Alania State Television and Radio Company The children from Donbass spent an unforgettable day on the high mountain Unal

Ossetian dances, master classes, sports games … Children from Donbass, who now live in Ossetia, spent an unforgettable day in the mountainous Unal. At the center of the Ancestral Towers complex a rich entertainment program was prepared for the children, they showed how hospitable Ossetia can be.

Two Alena – Turbina and Kisileva – managed the famous “picking” perfectly. Assessment by the teacher. The master class for girls was conducted by Darina Gabolaeva, soloist of the ensemble Alagir “Alany”. It will be later that the group will introduce the guests to the Dagestan dance, but for the time being the native Osset, at the request of the girlfriends themselves. The students were diligent.

Alena Turbina: “The dances are very beautiful and elegant. We do not have that. We enjoyed it a lot “.

Alena Kisileva: “It’s very beautiful here. Nature, just an unforgettable experience. Only wind, but that is not an obstacle. We would never have seen it if there was no such case. In any case, I want to go home, to my parents, to my relatives, we miss you very much. “But I really like it here, they always meet with dances, Ossetian pies, very tasty.”

Immediately after the dance – in the gastronomic secrets. Baking an Ossetian pie for the first time is a life experience. Tips from the master, when working with the test, thoughts should be positive. As the apprentice admits, it is impossible to think negatively in such a place.

While the Unal wind carries the aromas from the oven to the sandy slopes and wooded ridges, to the neighborhood, to the male territory, the boys learn to work with wood. Sawing, grinding and creating household features that you will find useful on the farm.

Teacher: “We still have it rough, now we use this device – it’s called an orbital grinder, now we will grind it and it will be smooth. Let’s go. I see. Now some ugly, now we will make beautiful.

Mangal has no less people. The first samples from the heat of the heat. Compliments not only from the chef, but also towards him. In the role of gourmets – novice chefs. After a snack – time for skewers.

At the stadium, they discover who is taller, stronger, faster. Mas-wrestling and arm wrestling – the judges have a lot of work to do, because there are many who want to measure their strengths. Karina Ivasyuk, 11, says she is used to winning. This time was no exception.

Karina Ivasyuk: “Very beautiful, the mountains. There are all kinds of sports, tall towers, a concert. Very funny”.

Gleb Kolesnikov: “I like it very much, it is very beautiful. “It’s very good to visit Ossetia.”

For the rest, friendship won the sport. But the gifts went to the best. The ball from Olympian Soslan Ramonov in the tug of war went to a group of men from Donbass. There was also an individual gift – the best in push-ups. This is not the first visit of the Tamiska booths to the Tsallagov family of towers. However, according to the escorts, they did not refuse the offer to visit here again. Each time the emotions are over the edge.

Elena Bondareva, teacher of high school No. 6 in Yasinovataya: “Very bright national color. Everything is beautiful: the costumes are beautiful, the Ossetian pies are delicious. So we really like it. The nature is beautiful, the mountains, kind people. “

Artists, bloggers, local craftsmen and chefs prepared such holidays for children from Donbass. The volunteers helped them.

Lana Tskhovrebova, boarding school teacher in Alagir, head of the Alagir district department of the Caucasus Volunteer Republican Center: “We wanted to support the children of the DPR, not just them, but all the children who live here, to detach “Some bad thoughts to make them a little fun, so that they can have fun. We will do everything for them, so that they feel here not as guests, but as at home.”

Food bloggers treated the guests to national culinary delights. Livza became the main dish. By the way, it was the most anticipated.

Aslan Gabuev, food blogger: “We give our children the opportunity to take an active part in helping, to participate in the preparation of shish kebab and they will also help in the preparation of livza. We will do everything together today. It will be interesting. It will be awesome. Really, we have great helpers today. “All we have to do is watch how they see.”

I liked the treats, which means the chefs are happy too. Although this was not the case. The celebration was also special for a birthday. The children received congratulations on their birthday. In general, on this day, the laughter of the children resounded in the Ossetian mountains, which means that everything worked.

The immersion in the national culture turned out to be 100 percent. Master classes, cuisine, sports, dance. This day will surely be remembered by the children from Donbass. But most importantly, the people who showed them how hospitable Ossetia can be will forever be remembered.

Nadezhda Kalagova

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