Planting work continues in the Nizhny Novgorod region

About 500 hectares of young forest plantations will be planted in the territory of the Semenovsky region

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, work is underway to plant forests. It is essentially a compensatory landscaping with pines and firs traditional for the area. Our correspondent went to the Semenovsky area to see everything that was happening.

After the rains, the loaf of seedlings makes its way to the forest roads. The car sways and shakes loudly, Kolesov’s swords jump underfoot – narrow steel shovels for planting seedlings. Finally, the car stops at the edge of a large clearing. For today it is the front of our work. The sword easily enters the wet ground, then you have to lower the sapling and fasten it to the ground. The distance from the forest is quite decent, but with a specialist you pass it quickly.

“As part of the national priority project” Ecology “, about 500 hectares of young forest plantations will be planted in the area,” Mikhail Shkotov, head of the Semenovsky district forest department of the Ministry of Forestry of the Nizhny Novgorod region, told MK. in Nizhny Novgorod.

Most of the work will fall on the shoulders of tenant forest plots. But some areas will be sown by foresters themselves. Recently, high school students from local schools have been attracted to this, thanks to which theory can be combined with practice. The pines are planted for the most part. Coniferous trees are considered a forest here. This year, the owners will cut about 1.5 thousand hectares of forest in the area, which means that the same amount will have to be planted next year. The tree grows for about 80 years, all this time the owners will take care of it.

– This year there will be three agricultural cares, the next two, one after each, and later there will be clarification, thinning, past transplants. In general, this is a rather laborious task to save the forest, – added Mikhail Shtokov.

Forest fires are a major concern for foresters. His unit received a quadcopter last year. In summer, it will be used to monitor the situation in the forest. The last forest fires in the Semenovsky area broke out in 2010, when almost the entire area was on fire. Last year, the forests here caught fire twice by lightning, but then the fires were detected and stopped at an early stage. Young seedlings based on Semenov spetssemleskhoz are collected here. Enough for their own needs and for the neighboring areas.

– We deal with the preparation and processing of cones into seeds, then we plant these seeds in a greenhouse, where they grow either in open or closed ground for two to three years. “Then we dig them up and sell them to tenants,” said Aleksey Klenkov, director of the Semenov Special Agricultural Forestry.

Here the pine is cultivated for two years, the fir for three. The seedlings, depending on the customer’s desire, are grown with either open or closed root system. The latter has a higher survival rate. The cones are harvested throughout the winter. The seeds are stored in a special refrigerator at a temperature of -9 degrees. About 19 million young pines and firs are grown in the nursery each year. For the placement of one hectare of forest, 4 thousand seedlings are required.

– Last year, under the regional program for the development of forestry, we were allocated funds of 18 million rubles. In them, we were able to buy three new modern greenhouses and buy cassettes for growing planting material. All this has already been put into operation, – continued Alexey Klenkov.

There are about 3.5 tons of seeds in the cold store now. They are stored in special plastic containers. Each contains information about the content: the type of crop, where and when the seeds were obtained. Twice a year, their condition is checked by biologists, first of all, they are examined for sowing properties.

– This year, it is planned to restore 12.3 thousand hectares of forest in the Nizhny Novgorod region. This will allow the complete renewal of the cut and dead forest resources. The volume of reforestation in the Nizhny Novgorod region is 32% higher than the average for the Volga Federal District, – said in an interview Lyudmila Guceva, head of the department of organization of use and reproduction of the Regional Ministry.

At present, a reforestation fund has been set up in the Nizhny Novgorod region, which will be closely monitored by ministry experts.

Forests are being restored in the Semenovsky area

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