Near Kaluga, search engines found a child in the night forest

Kaluga LizaAlert quote search engines talked about previous searches for 7-year-old Kolya.

On the night of Saturday, May 21, the search engines were informed that a seven-year-old child had disappeared in the forest in the village of Golchan, in the area of ​​Peremyshlsky, in the area of ​​Kaluga.

A child in the woods is not just annoying, it is scary, you can not hesitate.

The application was immediately transferred to work. The search message flew into all conversations. Further, according to the elaborated scheme: crew formation, conversation, call, police, Ministry of Emergency Situations, mailing lists, crews, maps, dog handlers .. Infog girls confidently follow a reliable algorithm that has been developed over the years to avoid to forget anything.

“You’ve been an informant here for 3 years, maybe 4. You seem to have seen so much already, there is nothing surprising about you. But your hands are still trembling. A child in the woods is scary. It is scary for everyone, but so vital and useful work – what he wears, what the house is called, what name he answers, who he is friends with and 2 other abysses of questions and tasks.

There was no mobile connection on the search site. On the way, search engines load maps, collect lenses, batteries, navigators and compasses.

The search for children is always under the control of the federal business unit. Therefore, volunteers from neighboring areas, as well as the most experienced pilots of the detachment with an industrial quadcopter equipped with high-resolution thermal imaging, participate in the search.

While the on-site coordinator clarifies the circumstances of the loss and collects information, the registration team is already organizing a search headquarters: power, light, parking, registration, communications.

The introductory information about the loss is not encouraging – the boy Kolya, 7 years old, went for a walk in the forest near the village of Golchan and got lost, and the forests around are twelve and a half kilometers. Complex forest: old clearings, blasts, overgrown clearings. Forest-forest-forest … Yes, and the river – water is very dangerous.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations and the police are on the spot: the situation on the ground is clear, people are at work, a service drone is operating, the dog handlers have arrived, a light pole illuminates the area between the central services and the detachment. Collaboration is always very important in searches – by partnering, you can increase search efficiency many times over.

And now the information has been collected, studied, all the main functions of the headquarters have begun, only communication remains: Golchan is in the plain, there is almost no mobile communication, but soon everything will be done – arrived Sasha Boychuk, which means that and in this lowland the Internet will appear. Sasha is a group superpower with a red beard.

There are already about thirty quest seekers in their place, all patiently waiting for the job, tense wind. It’s cold, we have to move faster.

Near the headquarters, looking at the coordinator periodically, there are search engines. Already formed into groups of three to five people, search engines LizaAlert call such a group “Fox”. Each fox has an experienced senior (SPG). It is difficult for a stranger to navigate the group slang, there are so many different abbreviations. All search engines have completely different experiences – someone has been on the team for several years, and for someone this is the first season. Beautifully, in red, with burning eyes, not a drop of sadness in their eyes, there is excitement and a wild desire to find the living. Waiting for a job.

The facilitator carefully explains the work, looks the senior Lisa in the eye, wants to make sure that the senior Lisa understood the task and its meaning correctly.

The foxes leave one by one in the night. First, second, third … In the eighth fox, 2 employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations joined the search engines of the excerpt.

In the third fox come out Bianca, Sisyphus and Nof. The task is to work on an answer in a given square. Enviously, the team is being watched by job seekers – everyone wants to go to the forest unbearably.

The head of the search team – Nof, a young guy, was only on secondment for a year, but the leader works for all ten, he left successfully last season, with strength and enthusiasm over the edge. In my head with a constant flow of thoughts: “How can I not lose the baby?”, “And if he does not listen”, “Carefully, listen to every rustle”, “you work for the response more often”.

Sisyphus is young. Beginners are always lucky. He walked with confidence that today would be his first NJ (Found. Alive!). Clear goal and maximum concentration in the head.

Bianca is also recently at LizaAlert. Glowing, smiling, full of energy. He was very worried about seven-year-old Kolya – the night was so cold, dark, creepy. The night forest does not look like the morning light at all. “She is OK. And if he is scared and does not respond, then what?

We went to the spot, we started the project. We worked for the response and for a minute hope hung in the air. There is no response. Again. Quiet again .. And again ..

After walking a few kilometers, Alepou fell into a windshield. Knoff climbed higher:

– Fox 3 is working on the response – he murmured on the radio and shouted in a long voice:
-Uyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …
– Awww .. – was heard as an answer. The sound went so unknown about 30-40 meters from Fox.

Knoff turned in the direction of the weak answer and called again. All three researchers froze in anticipation. The answer was sure:

– I am here!

Something incredible wave of adrenaline, unbridled joy, that here, alive, responded! You must report to headquarters. The radio sounds safe:

– Three fox – Dawn. Fox three – Dawn! We hear the response clearly, we process it.

And then out loud:

– Kolya, stay still, let’s go!

Now it was important to get to Kolias and assess his condition – after all, there was still an evacuation at the headquarters ahead.

It was getting dark when Kolya realized he was missing, so he decided to go to bed and wait for him to be found. A man of amazing strength and intelligence. His parents taught him safety rules and reminded him regularly.

I woke up to the fact that his name was. Frozen, but happy – he knew they would surely find him.

The most important thing in life at that moment was to get to Kolias: to warm him up and calm him down, to tell him how they were waiting for him at home. Bianca confidently made her way to the boy through the thicket with these thoughts.

Here is Kolya – the guys wrapped him in warm clothes and a rescue blanket, gave him some water and cookies. “What a collected and right child and how his parents taught him right,” Bianca thought, smiling at Kolias’s confusing story of forest adventures. Her eyes were fraudulently wet with emotions, she could barely contain them so as not to scare Kolias.

Noff and Sisyphus at that time, in contact with the headquarters, found ways out.

The nearest teams came to help evacuate Lisa3, including the eighth “mixed” Lisa from the search engine of the excerpt and two employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. On the way to the headquarters, there is a swamp and the wind blows – it is not enough to find it, you also have to take it out, there will be enough work for everyone.

And now Kolya is in a cozy house with his parents. He was examined by paramedics and made sure that everything was fine. You can breathe.

Everyone left the search inspired. Both the search engines and the service staff – the search left no one without emotions.

The common cause for saving such an important life of little Kolya brought together completely different people.

Every search is a meeting with the unknown and every such meeting requires a lot of resources. Operators, registrars, informants, moderators, senior search teams, search engines, cynologists, signalers and many more are the tools of a large and well-coordinated mechanism called “LizaAlert”.Near Kaluga, search engines found a child in the night forest

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