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Russians’ interest in doing business is not diminishing, despite the geopolitical events. A recent study showed that buying a ready-made business in April interested citizens almost 40% more than in February before the crisis. Responding to demand, business owners are actively posting offers to sell their businesses on online platforms. Kompaniya magazine has collected the most interesting and recent announcements, the cost of items in which does not exceed 100 million rubles.

Business sale

Trade kvass – 1 million rubles

In Barnaul, on the eve of the summer season, a business selling kvass from barrels was put up for sale. “This is a widespread type of business that brings in a good seasonal income,” the owner writes. It has been developing the business for eight years and trades kvass in 11-12 permanent points of sale. Every year the contract with the city administration is renewed on the same terms.

During the season from May to August, the owner employs 15 vendors and two drivers. The barrels are rented by the manufacturer of kvass (rental cost is 49,000 rubles). It is alleged that the company made a profit of 150 thousand rubles a month and will repay in six months.

Women’s clothing brand – 4 million rubles

In Moscow, meanwhile, they are selling a brand of women’s clothing, created in 2016. The owner does not indicate the name of the brand. The brand also does not appear in the photos. “The owner is a well-known fashion expert in Moscow, behind whom is a family succession of sewing traditions,” the statement said.

The brand has a showroom in Moscow. Judging by the address mentioned in the ad, it is located near the Belorusskaya metro station. The brand’s clothes are also sold in partner stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The brand cooperates with factories that sew fabrics for the Armani and Max Mara brands.

It is assumed that, on average, a company has a turnover of 1.9 million rubles a month and a net profit of 394.9 thousand rubles. The cost of the facility includes stock balance, exhibition equipment, furniture, legal entity, as well as social media accounts and a customer base with more than 3,000 contacts.

In this case, the owner takes into account both the sale of the business as a whole and the share in it.

Production of dentures – 11.9 million rubles

A dental laboratory was put up for sale in the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg. The company “is just starting its business and has great prospects,” says the owner. The sale price includes 200 sq.m. m., located on the first floor of the building. The laboratory has a separate entrance.

It is said to have a licensed license. The room includes a plastering room, two work areas, a foundry and recreation area and an administrator. The laboratory portfolio includes agreements with 15 clinics (one is too large, the owner claims).

The laboratory employs a total of 10 people, including six technicians. They themselves, according to the owner, are ready to work with the buyer of the business on the same terms.

Restaurant – 19.5 million rubles

A businessman from Kazan sells a restaurant with a panoramic view of the sights of the capital of Tatarstan. The ad describes the facility as “a multi-level European restaurant with masterpieces of world gastronomy, designed for just over 300 guests”. It is a two-storey building with an area of ​​over 500 sq. M with classic interiors and location.

What dishes are served in the restaurant, the owner did not specify. The name of the institution is also not mentioned. However, it is noted that the average control in a restaurant ranges from 600 to 2.5 thousand rubles. It has a total of 30 employees.

On average, the foundation’s income is 62.2 million rubles a year. This year is projected at the level of 86.31 million rubles. The depreciation period of the business, according to the owner, will not exceed three years.

Production of food in tubes – 30 million rubles

In St. Petersburg, a slightly more unusual food business is for sale – the production of “space products” in a tube. Judging by the ad, we are talking about the company EatTube, which sells cheesecakes in non-standard packaging. The company’s website presents three types of cheesecakes: New York, chocolate and cheesecake fitness. Everything is sold for 149 rubles.

The business owner claims that the company sold over 100,000 pipes in one year, including attending various events. “The project reached a net profit of 200 thousand rubles in 4 months. “According to estimates, you can reach 1 million net profits per month in one year,” the announcement states.

The owner also said Fazer wanted to buy the business, but negotiations were suspended amid a pandemic. The product was transported to the Russian market only for its analysis. The main owners consider the markets of the US, Japan and Europe.

Ecotube factory – 45 million rubles

In Moscow, in connection with the departure of a foreign investor, they are selling a line for the production of environmentally friendly paper canes for drinks. The nearest metro stations to the business are Bratislavskaya, Lyublino and Maryino. All equipment, according to the owners, is new. The price includes a machine for the production of reeds of different diameters, a printing machine for creating various patterns, a packaging machine and other equipment.

All production, according to the seller, is certified. The business chart, warehouse and report have been customized. The sale of reeds in markets was organized. The company works with the X5, Auchan, Metro and other retail chains. It also has its own website with the ability to sell straws online.

Leisure center – 69.9 million rubles

The “River House” recreation center was put up for sale in the Astrakhan region. The ad says it opened in 2000, but the site says it has been open since 2004. The base is located in the Kamyzyaksky district, 67 km from the center of Astrakhan. It is located on the island of Nizhnyaya Stanya, not far from the peaks of the Caspian Sea.

The total area of ​​the object for sale is 3617 sq.m. This is a three-storey hotel complex with 12 standard rooms and 4 deluxe duplex rooms. On the ground floor there is a restaurant, a sauna, a billiards room, a massage parlor, a two-level swimming pool and much more.

Also, next to the base is an area for agricultural and other non-residential purposes. It has been rented for 49 years and will be transferred when the property is sold. Business owners plan to meet with potential buyers in Moscow.

Bank – 89 million rubles

Karelia completes our selection, in which the bank is sold for almost 90 million rubles. His name is not mentioned, but the owner writes that the spaces for sale are intended specifically for the bank. The credit bureau is not located at the specified address, Petrozavodsk, Lenina Prospekt 27, but it is known that the same building houses a KFC restaurant, a trampoline center, a hookah lounge and a cinema.

The owner notes that the spaces for sale are located on the ground floor. Its area is 1830 sq.m. Nearby – the government of Karelia, the railway station and Petrozavodsk State University.

Among the advantages, the owner singled out the repair of the facade, water and heating, as well as high ceilings. He did not give any other information about the place.

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