An approach that will change your life. How to become the new best version of yourself

Are your habits part of yourself?

Breaking an old habit or starting a new one is extremely simple, in terms of the steps it takes: recognize your trigger and when it is activated, do whatever it takes to make it your new habit, over and over again. Remind yourself that you have to do it. Reward yourself for that.

However, this simplicity is misleading: in some cases, physical attraction and, even more often, psychological stereotypes do not allow us to change existing patterns.

Body wrinkles are not so difficult to deal with: if you can stay away from the old habit for a week (e.g. from cigarettes), this longing will fade. It is much more difficult to change mental attitudes. Our idea of ​​ourselves includes our old habits. (smoker, lover of certain foods, etc.), so we form many mental attitudes that make us maintain this image.

Leave the old ideas to yourself

But here is an approach that will completely change your life: become your new habit.

Let’s look at a specific example:

1. You want to quit smoking (or stop watching news on the phone all the time and so on)

2. You find it difficult to do this because when you are stressed you want to smoke. This is your coping mechanism. These are your ideas for yourself.

3. Instead, say to yourself, “I’m a person who calms down, meditates, or goes for a walk.” Visualize as clearly as you can this new version of yourself and how healthy and alive you feel.

4. The next time you are stressed and feel the urge to smoke, just remind yourself who you are now. You are a person who calms down through meditation or a walk.

5. Really become this person by meditating or going for a walk whenever you are stressed. Your mental image of yourself will change and smoking will no longer be an option.

This is how I quit smoking myself: I stopped considering myself a smoker and for the last 16 years I have not even thought about smoking under the influence of stress.

Likewise, he switched to a vegetarian and then a vegan diet: I was no longer attracted to the idea of ​​eating meat or other animal foods, because it was not typical for me today. I did this over and over again: I began to see myself as someone who leads an active lifestyle, eats whole plant foods, meditates, is an affectionate father and husband, creates something of value.

Change your perception of yourself. Leave the old ideas to yourself. Become a new version of yourself.

Do not keep the old stereotypesmall

The mental patterns that prevent us from abandoning old habits are linked to our previous self-images.

Here are some examples:

– I’m worried, so now I can smoke a cigarette, I will quit later

– I have guests, so now you can eat snacks, this is a special case

– I do not have to sit down and write now, I can do it tomorrow, there are more urgent things today

– The others are to blame for everything, they are the ones who ruin my life.

– I will meditate a little later, first I will scroll through the social networks on my phone

– In a few days the habit has not yet developed, I do not want to think about it at the moment

There is nothing wrong with any of these stereotypes. But we can see that they are forcing us to stay in the old line of behavior.

If we want to get rid of them, we must destroy the old ideas about ourselves. And form news.

Create a new version of yourself

If you consider yourself a person who exercises daily, sitting still for several consecutive days is not for you. You get up and move.

If you consider yourself to be someone who eats with compassion, meat is not your choice. You choose plant foods.

If you consider yourself polite, shouting at children is unacceptable to you. You surround them with love.

What new version of yourself would you like to be?

Imagine this new version in your imagination. Feel what it’s like to be that person. It is an act of creativity, a work of imagination.

Create this new version of yourself. How does he feel, how does he behave, how does he react to stress and difficult situations?

Become this person now. Become the new personality you mentally created.

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