In the forest near Sazanka, they cut again – according to the land registry, the land there is cut into cottages. Engels changed his mind about moving Tin Zin to a protected area

The cancellation of the public hearings gives Engels officials full permission to remove land for cottage development from the city’s only forest park. Judging by the cadastral map, Tinh Zinh is systematically divided into sections from 2019. And now that officials no longer need to consult with citizens, the fate of the forest is a matter of great concern.

Villagers near the forest park turned to the BV editorial office, saying the forest along Lake Sazanka is still being explored and is full of holiday homes. This process was recorded on the cadastral map and has not stopped for several years.

The deforestation scandal erupted in 2016, when he was head of the region Dmitry Lobanov, was now sent to the colony for bribery. In the future, the regional authorities promised to stop the cutting process, but in 2018 the development of the forest park continued. The details of this process were presented by the news agency “Version-Saratov”. A year earlier, after the intervention of the prosecutor’s office, the forest plots cut into squares on the cadastral map, with a court decision, became a green zone again.

But despite the public outcry, under the later heads of the region, including Alexandra Strelyukhina, essentially nothing has changed. The registration in the land registry of information for plots cut in the forest dates from 2019 and 2020 and in some places even 2021.

In some locations, the use remains a natural area protection, which appears to be the result of a lawsuit filed by the prosecution, which expired in 2017.

However, the sections for roads, the information for which were recorded on the map in January 2019, are included in the IZHS zone, which immediately increased their cadastral value to the sky.

At the same time, on the website of the Engels County administration, no reference is made to the approval of the topographic project for this area. There is only one decree dated 10 October 2019 approving the planning plan of the area within the boundaries of Turgenev Street and 1st Ostrovny Proyezd, signed just a year ago by the head of the region Dmitry Tepin. However, it concerns residential areas, the project was created for the demolition of two-storey houses on Turgenev Street by replacing them with high-rise buildings, which is currently being done. SC “New Age”. It did not touch the forest park. And Mostostroevskaya Street, next to this part of the forest park, does not appear anywhere in the landscaping resolutions.

By the end of 2020, already under the head of the region Alexei Strelnikov, the distribution process continued. Its scale is clearly shown on the cadastral map. The plots are cut to the shore of the lake.

So far, this area remains a forest, but it is clear that the cottages are already wedged in it. As “BV” was convinced this spring, the sites in the green zone continue to be cleaned and prepared for growth.

Therefore, who and for what reasons marked the sections and passages between them here, remains a question. From the obligation of reply from which the employees got rid of canceling public hearings.

The Tinh Zinh Forest Park itself is marked on the cadastral map in three major sections. From one of them, the land was cut into cottages.

Most of the forest park occupies 441 hectares. It is said that none of them in the permitted use has any reference to the protection of natural areas, which exist in small areas near the village, they are simply intended for recreation.

At the same time, the protection of natural areas is a permitted type of use for a plot of 52 hectares in the southeastern part of the forest park, near Volzhsky Prospekt. The reason for these discrepancies is not clear.

Officially, the forest park does not yet have a protected status. This forest area, officially called the Stavsky Forest, does not belong to the SPNA.

In November last year, in the PDS under the head of the Engelsky district, Alexei Strelnikov, the issue was raised to give this territory the status of a protected area. “Today, complex painstaking work has begun to give this natural zone the status of a specially protected area,” explains the regional administration’s website. But it was decided to start simply by placing full houses in the forest with information that fires were not allowed here and a fine was imposed for entering by car.

But now, after the information that Alexei Strelnikov has left his post, it is impossible to say how the project will continue under the next head of the region. Mostootryad residents fear that the protruding areas will simply be removed during the formation of protected areas and will be built. Especially after the installation of a new bridge in the village, which will allow the delivery of building materials there with the shortest route.

The developer of Turgenev Street also expects this. The multi-storey buildings have not yet begun to be erected; landfills are being formed in the area of ​​the demolished two-storey houses.

No new information has been announced on the progress of the work to ensure the protection status of Tin Zin since November 2021.

“Business Vector” asks that this post be considered as an appeal to the prosecutor’s office and asks for a legal assessment of the situation with the cutting in parts of the green zone.

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