The Leningrad region joined the pan-Russian forest planting campaign

As for the scale of forest restoration in the Leningrad region, there is no equivalent in Russia and the pace of this work is increasing. Thus, last year the forests there were “revitalized” in an area of ​​more than 18 thousand hectares and every second tree was uprooted to the ground with the efforts of experts. According to these indicators, the 47th district is considered exemplary. It is not surprising that every year more and more people take part in the large-scale action “All-Russian Day of Planting Forests”, which takes place in the framework of the national project “Ecology”. Today took place on May 21 in all neighborhoods of the area, whose residents planted with their own hands coniferous seedlings in 21 locations.

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This pan-Russian action, we remember, began in 2010, when forest fires were raging across the country. In order to somehow cover such damage, the Federal Forest Service then offered the country’s residents to collect shovels, seedlings and help experts plant forests. Everyone liked the environmental action.

It became popular in the Leningrad region. In 2021 alone, in an area of ​​more than 60 acres, about 120,000 young trees were planted there on the day of the action. And the following Saturday, about 150,000 saplings were planted in about the same area. On the territory of the Lyubansky forestry (Tosnensky district), the forest plantation was 4 hectares.

“Of course, for these purposes, they choose locations that are closer to villages and cities, which are easily accessible, – explains Nikolai Volchuga, and. about. Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee of the Leningrad Region. – Having received the seedlings and having received instructions, the participants in the action start their work. “And their organizers make tea and coffee and generally try to make sure that people can combine, as they say, what is pleasant with what is useful.”.

Such an action, cultivating a careful attitude towards the green wealth of the country, is very important. Although this is only one episode of the great work of reforestation, hidden from the eyes of the ignorant. And here is the result: the ratio in terms of the proportion of logging and forest plantations in the Leningrad region is not just high (almost 100%), but the best in Russia. That is, the forests in the area “win” in fact as many young trees as the overgrown firs, pines and birches passed under the ax, notes the head of the committee.

According to him, this “carrier” of tree plantations is equipped with high quality planting material, which is provided by seven nurseries. Not only does it differ in its features, but it is also relatively inexpensive. That’s why representatives of other regions come here to buy good seedlings (if there are more than what is needed for the Leningrad region itself).

Foresters also pay special attention to the work of collecting pine cones and taking seeds, which makes it possible to formulate their strategic stock (more than four tons in the 47th area). This planting material is also characterized by such important properties, experts say, such as high vegetation and survival.

“The spring forestry season in the area has begun, Volchuga continues. – To date, trees have already been planted in an area of ​​more than 2 thousand hectares and this is just the beginning “..

As for illegal logging, in the Leningrad region, according to him, there is almost none. And not just because such a mistake is punishable by a fine, and significant, and in some cases criminal liability. There is another important factor: a huge part of the forests (over 90%) here is controlled by representatives of the state forest control and tenants.

Thus, for the whole of last year in the area, illegally, without papers, only 1.5 thousand cubic meters of forest were cut down (mainly for the production of firewood). At the same time, companies that cut down trees during the construction of quarries or the installation of power lines, according to Russian law, are obliged to fully return to nature its green decoration.

This requirement is not being met everywhere, as it should be. But again, regulators have no complaints about the Leningrad region.

The material was published in the newspaper “Saint Petersburg Vedomosti” No. 90 (7173) dated 23 May 2022 entitled “When planting is pleasant and useful”.

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