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In Bishkek May 25 slightly cloudy. The air temperature is expected to be +30 degrees. The day has increased to 14 hours 56 minutes.

Turn off gas, electricity, water

  • 8.00-17.00 – 110th quarter, residential complexes “Kasym”, “Keremet”, “Madaniyat”, sections of Buurdinskaya, Mesarosh, Lumumba, Kainazarova, Taldy-Suyskaya, Temirovskaya, Saltanat, Profsoyuznaya, Buurdinsky lanes.
  • 9.00-16.00 – sections of roads Saliyeva, Zapadnaya.
  • 9.00-17.00 – 6th micro-district, 26, sections of Saratovskaya, Kurmandzhan Datka, Zhukeeva-Pudovkina, Karasaeva streets, Ufimsky, Granitny, Gvardeisky lanes, Archa-Beshik residential complex (Chortekova street), Alty-T
  • 9.00-18.00 – residential areas “Ala-Too” (Kok-Kiya street), “Ak-Ordo” (Tagay-Biy street, Akyl Karachach), sections of Chingiz Aitmatov avenue, Sukhomlinov, Tselinnaya, Aini streets.
  • 9.30-12.00 – Kok-Zhar Micro-district, 1-3, 38, Mavlyanov, Shabdan Baatyr.
  • 9.30-17.00 – sections of Chui, Ibraimov, Toktogul, Shopokov, Kievskaya streets, Rassvet village (Veselaya, Druzhby, Leskhoz, Parkovaya, Sadovaya, Shkolnaya streets).
  • 9.30-17.30 – sections of enthusiastic streets, Rizhskaya, Krasnodontsev, Bayalinov.
  • 11.00-14.00 – Kok-Zhar Micro-district, 1/1, 19, 4, 5;
  • 13.00-18.00 – residential area Kok-Zhar (Bosogo street, Moldokulova, Ton, Kuyruchuk).
  • 13.00-17.00 – sections of Manas Avenue, Toktogul Street.

Until June 16, the hot water was closed in Bishkek. More

  • May 23-25 ​​- the area bordered by BChK streets, Zhibek Zholu avenue, Kurmanjan Datka, Tabachnaya, Suyumbaev streets, the Avangardny strip in Bishkek.
  • May 23-27 – areas bordered by Sadyrbaev, Gagarin, Omurakunov, Ashar, Tolstoy streets. Lumumba, Shush-Tube, Orozov, Tolstoy.

Who is scheduled to

Kanatbek Turgunbekov

Born May 25, 1970. President of the State Financial Intelligence Service.

Urmatbek Samaev

Born May 25, 1986. Mayor of Tokmok.

Unforgettable dates

RSFSR Kara-Kyrgyzstan Autonomous Region renamed Kyrgyzstan Autonomous Region

On May 25, 1925, the existing Kara-Kyrgyz Autonomous Region was renamed the Kyrgyz Autonomous Region. The word “kara” was added in 1924 to distinguish the Kyrgyz Autonomous Region from the Kazakh Autonomous Republic, then officially called the Kyrgyz SSR in Russian.

The Kyrgyz Autonomous Region, in turn, on February 1, 1926, was transformed into the Kyrgyz USSR (1926-1936).

Saimaluu-Tash State Park was created

Zusubek Kulmatov

Photo: Zhusupbek Kulmatov. Saimaluu-Tash

In 2001, a government decree created the 32,000-hectare Saimaluu-Tash National Park. It is located in the eastern part of the Jalal-Abad region along the Kurart River.

The main cultural and historical value of the park is the Bronze Age petroglyphs, as well as the unique natural complexes of Kugart Street. “Saimaluu-Tash” is currently the largest collection of rock paintings in Central Asia. There are about 90 thousand of them here.

World Missing Children Day

This date comes from the USA and the symbol of the day is the image of a forgotten blue.

Like today in 1979, Evian Pace, a six-year-old American student, disappeared on the way home. Everyone was looking for him, the case received a wide response, but the investigation was unsuccessful.

Four years after this event, US President Ronald Reagan declared May 25 the National Day of Missing Children. This initiative was soon supported in many European countries and in 1997 the International Center for the Search for Missing and Exploited Children was established. On his initiative, the International Day of the Missing Children was established in 2010 and its date was set – May 25.

World Thyroid Day

The date entered the calendar in 2009, when the European Thyroid Union proposed that May 25 be celebrated internationally.

The thyroid gland is a small but extremely important organ. Regulates all metabolism, as well as the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, physical and mental development. If a failure occurs in its work, then it will certainly affect the well-being and work of the whole organization.

People who changed the world

Birth of the author Shatman Sadybakasov

from the Internet

Photo from the Internet. Shatman Sadybakasov

In 1932, the Kyrgyz writer, playwright, poet, journalist Shatman Sadybakasov was born in the village of Dyikan, in the Dzhumgalsky region.

In 1958 the first collection of his stories was published, Peyil (Soul). Author of more than ten collections of short works, one poetry collection, many works in Russian.

Author of many children’s books.

From 1975 until the end of his life he was the editor-in-chief of Ala-Too magazine. Shatman Sadybakasov’s play “The Gray Horse” has become a classic of democracy drama.

He died on August 3, 1983.

Birthday anniversary of politician Kenesh Kulmatov

from the Internet

Photo from the Internet. Empty Kulmatov

In 1934, Kenesh Kulmatov, a Soviet and Russian diplomat, Soviet politician, party and Komsomol leader, was born in the village of Ak-Beshim in the Chui region.

1970-1973 – First Secretary of the Frunze City Committee of the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan SSR. November 19, 1985 – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USSR to Sri Lanka and the Republic of Maldives. He served as Ambassador to the Kingdom of Nepal, Ambassador of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to Tanzania.

Elected Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the 6th Senate (1962-1965), Member of the Supreme Soviet of Kyrgyzstan USSR.

Composer Satylgan Osmonov was born

He was born on May 25, 1938 in the village of Kegeti, in the Chui region. Honorary Cultural Worker of Kyrgyzstan, President of the Composers’ Association of the Kyrgyz Republic (1995-1997).

He is the author of the operas “Kychan”, “Fortress”, “Jusup Balasagyn”, the cantata “Flaming Youth”, a series of symphonic works (march for symphony orchestra, suite for symphony orchestra), violin concerto and orchestra No. 1, 2, for voice with orchestra. The accords of “Ak-Meer”, “Urkun”, symphonic poems “In Memory of Heroes”, “Lyrical” are well known.

The Peruvian composer also owns a number of chamber-instrumental works. The composer’s romances and songs are often performed based on lyrics by Kyrgyz poets, he created many works for children (“Fairy Tale”, “Hastunishka”, “Merry Bunny” and others).

He wrote music for films, performances, theatrical performance “Manas-1000”.

Professor Dmitry Sherbakov has died

He was born on January 13, 1893 in Novozybkov County, Chernigov Oblast of the Russian Empire. Soviet scientist in the field of geology, mineralogy, geochemistry and geography, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, awarded the Lenin Prize, Honorary Worker of Science and Science.

He conducted geological research in Central Asia, especially in Kyrgyzstan.

His scientific predictions served as the basis for the discovery of industrial antimony and mercury deposits in Kyrgyzstan.

He died on May 25, 1966 in Moscow.

Writer Talip Ibrahimov dies

He was born on December 27, 1940 in the village of Sary-Bulak.

For more than 30 years he worked as an editor in the film studio “Kyrgyzfilm”.

He was awarded the title of Honorary Artist of Kyrgyzstan. He started writing prose after retiring. In 2006, he won the international literary competition “Russian Prize” in the nomination “Small prose” (for the collection of stories “The old man and the angel”).

According to his screenplays, the feature films “Among the People”, “Village Mosaic”, “Believe and Know”, “Landscape through the eyes of a sprinter”, “I do not want to live like this anymore”, “The Weeper” , “Night Crash”, as well as many documentaries.

He died on May 25, 2016.

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