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The authorities of St. Petersburg intend to carry out in the territory of the nature reserve “the construction of ski slopes with rollers with asphalt surface up to 3.75 km long, up to 6 m wide and with extensions in turns up to 9 meters.” Details of the terms of the order became known from the letter (available from, which were sent by representatives of the Committee on Physical Education and Sports at the request of one of the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the northern capital. He also noted that there will be lighting all the way and equipment for creating artificial snow will be installed.

The main infrastructure of the ski and biathlon complex, including a stadium with a shooting range, stands and administrative buildings, the city authorities want to place in the lands adjacent to the reserve. According to the draft amendments to the city master plan, the area of ​​the ski slope will be 40,685 sq.m., the stadium – 12,000 sq.m.

The preparation of the documentation of the tender for the study of the installation is carried out by the Municipal Construction Committee. Under the current state program for the “development of physical culture and sports in St. Petersburg”, 624 million rubles have been allocated to the budget for the creation of a ski and biathlon complex, including 132 million rubles. for design and research work and 492 million rubles. for the construction and installation department of the project. All installations are expected to be completed by the end of 2026.

As explained at the Ministry of Natural Resources, now the special protection regime of the territory of “Lake Loutson” does not provide for the construction of ski slopes with related infrastructure. In addition, since mid-May, the St. Petersburg government has not applied to the department with a request to change the rules for using the reserve.

“Citizens are afraid of possible construction: they are afraid that centuries-old pines will be cut down in the reserve and ordinary people will be forbidden to rest,” he said. activist Marina Bazyukina. “For many decades, we sled and ski in the forest in winter and pick mushrooms and berries in summer. “Now the width of the path does not exceed two meters, if you cut there glades of nine meters, nothing will be left of the thicket”, said the interlocutor. Judging by polls in the community of visitors to Lake Pike, the attitude of the people towards the ski resort is negative.

Mikhail Kreindlin, head of the program for specially protected natural areas of Greenpeace Russia, assured Plus-one.ruthat the extension of the routes in the reserve and the creation of additional infrastructure along them are illegal. “But from my own experience, I can say that if the St. Petersburg government continues to apply to the ministry with a resolution to expand construction opportunities, then it is likely that it will be able to agree to it,” he added.

Lake Shchuchye State Nature Reserve


“If construction starts, the ability to maintain the reserve will be lost. There are always alternatives to choosing a venue for a sports facility. “It is not at all necessary to build in a specially protected natural area,” he said Maria Malorossiyanova, representative of the public environmental movement “ECA”.

For the first time, the St. Petersburg Ski Federation and the city committee for natural culture and sports took the initiative to create a ski and biathlon complex 14 years ago – in 2008, when Lake Pike did not yet have the status of the reserve. The cost of the project was estimated at 190 million rubles. Construction was scheduled to be completed by the start of the 2011/2012 ski season.

The implementation stopped at the design stage: according to Novaya Gazeta, the documentation, for which the city allocated 10.2 million rubles, did not pass the state examination. It was proved in court that the client did not bother that the contractor had a spatial plan, without which it is impossible to reach a positive conclusion.

The design document was approved by the city government in 2012. By the same decree, the authorities also approved the regulations attached to it regarding the placement of capital construction facilities near the Shchuchye Lake Reserve, including sports and leisure facilities. The administration of the northern capital returned to the idea of ​​creating a biathlon and ski complex in 2019, when the biathlon and cross-country skiers Olympians Anatoly Alyabyev and Lyubov Mukhacheva, as well as two former presidents of the St. Petersburg ski resort, headed to the Racing Federation. Alexander Beglov with a request to continue the project.

In 2020, the sports committee changed the description of the facility on the territory of Lake Pike and adjacent areas: the “sports and ski slope” became “a year-round ski and biathlon complex for sports training and international winter sports”. The government of the northern capital approved the proposed changes.

In the Targeted Investment Program for 2021 and the programming period 2022 and 2023. 599 million rubles were allocated for the construction of a ski and biathlon complex. However, for unknown reasons, the design of the stadium was postponed for 2022.

In the sports committee stated that the official project of the stadium will appear after the tender for its development and the terms of reference imply only “list of measures for the protection of the environment”. The committee declined to comment on whether its representatives plan to apply to the Ministry of Natural Resources for a change in how the reserve is used.

Residents of the town of Zelenogorsk, not far from the reserve, struggled with its development for several years, bombing various St. Petersburg apartments demanding that the project be stopped. In response to one of these, the Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture in January 2022 reported (the letter is available from the city authorities are preparing to make changes to the draft design of the area near the reserve “in order to determine the possibilities” for the construction of the complex. Zelenogorsk activists have linked such plans to a desire to re-scale the band.

“By February 24, our authorities had repeatedly confirmed that they were preparing new changes to the overall plan. “But, obviously, the investments have been covered, now we are talking about the construction of a ski and biathlon complex within the limits approved in 2012”, he said activist Alina Tabachuk. Marina Bazyukina recalled that in early 2022 it was decided to build a boarding school for 2,000 students next to the reserve according to the Gazprom project. The plans of the state company became known at the end of 2021. According to the contractor who develops the school project, the work continues.

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