In 2022, foresters will restore 5,000 hectares of burned forests in Ivanovo

In 2022, foresters from the Ivanovo region planned to rehabilitate more than 5,000 hectares of forest after forest fires, will plant young tree seedlings in the affected areas, said the Ivanovo region forest committee at the request of

“Reforestation work this year is planned on an area of ​​5,037.1 hectares. The main object of work in the areas of the forest fund is done by tenants of forest areas. At present, the planting of forest crops in the area of ​​1,773.9 hectares, which were previously established forest plantations, as well as sowing in forest nurseries has been completed “, the committee states.

The chairman of the commission, Mikhail Yakovlev, said that caring people could restore the forest in the Ivanovo region, get seedlings for planting trees in their local forestry, or take part in various tree-planting events.

Since 2020, the “Garden of Remembrance” campaign has been taking place in the region, launched in the country on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Last year Ivanovo planted more than 280,000 trees. In 2022, the offer will last until June 22. In total, residents will plant 150,000 pines in the forests of the Ivanovo region. In May, the action took place in the Lezhnevsky area, residents, along with Governor Stanislav Voskresensky, planted 13,200 seedlings.

The area of ​​Ivanovo has an area of ​​21,437 sq. Km., Is located at the crossroads of two zones: the European taiga and the mixed forests. The mixed forests of pine, birch, poplar, fir occupy almost 51% of the territory of the region – more than 10,000 hectares.

“During the firefighting period of 2021, 27 forest fires were detected and extinguished in the forest fund of the Ivanovo region. The total area covered by the fire was 151.7 hectares. During the five years, there were 79 fires, the total area “342% of these cases are for 2021 due to the high fire risk category throughout the fire risk period: dry weather and high temperatures have caused more fires than in previous years.” the Ivanovo Region The Forestry Commission said at the request of

Mikhail Yakovlev notes that people are to blame for almost 100% of forest fires. They leave unattended fires, bottles, do not extinguish cigarette butts. Also, the Forestry Committee notes that in the previous firefighting periods forest fires were recorded due to “dry” storms – that is, storms without rainfall or with a minimal amount of them. Lightning in such conditions falls on tall trees and causes natural fires and the strong wind that accompanies a storm contributes to the rapid uncontrolled spread of fire. Such a phenomenon was recorded in the territory of the Yuzhsky and Zavolzhsky forests. Thanks to the timely detection, the resulting fires were detected and eliminated in small areas.

The head of the regional company for nature protection, ecologist Svetlana Semushkina told that the smog after a fire in the air slows down the growth of plants. During a forest fire, humus burns – a fertile layer that can be restored for up to 100 years. The soil becomes loose and prone to landslides, erosion and overflow.

According to the interlocutor, the forest after the fire has been restored for decades. To speed up this process, you can help nature: by planting trees, to exclude the grazing of animals in this area, as the animals destroy the forest vegetation, to eliminate the man-made factor – human activity.

The wrote that the first period of fire danger of this season passed in the area of ​​Ivanovo, lasted 21 days in the area: from April 22 to May 12, during this period there were no serious forest fires.

The Ivanovo Forest Fire Department monitors forest fires in four ways: ground-based monitoring – on foot or by car, with the help of Lesozhranitel cameras mounted on mobile phone towers and covering 50% of the area with the help of quadcopters. and from space.

The forest fire service is equipped with everything necessary for the monitoring and extinguishing of fires in the forests, the regional Forest Protection Center has fire trucks, forest patrol complexes, bulldozers, trailers, fire tanks and many more.

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