Alania State Television and Radio Company A new ecological trail will appear on Mount Digoria, the development is carried out thanks to a grant from the Russian Geographical Society

The School of Geography and Geoecology of SOSU, together with the Alania National Park, started the development of a new ecological path. Thanks to a grant from the Russian Geographical Society, it became possible to implement an ambitious project that combines many ecological paths.

25 km of winding roads and enchanting landscapes of the high mountain Digoria. As designed by the research team, the multi-module route should connect the borders of the components of Russia and neighboring countries with a single tourist thread.

Fatima Khastsaeva, Dean of the School of Geography and Geoecology, SOGU named KL Khetagurova: for researchers. This is a pilot path, it is being developed, at the moment we are creating a project and describing the route “.

The five sections of the trail start from eastern Diguria, passing through the villages of Matsuta, Makhchesk, Fasnau, Kamunta, Galiat. The development of a pilot route in the National Park started six months ago. Today the work continues. One of the most important stages is the preparation of a path passport, which will allow tourists to walk the route independently, focusing on natural, historical and cultural heritage sites.

Albina Gazdarova, Deputy Director of Environmental Education, Tourism and Recreation of Alania National Park: “Now we are developing a route, first of all, it is necessary to make a map, to define points of view, to display objects, to introduce them to the navigator, so in the future to prepare a map-shape that can be used by tourists on the route.

A kaleidoscope of landscapes, richness of nature, unique and diverse flora, including the Red Book. In the lens, the slopes of the valley of the river Avgomygidon are the first point on the ecological path. The task of the team is to give a description and enter geographical coordinates in the gps navigator.

Konstantin Popov, Candidate of Biological Sciences “Both to the right and to the left of the young pine we see samples of hops. It just has earrings, we caught its flowering period.

By June, the kittens will have fallen and nothing in this hardwood will tell you that it is an endangered species.

Konstantin Popov, Candidate of Biological Sciences: “This is like a point on the ecological path, which marks the precious genetic fund of our republic, the fund of the Red Book, which must be protected and preserved for future generations.”

There are more than 20 stops along the ecological route according to the plan. Including well-preserved art objects created by contemporary artists. Kumaldon Waterfall. The plant is based on stones, leaves, herbs and live branches. Nature itself gives artistic value and inspiration.

Albina Gazdarova, Deputy Director of Environmental Education, Tourism and Recreation of Alania National Park: “One of the objects is a composition of living branches called ‘Angels’, as well as the composition of Mikhail Selishchev ‘Chaos and Space’.

Not only the nature but also the history of these places is interesting. Ancient burials, crypts, family and watchtowers, and even petroglyphs. The sacred area is covered by myths and legends of antiquity, attracting the most sophisticated tourists. The Borishenkov family decided to spend their next vacation on the mountain. “There is something we have to compare,” says Dmitry. Turkey, Crimea, Sochi and finally Ossetia.

Dmitry Borishenkov, tourist: “No one will argue that only mountains can be better than mountains. We are in Ossetia for the first time. We are amazed by the beauty of the place. We will post photos, videos on social networks and already all the friends and acquaintances are watching and there is only one question – where is such beauty – the answer is Digoriy!

The mountainous part of Digoria is located on important highways of ecological corridors. The potential for ecotourism in the area is high, says Valeria Tibilova, a student at the Agricultural College. Preservation of natural and historical sites, tourism safety issues – today all this is in the focus of the working group, which includes the future specialist.

Valeria Tibilova, student of the Agricultural College: “The trail has historical and cultural significance, there are many natural objects that have value, we are developing a tour passport for the first time in the history of this trail, in the future it will increase the informative content of the tourist route for tourists and will make it more interesting “.

Every year, more than 20,000 tourists visit the highlands of Digoria, including many foreign guests. The borders will open one more day, experts in the tourism industry are sure, so they plan to translate the route passport into foreign languages.

Zalina Hetagurova

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