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In the Ulyanovsk region, a criminal case has been opened for the fact that the regional Ministry of Health deliberately used a forged document when purchasing fast tests for the COVID19 antigen. The ministry purchased from a single supplier based on test cost data from supposedly two other suppliers. The audit showed that there were no such suppliers and the commercial offers used to determine the cost of the market tests turned out to be counterfeit. As a result, a contract was awarded for the amount of 23,583 million rubles, the cost of the express test kit from the selected supplier was twice the purchase price.

The Ulyanovsk region prosecutor’s office sent material to the investigating authorities to verify the conditions for concluding a contract for the purchase of rapid tests for the presence of COVID19 antigens. The audit began on April 13, the statement of the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Alexei Kurinny, who stated that the Ministry of Health for 23 million rubles. I bought a set of 350 rubles. per set, although the market price of the set at the time of concluding the contract was 140–160 rubles.

The sending of materials to the investigating authorities for the initiation of a criminal case became known on Monday from the response of the prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region, which was published by the deputy on the social network VKontakte. The department said the audit, carried out jointly by experts from the Federal Antimonopoly Service’s regional department and the governor’s administration audit department, confirmed the deputy’s hypotheses. According to the department’s response, in violation of the requirements of Law 44FZ (dated 5 April 2013), “the initial minimum contract price was formed with forged documents and without taking into account the market offers available in the area”. The department also sent a memorandum to the Minister of Health of the region Alexander Gashkov to eliminate the circumstances that served as preconditions for violation of the law.

The Ulyanovsk district prosecutor’s office responded to Kommersant’s request not to “comment” on the situation.

The Home Office Department, where the search materials were sent, declined to comment on Tuesday, but told Kommersant that, based on the prosecutor’s control materials, a criminal case had been opened for intentionally using a forged document (part 5 of Article 327 of the Penal Code). of the Russian Federation, corrective work up to two years or arrest for up to six months), so far no one has been charged.

We are talking about contract no. According to the contract, the Ministry of Health buys from the company 67,379 rapid immunochromatography kits for the qualitative detection of coronavirus antigen SARS-CoV2 in nasopharyngeal smears (“COVID-Ag-express”) at a price of 350 rubles. for a total of 23,583 million rubles. In the calculation of the initial maximum price of the contract, which is attached to the document, the prices for a production unit of three suppliers are stated – 350 rubles, 368 rubles. and 359 rubles.

Pursuant to Article 22 of Federal Law 44FZ “On the system of contracts in the field of procurement …”, when concluding a contract with a single supplier, the method of comparable purchase prices, determined by requests for proposals from suppliers of similar goods, as well as through market research, should be used as the main.

According to a Kommersant source close to the regional prosecutor’s office, department officials explained that during the preparation of the contract, in addition to Medtest Plus LLC’s offer, “they received commercial offers from two other companies and chose the company with the lowest price.” “However, when the audit was carried out, the heads of these companies were interviewed and said that they knew nothing about these commercial offers, or about express tests in general, and that they had never exchanged such tests,” the source said. “Officials of the Public Procurement Control Department of the Regional Ministry of Health stated that the price of Medtest Plus is the lowest in the market”, “although such commercial offers were indeed coming from unknown companies, the employees were obliged to check the reality of their existence and the authenticity of the offers “,” especially because it is not at all difficult to know the purchase price of such kit

Ulyanovsk TestGen (LLC, which develops and manufactures various test systems, including PCR and express tests), told Kommersant that in December, at the peak of demand, it provided similar express tests to the regional Ministry of Health at a reduced price. 150 rubles. per set. The company noted that in March, due to the reduction in the incidence of COVID19, demand began to decline rapidly in the context of the large volumes of test systems produced, the purchase price for bulk purchases began to decline and at the end of March “could hardly be higher than 150 rubles. The company “IMBIAN LAB” (LLC, has production facilities in Naukograd, Novosibirsk region and SEZ “Technopolis Moscow”, Zelenograd) told Kommersant that today in large markets it is at the level of 115 rubs per set.

Kommersant’s interlocutor in law enforcement noted that when the involvement of certain officials in the crime is established, the case will most likely be transferred to the commission of inquiry. He also explained that “in the future the case may be reclassified into more serious articles”.

The regional health ministry responded to Kommersant αί’s request that an official investigation be carried out into the facts reported by the prosecution, “and comments can only be made once completed”. Regional Health Minister Alexander Gaskov was not available for comment on Tuesday.

Alexei Kurinny, in an interview with Kommersant, said that “in this case, pure corruption, there can be nothing else”, “although now they are trying to put it under negligence or official forgery”. “Those who deal with this at the Ministry of Health are well aware of the market prices, especially since shortly before they had supplies at double prices. “It would be better if they offered a contract to a regional company, which, in addition, usually made additional concessions,” said the deputy chairman of the State Duma committee on health protection.

Sergei Titov, Ulyanovsk

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