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The Ministry of Natural Resources claims that this happened due to a spark from a diesel engine

A forest fire broke out in the Zavyalovsky district of the Altai Territory on May 24. To date, about 500 hectares of land have already been engulfed in fire, including 80 hectares of forest, including the territory of the Zavyalovsky Nature Reserve, TASS reports.

The versions due to the ignition of the sections were dispersed. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, the cause of the fire was a spark that struck a passing diesel locomotive, but the Russian Railways and the Ministry of Transport deny this version.

All departments agree that nearby settlements are not in danger. Nearly 100 employees of various departments are working to put out the fire, mainly firefighters and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Remember that in Russia the fire-fighting season has begun A large forest fire broke out in the territory of KrasnoyarskThe fire has already destroyed 20 houses very bright: on April 2, in Krasnoyarsk, a fire destroyed 20 houses. Even a fire train had to be brought in to put out the fire. April 28 in the Kurgan area declared a state of emergency A state of emergency has been declared in the Kurgan region in connection with natural firesSome residents are moving away due to fires. People had to be evacuated.

One month later, large-scale forest fires already covered three areas Large-scale forest fires have hit three regions of RussiaThe fire department is in control. Russia: Krasnoyarsk Territory, Kurgan Oblast and Republic of Khakassia. May 2 in the Minusinsk region of Krasnoyarsk Territory was introduced The emergency operation was introduced in the Minusinsk region of Krasnoyarsk TerritoryIt was announced due to the difficult fire in three settlements. state of emergency (ES) due to the difficult fire in three settlements. The fire spread to an area of ​​250 acres and burned about 170 acres of forest.

Omsk happened big fire In Omsk, a fire broke out near the railwayYou have to fight the fire in the area almost every day near the railway – firefighters extinguished 20 thousand square meters of forest. The state of fire is no longer just in Omsk. From April 25 to May 1, 2022, firefighters extinguished 943 forest fires in 30 regions of Russia in a total area covered by fire, 51,234 hectares. The highest number of fires was recorded in Primorsky, Khabarovsk and Trans-Baikal, Chelyabinsk, Amur, Irkutsk, Kurgan and Novosibirsk regions.

The May holidays turned out to be “hot”: already on May 7 it became clear that the strongest fires flooded Siberia. The strongest fires flooded SiberiaHundreds of houses and dozens of settlements are burning Hundreds of houses and dozens of settlements are burning. It happened on May 10 in Baskiria forest fire In Baskiria, a forest burns up to 7 hectaresThe fire flooded the slope of Small Yamantau mountain in an area of ​​up to 7 hectares. The Ministry of Emergency Situations assured that there is no danger for settlements. Vladimir Putin was guided prepare a decree Putin has ordered a decree on the index to reduce the extent of forest fires.The damage is already significant. on the indicator for reducing the extent of forest fires.

After that, bookings began, so was the deputy head of Uyar in the Krasnoyarsk Territory arrested for negligence Deputy head of Uyar in Krasnoyarsk Territory arrested for negligence in connection with fires233 houses were burned in the area in relation to fires. By then, 233 houses had already burned in the area. The region maintains one of the most difficult situations Forest fires do not stop in the Krasnoyarsk TerritoryAlmost zero visibility on highways. at risk due to natural disaster.

Fire embraced The Tyumen area was engulfed by strong firesVillagers living near the forest are being evacuated en masse also in the Tyumen area, so much so that due to a large forest fire, officials of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were found had to block Due to a large forest fire, the Tyumen-Krivontanovo highway was blockedMore than 100 firefighters were dispatched to put out the blaze. Tyumen-Krivodanovo motorway. In Altai, the situation is slightly better, not far from a popular tourist destination hectare of burning forest. In the Altai, one hectare of forest is burning near a popular tourist destinationResidents of the area warned of the danger

Vice President of the Russian Federation Victoria Abramchenko stated that the situation is better than last year. According to her, 90% of fires in Russia liquefied 90% of natural fires in Russia are eliminated on the first dayBy 2024 it will be possible to reach 100% on the first day, this is almost 15% more than in 2021.

Former Readovka he said Why are forests burning every year in Russia?What are the causes of the catastrophic phenomenon and how to deal with it? about why forests are burned every year in Russia, as well as about the area of ​​forest fires in 2021 in Russia became a record The area of ​​forest fires in Russia has become a record since the beginning of the XXI centuryThe monitoring system has only been operating since 2001 from the beginning of the 21st century.

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