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18:18 May 24, 2022.

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On May 24, members of the Standing Committee of the Regional Duma on Ecology and Nature Management went to see its status ecological pathleading to Aihor waterfall. The original plans of the group included a trip to the frog’s remains, however, this direction seemed to the representatives of the people very worn and known, to some extent “pop”, while the trip to Aikhor in this sense seemed much more advantageous. Probably in the beginning the difficulty of overcoming the road to the waterfall discourages the people from the adventure in which the deputies got involved.

Already on the way to the ecological path, scattered piles of garbage were displayed at the site equipped with kiosks. The consequences of one’s recent parties are likely to come as a surprise, but it is still unpleasant to think about them. As one of the members of the committee explained, the businessman who operates here was allowed to operate only under the condition of maintaining perfect cleanliness.

The place is passable, there are many visitors. It is not difficult to guess what impression the garbage creates, which is almost under the feet of those who want to take a walk in a specially protected natural area. At least the environment is unsuitable. All that was left was to record what they saw so that the deputies could influence the situation through their own channels in the process of future work.

It’s hard to convince that nature on the way to Aikhor fascinates with its beauty. Opinions are constantly changing, but all the time you are accompanied by a kind of invigorating river. His murmur never stops, the path sometimes deviates from the waterway, but after a minute or two it mixes with him again. One can only bow to the one who paved the way, since the constant presence of the nearby river Komissarovka (in everyday life – Aichka) decorates only the hike in the forest.

On the way to Aikhor, the group encountered an old bridge, which no one has used for a long time. It is located at the beginning of the ecological path even before the fork that separates the path in two directions, one of which leads to the waterfall and the second to the remains of the Frog. It is time for this ancient construction to be dismantled, noted one of the deputies. Instead of a ruined bridge, a path with a wooden deck was equipped here, in some parts of which convenient railings were placed.

From what also caused criticism, one can remember the bridge over the river, which is not so easy to cross. It looks like a cross between two rocks, with iron bars on the sides instead of handrails. Their grip is quite comfortable and the passage itself does not cause fear, since the bridge is possible. However, in some places the wooden stairs are missing and if you are not careful there is a chance to swim. The main thing in this area is to be careful and not to rush too much.

Very useful kiosks with information about the nature that surrounds travelers. They meet periodically on the way to Aihor, so that anyone who wants to stop and learn more about the local flora. Only in one of them, the deputies had a claim. Next to the thresholds of the Two Brothers, a wooden board is placed, which indicates the further route to the waterfall. It says about the need to turn in a certain place so as not to miss the path to Aikhor. Unfortunately, either the Members did not read it well or the text was not clear enough, but the delegation nevertheless lost the right path and combed the forest in a completely wrong direction.

The deputies walked about a kilometer and a half until they fell into an impassable river. This made me think about the question: “Are we on the right track?”. However, even here only the presence of the female prevented the desperate group from trying to further force the insurmountable path in the wrong direction. In the end, we decided to go back and forth, giving up the fact that this time Ikhor did not appear.

The information booth has been criticized. The deputies concluded that it did not show clearly where to turn to reach the waterfall. This moment must be corrected, decided the head of the delegation. Maybe a pointer should be placed on the fork itself, it’s not there now. According to, tourists are often in a similar situation here – they miss the turn and go in the wrong direction.

On the way back, having read the newsstand more carefully, a group of MPs did not find the enthusiasm to reach Aikhor and returned to the city.

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