“Boiling point” movie review: it smells fried

“Revizorro”, “On the knives” and other gastronomic shows end up on the same plate, served as a one-and-a-half-hour film shot in one frame. And this project suddenly turned out to be a tasty, filling film that needs more.

Usually one-frame films focus on one hero or two characters, it is easier not only for the film crew, but also more convenient for the viewer. There is an entire restaurant here, but the manager Filippos Barandini in an hour and a half we manage to say about almost every guest, every employee of the kitchen and the hall, so much so that we have no questions.

In the center of the “Boiling Point” there is an ordinary English restaurant, which, due to some bureaucratic minorities, has just been downgraded from “5 stars” to “3”. But the staff should not give up, but, on the contrary, work today to the best of their ability, because God forbid, something is wrong, and more points will be deducted from the institution. Among the expected guests: the groom who will propose to the bride today, the famous TV presenter of the cooking show, a whole gang of American women who came to the party, a restaurant critic, a racist family, a girl with a allergy to nuts and others customers who need special attention. It will not go without snobs who know better how to serve wine properly and how to roast lamb, or well-known bloggers who will demand something that is not on the menu.

They will be served: a smiling manager in any case of force majeure, a waitress who is always late and dreams of becoming a movie star, a gay man, a pastry chef, a sick street cleaner, a drug addict, an alcoholic, a drunkard, a drunkard young suicide bomber and other catering workers.

And all this on Friday afternoon Christmas Eve with full boarding of 100 seats.

Saying that there is no central character in the “Boiling Point”, we are of course dishonest. Filigree revolving around the hall, the kitchen and the surroundings, filming many stories at once, the camera (cameraman Matthew Lewis received the British Independent Film Awards for this work) no, no, yes, it will stop near chef Andy . He was played by almost the only star of the film, Steven Graham, whose worldwide fame was launched by Guy Ritchie in “Snatch”.

Then when there are quarrels in the kitchen, before which any show involves Konstantin Ivlev will look like baby sand, the tension between waiters and guests increases in the room, but Andy is outwardly calm, nervous just before the restaurant opens. Of course, he can shout at the employees, be rude, shout for prevention, but immediately ask for forgiveness. He has a lot of problems that no one knows about except his kitchen assistant, Carly. Family problems, debts to investors, health and epidemiological surveillance – these are just a few. Famous chef and TV star Alistair Skye (Jason Flemyng, another popular actor and guest on Guy Ritchie movies) came to visit without warning the chef, but he did not come alone, but with a restaurant critic. Andy and Alistair are longtime partners and colleagues, but of course also competitors who are secretly jealous of each other. Later it turns out that Sky also came with insidious intentions, Andy calmly deflected the blow, but the problem remains and how it will be solved is not clear at that time.

This is perhaps the main advantage of the tape: the director enters the daily life of the restaurant without prologues, explanations and performances. Who is who, details of personal life, what everyone does in their place, the advantages and disadvantages of each employee and visitor – all this we learn along the way from brief observations and sideways glances. In the end, the pieces of the puzzle fit into a picture. Only here it is not necessary to mention that this small restaurant is a metaphor for the whole world, this is already clear.

All this was filmed not only in one shot, but also, as it seems, in the natural evening light of the restaurant, where only a small lamp hangs above each table, a cooler atmosphere in the kitchen, on the street for smoking breaks and its only source. light is the flickering screen of smartphones. Everything is visible, everything is clear, it is unfair that the director Philippe Baradini himself once worked as a chef in a restaurant.

Why are there so few one-frame movies in the world? It seems that the issue here is not complexity, but goal setting, such cassettes (or large scenes) do not always justify this technique. The camera at “Boiling Point” perfectly conveys the traffic in the restaurant and accelerates as new visitors come and new problems. At first it seems to us that it is just a comedy with funny characters and an absurd programming meeting, but only in the end do we realize that we witnessed a huge tragedy that fits in the time of about an hour and a half.

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