Perm to host Nature of the City Ecological Festival

May 25, 12:59 pm

Perm to host Nature of the City Ecological Festival

The Ecofest will take place on June 3 and 4 in the city courtyard. Additional places will be in the garden. Midowski, park them. Α.Π. Chekhov and other natural areas of the city.

The festival will become an open platform for discussing current environmental issues and will also involve a large number of residents in environmental practices. A strong volunteer movement has developed in Perm, with more and more people joining every year. One of the goals of the festival is to increase the responsibility of people for the state of nature in the city. The organizers of the ecological festival are the administration of Perm and PermPark.

In the garden to them. Midowski gave a press conference announcing the “Nature of the City” environmental festival. The event was attended by Deputy Head of Administration Perm Viktor Ageev, Head of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Management Dmitry Andreev, Advisor to the General Manager of Sibur-Khimprom Tatyana Duregina, Head of the Department of Environment and Environmental Protection environmental activist Nadezhda Bagley.

The organizers presented the program of the festival and talked about the involvement of the professional environmental community in addressing environmental issues. For two days, June 3 and 4, the city’s esplanade will become a real natural area.

– We set ourselves the task of showing the metropolis as an ecosystem in which a person feels comfortable and in which a person does not violate the comfort of other elements of this ecosystem. According to last year’s results, we saw a large number of people eager to get involved in environmental practices and we really hope that this year’s Ecovolunteer campaign will also bring new followers to an environmentally friendly lifestyle, Viktor Ageev explained.

Dmitry Andreev stressed that the goals of the festival are to involve the city’s residents in solving environmental problems and to increase the residents’ environmental responsibility for nature and the resources consumed. Perm is a unique metropolis, which has practically reserved natural areas. In the city there are 24 specially protected natural areas, in which there are species of plants and animals in the red book. Also in the city there are more than 300 small rivers, the full flow of the Kama flows, more than half of the territory of Perm is occupied by urban forests. The protection and promotion of this natural wealth is one of the priorities of the city authorities. Now great attention is paid to the maintenance and development of the green fund, to the configuration of recreational areas, to the implementation of the Green Ring project and to the involvement of the residents in this project.

Nadezhda Bagley presented simple algorithms with which residents can help the natural areas of the city: how, for example, to build nests or houses for insects, to plant plants for birds, to create a rotten nature reserve.

– Now we are hiring ecological volunteers who will go directly from the esplanade to 20 points in Perm and will do good ecological acts for our city. This has never happened, this is our know-how at Perm. We have a big task ahead of us – to stabilize climate change and increase the city’s biodiversity. A rotten nature reserve, a meadow with honey, bird houses – all this is support for urban nature. This is what we present at the festival and we invite everyone to participate “, said Nadezhda Bagley.

Also, in a meeting with journalists, Maria Lunkova spoke about the environmental agenda of Sibur-Khimprom.

– This year we will show our mobile laboratory, which will stand in the esplanade for two days and will measure air quality online. We will also inform you about how our company deals with wastewater treatment. “For the last 10 years, we have been one of the companies that have implemented this project,” said Maria Lunkova.

At the moment, the registrations of volunteers for the “Volunteer” action have been opened. For example, everyone will be able to set up bird houses, plant honey herbs, clear the area at Chisty Berezhka (Tramvaynaya Street, 1b) or spend a day working in the community in a tree nursery. You can register for ecological practices and get more detailed information about the event in the ecological festival group “Vkontakte”.

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