Poison lakes, earthquakes, volcanoes: 7 tourist places where nature is extremely dangerous

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Earthquakes, floods, landslides, fires, tornadoes, tsunamis and other natural disasters can occur almost anywhere on our planet without warning. However, in some countries, floods have learned to predict as they occur systematically.

The MAPS cartographic service, together with the authors of EG.RU, has compiled a list of places to be extremely careful when traveling.

1. Lake Natron, Tanzania

Warning, poison level 80! Lake Natron is one of the most unusual natural phenomena on planet Earth. It is covered with a hard crust of salt, which sometimes turns red in the blood. In addition, in some parts of this strange tank, hoppers with a surreal look open.

Now the world of cinema is ruled by 3D graphics, and about 30 years ago, Natron could have been a great place to shoot a sci-fi movie about Mars. The water in this alkaline lake is poisonous, as evidenced by the skeletons of animals and birds that are scattered in abundance on the shores.

The exception is a kind of living creature that feels very comfortable here – the pink flamingos. These beauties have chosen a dead place, because it protects them perfectly from predators. And these cute creatures move along the mounds of salt, avoiding the moisture that sows death.

Tourists who want to admire the lake do not risk death – only if they do not decide to touch the water. However, it is still undesirable to breathe Natron fumes for a long time, although in half an hour there will be no problem with the body.

You can reach the reservoir as part of a tour of the nearby Oldoinyo Lengai volcano, or rent a jeep (and make sure you have a driver!) In Arusha city.

Lake Natron is inhabited by pink flamingos

2. Bali, Indonesia

According to the US Meteorological Agency, most tsunamis – 71% – occur in the Pacific Ocean. This cup has not passed and the fairytale island of Bali. This place is so beautiful that it was here that the natives of Indonesia installed the whole pantheon of their pagan gods, because, in their opinion, if there is a paradise in the world, then this is … in general, this is Bali.

However, a heavenly place can be a death trap. Earthquakes and, as a result, strong tsunamis occur occasionally off the coast of Indonesia. In 2004, tremors beneath Bali’s neighboring island of Sumatra triggered giant waves that affected hundreds of thousands of people along the coast of the Indian Ocean. Bali also takes it: for example, on October 13, 2018, two earthquakes of 6 and 5 degrees broke out there. There was panic in the resort areas, because in some places there was a collapse of roofs, but this, compared to the natural disaster of 2004, is just a trivial matter.

However, it is not just the possibility of a tsunami. There is an active Agung volcano in Bali, which literally erupted this summer. In early July 2018, the situation took the third level of danger out of the four possible and one hundred thousand tourists could not fly away from the island. In a word, the area, although popular, is extremely restless and there is no seasonality in relation to earthquakes and explosions – they can explode at any time of the year.

Relax in Bali, it is good to visit the official website of the seismic and volcanic activity MAGMA Indonesia regularly.

Paradise could be a death trap

3. Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

A trip to Danakil Depression, located near Dallol Volcano, can be very extreme. This is the country of Ethiopia, located in Africa. However, there is a special kind of travelers who are simply attracted to such places: they despise the well-preserved trails, they are ready for any difficulties and even dangers. Judging by what they write about such trips on their blogs, it is definitely worth it.

Danakil Depression is remarkable in every way: it is the hottest place on the planet, the lowest volcano is here (70 meters below sea level). It was here that archaeologists discovered the remains of a humanoid named Lucy, who is believed to be the ancestor of man. The surface of the volcano is very similar to the landscapes of the planet Ios, the moon of Zeus.

Strange stones, bright red and sour yellow fields, boiling lakes – all this will not leave indifferent even a greedy traveler, who, it seems, has nothing to surprise.

The main thing is to take a good camera with you and also equip yourself properly: loose clothing, hat (remember, go to the hottest part of the world), comfortable boots (you have to walk on a volcanic rock), plenty of water and sunscreen. Yes, it’s best to visit early in the morning during the African winter – from July to September.

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Salt jets near the Dallol volcano

4. Caribbean, Atlantic

Every beautiful place on earth has to pay something for its exclusivity. The scourge of the beautiful Caribbean islands is the overwhelming force of Atlantic hurricanes. It is true that here seasonality comes to help the traveler: if you want to avoid tropical cyclones, go to the Caribbean in the calendar winter and spring and if, on the contrary, you want to experience all the pleasures of the elements, then choose the period from June 1 until November 30. Summer and autumn are officially considered the times of increased storm risk.

What are the chances of experiencing a natural disaster? On average, according to statistics, there are 10 cyclones per season, of which 1-2 are really dangerous. There are also fat years: in 2005, for example, there were up to 28 cyclones, half of which turned into powerful hurricanes (including the infamous Katrina). It is more dangerous to survive the invasion of the elements on the small islands of the archipelago such as Dominica and Saint Martin, where tourists, as a rule, live in light bungalows. In Cuba, Aruba and the Dominican Republic, by contrast, you are more likely not to suffer – there are a lot of capital buildings and, in general, security measures are better designed.

The approach of a cyclone, as a rule, becomes known in 2-3 days (social networks buzz about it, the media trumpets, hotel staff is informed), so vacationers always have a choice – to entice fate and stay or go home on the next flight.

South coast of the Dominican Republic

5. Vanuatu, Melanesia

Vanuatu is a state in the South Pacific Ocean, located on a chain of 80 islands, stretching for 1300 kilometers. The islands are popular with divers for their coral reefs, underwater caves and shipwrecks, including President Coolidge, a troop ship that sank during World War II.

In 2016, Vanuatu topped the UN rankings for the most vulnerable countries. According to statistics, every third resident of the state suffers from natural disasters that attack the poor archipelago from all sides. Thus, in 2015, three terrible events occurred one after the other in Vanuatu: an earthquake, a volcanic eruption and the invasion of Cyclone Pam. Fortunately, the total number of victims, thanks to timely measures, did not exceed twelve.

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Plain near Yasur volcano

6. Danxia Rocks, China

The “striped” mountains of Danxia Geological Park are one of the unofficial wonders of the world. Names are not very well known, such as the pyramid of Cheops or the Eiffel Tower. This phenomenon is just far from the tourist paths that foreigners choose for themselves in the territory of the Middle Kingdom.

But there are more than enough local visitors. Many are looking to see colored stones that seem to have come from the Impressionist canvases: their nature has so generously endowed them with its palette. Red, orange, yellow, white, blue, green … The relief is also remarkable – many unusual hills, caves, caverns, ravines.

Many tourists died on these rocks, looking at their unprecedented beauty – one step away from the official route, and there is a great risk of falling into a deep imperceptible crevice.

Many tourists died on these rocks

7. Philippines, Oceania

Another hero of all kinds of counter-evaluations dedicated to the data is the Philippines. According to the BBC, 8 of the 10 least protected cities in the world are in this country. Yes, it’s worrying across the Pacific coast, but if in Japan itself the security measures are at their best (especially after the catastrophic tsunami of 2011), then in the Philippines the dangers are … philosophical.

The islands are suffering from volcanic activity, hurricanes, which are abundant in the Pacific Ocean, as well as floods and landslides.

However, the Philippines has recently become an increasingly popular tourist destination for Russian-speaking tourists, a place for wintering and long-term retreat. It is true that the inhabitants return quickly from heaven to earth, finding that earthquakes occur here every month, not a single season is complete without a few catastrophic hurricanes and in addition to floods, there is also a high chance of catching dengue fever.

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The beauty of the Philippine Islands is incredible

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