“Plant in Nauene parish will turn Latgale’s climax into another rubbish dump” – Nature, ecology

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Grani.lv recently reported that Innoteh is going to build a new unit for processing tires and plastics into valuable energy – fuel and electricity – in the village of Pritykino in Naujena Parish.

And although officials unanimously say that so far this is just an idea, the residents of Nauensky district were seriously concerned.

They have been mentioned in the version with prevention: in case of a plant with burning plastic and rubber, not only the residents of Nauensky Volost will suffer, but also Daugavpilchane. And the whole Latgale …

Worst place – not to be found

According to Naujene volost residents, the site proposed for the new plant, which plans to burn up to 800 tonnes of plastic waste and up to 2,300 tonnes of used tires a year, appeared to have been deliberately chosen to change the current peak. Latgale in another garbage pile.

– The territory of the former Soviet military unit is not just a degraded area. And the place located in the Daugava river basin, where in case of emergency, factory sewage can go, – explain the residents who contacted the pension office. – Late last year, there was already a catastrophe in the Nauenskaya volcano, when muddy swamps contaminated local bodies of water. Then the ecological disaster bypassed Daugavpils. However, taking into account the scale of the plant and the rising wind, not only the inhabitants of the surrounding area will breathe formaldehyde. To Daugavpils – nothing, about 10-15 km. And in the most popular tourist attractions – on hand, 4-5 km. Nearby – Mount Markova, the village of the Old Tracks “Slutishki”, the mountain of Dinaburg castle, an observation tower, camping. Just 2 km away is the Daugavas loki Natural Park with its unspoiled nature, which has been recognized as a UNESCO heritage. On the territory of the edge Daugavpilssky there is already a garbage dump in which huge money is available. A unit for burning plastic and rubber should be built there, if there is such a great need for it. Why not turn one of Latgale’s great places into another trash can?

“They did not ask us”

– But Innoteh says there is still no talk of building a factory. So far only the possibility of such a production has been mentioned. Yes, and those in charge say that the project is in the early stages of discussion. Don’t you think you got excited too early?

– Judging by the speed with which this project began to proceed, it is time to sound the alarm, – says a resident of volost I. – There has already been a public debate. And most of the inhabitants of Nauensky volost did not know it. It turned out that a woman came to the parish, took photos, consulted three residents. Result – a preliminary public inquiry was conducted. The residents do not mind … But we only learned about the project from the media! And we do not understand where the parish was looking. How did they allow such a situation to be addressed and promoted. We believe that the project immediately had to say a resounding “no”.

– The authors of the idea claim that the production of fuel oil and electricity from plastic and rubber will be carried out by cracking. It is a modern thermochemical process of decomposing materials at high temperatures without access to oxygen. He promised that the production will be modern, environmentally friendly and new jobs will be created.

– It is possible that state-of-the-art filters will appear in the pipes before the installation is put into operation. And it will all end as usual: residents will have to breathe formaldehyde. And in a few years, the cancer curve will go up fast. Do you think tourists will get to Latgale after that? Once upon a time, Daugawa Loki was saved due to the fact that the construction of a hydroelectric power station was stopped. Protected corners near Daugava with rare species of animals and plants have been preserved.

An equally important task is now at stake – preserving the ecology of the area and human health. Therefore, the people of Naujene and Daugavpils must unite to defend our right to fresh air. After all, this is one of the few benefits of living in Latgale.

Author: Lyudmila Stoma


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