component’s functionality, then during the overhaul, it is completely or partially replaced.

After a detailed explanation, Ilya Maksimov began to answer questions about the issue of home repairs, which residents of the city had previously sent to the public reception.

When all the aspects were explained, the attendees started asking their questions in person. At someone’s entrance, the seams of the inner panel were poorly sealed, somewhere the management company does not provide payments and the contractors do not want to show projects. Ilya Vladimirovich patiently analyzed each situation in detail and gave advice on how to act.

For example, Galina Anatolyevna Soboleva has been living in a nine-story house on Vesennyaya Street for 34 years, since its construction, and all this time the entrances have never been renovated. In addition, hot water circulates very badly.

– When we checked in, there was hot water. We turned on the water and it was immediately hot. And now I get up at 7 in the morning and to wash with hot water I have to drain it until 9 in the morning. I pay for hot water, but cold water runs, – the woman is indignant. – Well, if it was an abandoned two-storey building there or something, but this is a nine-storey building with four entrances built in 1988, which is literally behind Kalinin Square. We suffer!

When was the last time you could use hot water at home, Galina Anatolyevna no longer remembers.

– Either 5-7 years ago, or even earlier. This happened after our management company made repairs in the basement, cut some pipes. “They put some pipes along the top and the water did not heat up at all,” he recalls sadly.

For this reason, he went to Ilya Maksimov, who promised to study the contract with the management company and help resolve the situation.

The fullness of the room showed that such an initiative as seminars and personal conversations with the inhabitants of the city is a very necessary phenomenon. There were almost no vacancies in the spacious meeting room. Despite the large number of questions and appeals, no one was left without attention.

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