Federal travel agents came to Dagestan

Rostourism, tour operators “Intourist” and FUN & SUN have signed tripartite cooperation agreements in the field of tourism with the Republic of Dagestan. The agreements aim at creating new ones and updating the existing tourist routes, both regional and interregional.


Formal signing of the document with the participation of the head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzovahead of Dagestan Sergei MelikovGeneral Manager of the travel agent “Intourist” Viktor Topolkaraev and Chairman of the Board of the tour operator FUN & SUN Taras Demura took place in Makhachkala on Wednesday 25 May.

As the head of the region Sergei Melikov noted, the launch of charter programs will make the holidays in Dagestan more affordable for the Russians. “This is especially important for middle-income people who prefer budget holidays and do not always have the opportunity to travel on regular flights,” he said.

The head of the Federal Tourism Service Zarina Doguzova, the head of Dagestan Sergey Melikov, the general manager of Intourist Viktor Topolkaraev and the chairman of the board of FUN & SUN Taras Demura. Photo by ATOR

According to the head of the Federal Tourism Service, Zarina Doguzova, Dagestan is breaking all records in terms of popularity in the domestic market and the development of the Dagestan tourism product allows us to solve two key tasks in the region: this is to create comfortable and safe relaxation conditions for tourists and increase the economic impact of the tourism industry due to the creation of new jobs in cities and villages.

“I am just happy to be in Dagestan. Here the chic nature is combined with the ethnographic color. The main wealth of Dagestan is dozens of peoples, their traditions, dance, cuisine, mountain architecture. “It is an outdoor recreation combined with strong ethnographic impressions”, said Zarina Doguzova.

He added that together with the government of the democracy, the directions for the development of tourism in the region were determined. “It is about creating a tourist infrastructure, mainly hotels of different categories of stars and different forms – from capital facilities on the Caspian Sea coast to vertebrate hotels in nature – camping and car camping. “And already this year, Dagestan is preparing a big application for co-financing such social and business initiatives,” said Ms Doguzova.

According to Zarina Doguzova, in Dagestan it is also necessary to more actively equip tourist routes and places of recreation, projection platforms with everything necessary – from sanitary zones to photography areas.


Rostourism is ready to help local tourism companies with grants and loans on favorable terms. Two investment projects are preparing to apply for soft loans for investments over 4 billion rubles.

Another measure of support is grants for the development of the historic city center. To receive such a grant of 250 million rubles. maybe Derbent.

“Dagestan is one of the 19 areas involved in the modular eco-hotel project. “This year, at least 500 rooms will be opened in Dagestan as part of this project,” said Zarina Doguzova.

According to the head of the Federal Tourism Office, this year the tourist flow to Dagestan will increase by 30% and will exceed 1.5 million people.


According to Zarina Doguzova, charters to Dagestan will be available throughout the summer. Thus, at the end of May, the first charter program in the history of Dagestan, implemented by the travel agent Intourist, ends.

From June to September the travel agent FUN & SUN will fly to the Caucasus. The FUN & SUN charter program starts on June 10 and its first stage will last until the end of June. FUN & SUN will fly to Grozny Airport twice a week every Tuesday and Friday, from where our interregional programs will start.

An agreement was signed with the participation of the head of the Federal Tourism Service Zarina Doguzova, the head of Dagestan Sergey Melikov and the chairman of the board of FUN & SUN Taras Demura. Photo by ATOR

As part of this project, a palette of interregional routes has been created, two of which are dedicated to getting to know Dagestan – this is “Hello, Dagestan!” and “Hello, Derbent!” Tourists will see the most beautiful attractions – Sulak Gorge and Chirkey Reservoir, Sarykum, Gamsutl and Gunib dunes. The cost of tours will start from 32 thousand rubles per person.

On July 2, the second phase of the flight schedule will begin with the arrival at Makhachkala Airport. Departures from Moscow will be weekly on Saturdays. Tourists will be offered weekly programs, such as excursions “Hello, Dagestan!” in the forms of “Light”, “Standard” and “Maxi”, as well as recreation on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The cost of tours also starts from 30 thousand rubles. for one person.

According to the head of the travel agent FUN & SUN, winter programs in the Caucasus are under development. “We will study in detail the demand, what the tourists want and in September we will decide on the winter program,” said Taras Demura.

“Dagestan is not yet completely open in Russia and there is a very good start, but the potential is huge, including tourists from other countries. Our task is not only to bring tourists, but also to attract large investors for projects. There is a kind of blue ocean here in the sense of serious competition, which creates great opportunities. A lot of work. “The synergy of the federal government, the regions and the companies always gives a good result”, said the head of FUN & SUN.

Taras Demura reminded that FUN & SUN implements flight programs in 20 areas. Mr. Demura stressed that with the closure of many foreign countries, the demand for Russian destinations is growing exponentially, so there are prospects for the development of these regional programs in the future.


According to Viktor Topolkaraev, General Manager of the travel agent Intourist, tourists are happy to visit Dagestan and this impression is largely due to the fact that the tourists met very warmly in the place.

Formal signing of the document with the participation of the head of the Federal Tourism Service Zarina Doguzova, the head of Dagestan Sergei Melikov, the general director of the travel agent Intourist Viktor Topolkaraev. Photo: ATOR

“The loading of charter flights turned out to be higher than expected – over 95%. “After the end of the charter program, we will continue to promote Dagestan and offer tours to Dagestan with regular flights from all departure cities from where there are direct flights to the republic,” Topolkaraev said.

He added that as incoming tourism recovers, Intourist will offer trips to Dagestan to foreign tourists.


Dagestan received more than one million tourists in 2021, which is almost 30% more than a year earlier. The growth rate of tourist flow in Dagestan is the highest among all the issues of the North Caucasus Federal District.

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Folk Art of Dagestan, in 2021, 192 hotels are included in the register of collective accommodation maintained by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic (in 2020 it was 130).

The total number of accommodation facilities was 329 and the total number of places in them was 21.1 thousand. The number of tour operators increased from 10 in 2020 to 16 in 2021.

The first hotel of the Azimut Hotels chain opened in Dagestan. Located on the first line of the sea in Kaspiysk, the four-star four-star hotel offers guests 145 rooms of different categories.

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A photograph: ATOR

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