He handed over the useless papers – he saved the forest. How to get rid of paper waste, save thousands of trees and even save money

Paper recycling.

Company “SibTara”

Paper in the “green” case

SibTara has been caring for people and the environment for almost a quarter of a century. This October, the company will celebrate its 25th anniversary! The tubular containers are made of recycled paper, and if in language understood by the buyer – grids and containers for eggs.

As we know, every 100 kilos of collected and recycled waste paper saves a mature tree. Last year, SibTara collected more than 9.5 thousand tons of waste paper. So, the company saved more than 95 thousand trees from felling, and this is from 80 to 90 hectares of green forest.

Note: in 2021, the company produced more than 65.8 million containers and 89 million grids from the waste paper collection, in which poultry companies have packed about 3 billion eggs, and this is an average of two pieces per month for every resident of Russia.

Ecological trend in the masses

SibTara notes that this year the volume of waste paper delivered has increased by 30%.

Oksana Kovalenko,
waste paper shopping representative:

“Recently, the trend of ‘green’ has strengthened in the population of our region. People started paying more attention, what is thrown in the trash, showing respect for nature. So, many inhabitants of the Altai Territory, come to our reception, Note, collecting special waste paper, to send it for recycling.

Oksana Kovalenko explained: “Every day, the customers of the waste collection point help the company to save hectares of forest.” One person can save up to several dozen trees, simply by delivering waste paper to the SibTar collection point.

Paper recycling.

Company “SibTara”

except, You can also make money from waste paper. Real “treasures” are hidden on the shelves in almost every home. On average, SibTar pays 10 rubles per kilogram of waste paper. So, Written textbooks for the year alone sometimes raise a considerable amount.

For, to hand over junk papers, you do not even have to go anywhere. The company is ready to provide its own vehicles for export. Everything will be weighed on the spot and the calculation will be done with you immediately!

Reception point and paper bonus

Paper waste from all over the area flows to the SibTara waste collection point. Old files are brought here, notebooks, obsolete books, newspapers, cardboard, printed waste and more.

The main thing, to keep the paper clean, dry and without harmful impurities. for example, at the reception point they will definitely not take photo paper, wallpaper, checks and tetra packages. Such rubbish, Unfortunately, unsuitable for recycling.

The reception point “SibTara” is located at: st. Malachoff, ½. More than 15 tons of paper raw materials are brought here every day. In 2021, the factory, together with the Barnaul Zoo, launched a cross-promotion, which has started again this year.

Paper recycling.

Company “SibTara”

Waste paper can now be left for recycling at Forest Fairy Tale. Here again appeared a green container for collecting unnecessary paper. The proceeds from the waste paper that you will deliver will be used to feed the pets of the zoo.

To the numerous requests of the inhabitants of Barnaul, “Green” waste bins will be installed next month at the Tsentralny Culture and Recreation Park and the Arlekino Amusement and Recreation Park. Anyone of you can come to the park, leave useless paper, one, means, save the environment of your city, save the trees from being cut down and of course have a good time.

Waste paper can also be exchanged with a premium white office paper package manufactured at SibTara.


For legal entities, a paper waste collection point is also a reliable way to get rid of outdated documentation and files. According to all the rules, they must be disposed of in a special way. In the Altai Territory, SibTara is a direct processor. Here you can not only throw away unnecessary, but also to receive all the accompanying documents: the act of destruction, waste paper recycling photos and videos. Plus, you get paid for it!

Further more

In conclusion, let’s say, . Whereas SibTara ‘s plans for the current year include an increase in production volumes; and, of course, saving even more trees. In relation to the strengthening of the ecological trend in the field of food production, The demand for sustainable packaging is only increasing.

For two spring months, SibTara, along with like-minded people, saved about 15,000 trees. Further more, means, that the “green lungs” of our country will suffer less and less, as waste paper is purchased in other areas.

Note, what about them, who is not indifferent to environmental issues and is interested in forest conservation, The “SibTara” community was created on the “Vkontakte” social networking platform. There are posts here for, what is the route of the waste paper from the point of receipt to the warehouse of the final products, how to give a used cardboard box or egg container a “second life” and more.

Paper recycling.

Company “SibTara”

SibTara gives its subscribers a bonus: +1 extra ruble for every kilo of waste paper delivered.

And finally: we hope for your support in the preservation of forests! And with SibTara, saving the environment and making money at the same time is not a dream, but the reality.

The address: Barnaul, ag. Malachoff, ½
Phone: + 7-913-210-02-37
Website: sibtara.rf

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