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“Verkholesye”, “Atoms” and “Olivki” – import substitution for children and adults

As you know, the largest European playground manufacturers have stopped supplying their equipment to our market. Therefore, a difficult task fell on the shoulders of the domestic manufacturer – to provide the smallest (and most demanding) residents of our country with beautiful and high quality free time.

In this situation, new opportunities open up for Russian builders of small architectural forms (SAF). The creators of an elegant creative work come to the fore, high quality design is valued more than ever. Equally important is the experience of both development and technical solution and installation. Especially great prospects for those who create their own unique products in this market. These include the company “New Horizons”, which has vast experience in the development of exclusive projects in the field of “children’s” construction.

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The only playgrounds are the specialty of the company New Horizons. Since 1999, dozens of large-scale toy complexes have been built and operated successfully to individual orders from municipal authorities, major manufacturers and leading architectural firms. Thanks to the efforts of the designers and designers of the company, the playgrounds are transformed into real objects of art that become a place of attraction for children and adults.

Perhaps one of the most spectacular works appeared in early 2022 in Semyonovsky Square in Moscow. This is the Atoms toy complex, created according to a single design plan for the Chemistry theme park space. As the designers of “New Horizons” conceived, the visual master of the design is 5 large balls-people. They are placed at different heights and are connected to each other by a “crystal lattice” – metal transitions. The architectural solution allows children to move freely throughout the play complex without falling to the ground. The area of ​​such an object is 250 square meters, and the height is almost 10!

“Atoms” toy complex, Semenovsky Square in Moscow

Another fantasy playground is the “Octopus”, a designer playground created for a public garden in Kapotnya, Moscow region.

“Octopus” toy complex, Kapotnya region

The futuristic “tentacles” of the gaming complex are not only an impressive stylization, but also a reference to the modern biodiesel. On a constructive basis, numerous hammocks, nest cots, rope elements and even a climbing wall are attached. The “green” theme is also revealed in the modern project “Olives” in the Filatov Lug park. The playground is stylized like an olive tree, whose height reaches 10 meters.

“Olivki” toy complex, “Filatov Lug” residential complex

Game on top

The main modern trend of improvement is the lack of free space. Every meter counts. That is why the modern city is developing primarily upwards. Conceptually, the playgrounds do not lag behind, here they combine both a modern idea and a logical minimalism.

“New Horizons” is one of the leaders in the development and production of “high” children’s items. This imposes additional responsibility. On the one hand, the projects should be as safe as possible for small players. On the other hand, in fact, we are talking about a very large art object (many architects would be jealous). This means that the sites should be as artistically recorded as possible and executed properly in the surrounding landscape.

As a result, the city acquires high-rise complexes and play options at high altitudes that children love so much, and at the same time – a stylish place for adults.

An example of New Horizons’s upward effort was the Verkholesye Gaming Complex, created in 2021, built for MEGA-KHIMKI Park.

“Verkholesye” game complex, Mega-Khimki

“Verkholesye” is a natural forest island, lost in the cityscape. The design plan is designed in a unique urban ecological style: the main materials are natural wood and metal in an organic combination. They are ideal for a small artificial park in a busy metropolitan area near Moscow.

The main masters of this unique playground are three 6-meter crown towers, which are connected to each other by non-linear transitions. Each tower consists of three steps, which the child overcomes by climbing on special rope nets. At the same time, the children remain fully protected from falls from a height with a fence and safety elements, which are an integral part of the design of the complex.

A species

The game tower complexes designed by New Horizons are distinguished for their architectural perfection and the completeness of their forms. But they can be optionally modified at the customer’s request and equipped with LED backlight at night, which will allow them to operate much more.

“Robo-station” game set

The basis of the company’s style is personalization and public image. As you say the ship will sail. The new product of New Horizons does not look like the previous ones and must have a unique, unforgettable name.

Cucumber Tower Game Complex

All designer toy sets are placed as art objects and bear the appropriate names – “Atoms”, “Dragon”, “Airship” etc.

“Airship” game set

Such sites become not only an attraction but also a starting point. Used as a guide – for example: “Meet the Dragon”.

“Dragon” game complex

The volume of works elaborated by the designers and technologists of “New Horizons” is large. But none of them are the same and the client receives an exclusive architectural object and a playground in one form and the complex immediately focuses on specific requirements.

Our report:

The company “New Horizons” is one of the leaders in the Russian market of outdoor and indoor gaming equipment. For more than 20 years, we design and build unique playgrounds for parks, yards and educational institutions, unique in design and play functionality! Our playgrounds are characterized by architectural perfection, the most modern and reliable technical solutions and the materials used are safe and durable. When a customer needs unique, unparalleled gambling equipment, we are ready to develop creative design projects, technical documentation, as well as professional installation and certification of the future installation!

Prepared by Daniil MATSEIKO

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