Mother-in-law Dhaka will soon bring our family to divorce. Due to eternal conflicts, I am thinking of leaving my husband

Summer and spring were my favorite seasons. Summer is always associated with holidays, a kind of feeling of freedom and warmth, and spring is a taste of all this, but also a time when nature wakes up. Yes, my birthday is summer.

For almost three years, summer has lost for me those bright and cheerful colors with which it used to be painted. This is because it is the summer that my husband and I have the most difficult and big quarrels. With the arrival of the child, things got even worse. It’s all about my mother-in-law and her Dhaka.

In the early years of my relationship and my life with my husband, I had not noticed that he was so influenced by his mother. And not only him. As I have noticed, in their family, the mother-in-law always has the final say. Even the apartment we live in now, we bought it only after its approval.

About the apartment, in fact, this is a completely different story, it was a long time ago, now it is not about that.

Well, my mother-in-law is a big fan of cottages. The summer season for her is something sacred. She is always looking forward to the opportunity to go to her dacha, to plant something new in the garden and in the garden. All this, of course, is good, if not forcing everyone with this Dhaka.

My first summer as a husband was the first summer I hated.

“Mom has to dig the garden, so do not plan anything for the weekend,” my husband told me at the time.

And from what, forgive me, should I dig her garden? Plus, nobody even asked me about it, they just got informed. The fact that I have plans, that I want to relax on the weekends and generally hate digging in the garden, just does not bother anyone. Let’s go and finish.

Okay, we went once or twice, but every weekend his mom needs something from everyone. My husband has a younger sister, so their mother-in-law constantly pushes them with something, only, unlike my husband, he does not let her sit on her neck. Of course, she comes and occasionally helps her mother with something, but she does not let her become arrogant. My husband can not deny his mother-in-law.

My husband was planning a vacation last summer, they have to take a summer vacation at work – another quest. There are many candidates, but you have to work, so there is a queue for the summer months. I offered to go somewhere together, to relax by the sea, but no. We have mother’s cottage! As a result, she spat, went to sea with a friend. Although it was a shame, my husband and I were married for three years, we never had a family vacation. In the light of recent events, thoughts are swirling more and more often that it will no longer be.

Fortunately, last year no one bothered me with this Dhaka. I was in the last stages of pregnancy, so no one touched me again.

In the middle of autumn we became parents. Our daughter was born. Now we have a new reason for conflict with the mother-in-law. The case was proved again in the country.

I thought that now no one would bother me, I have a small child who needs a lot of supervision and care, but they started bothering me for something else.

– Mom wants us to bring her granddaughter to Dhaka for the summer. Or you will go with her, – my husband “thanked” me.

At first I thought it was funny. That is, again his mother decided what and who to do it. Not only do we have constant conflicts with her now because of her talk about caring for my child and the eternal disagreements about baby food, but again she decided something for me there.

Yes, I understand that it will be good for a child in the fresh air, there is nature, the sun, but I am not ready to go there for the whole summer and even more to give my daughter to raise me as a mother-in-law. To understand, she continued to give her daughter natural cow’s milk and some juices from her own preparation. I have nothing against such products, but not for an eight-month-old baby who often has food allergies!

– I grew up two, both of them from three months old ate milk from our table and all the fruits, and you are still scared, you grow a sissy, – the mother-in-law mourns.

So you listen to the elderly who, it seems, should be smarter than us, but you are frightened by how irresponsibly they say things.

My husband insists on going to Dhaka with my daughter for the whole summer and we have had scandals about it for a week now. Well, I do not want to be there with his mother, but he rested like a ram and everything is left alone.

I already have thoughts of putting him in hell, because sometimes my nerves just go down because of such pressure. But now I’m completely financially dependent on my husband, so I can not think seriously about it yet.

Maybe I’m just reacting so strongly to the hormones or are these really the first prerequisites for the fact that it’s time to think about getting a divorce? My husband does not drink, he treats me well, he wins normally, but due to the mother-in-law and the eternal issues of the dacha, the conflicts are constant.

I do not want to seek advice from my friends, even more so from my parents. There is not even one to discuss it with. I want to enjoy every moment of my motherhood and here scandals are constantly happening.

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