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Forest fires and dry grass burns have become a national problem, often affecting our region.

Uncontrolled burning in nature is one of the dangerous phenomena that occurs through the fault of a ruthless person and harms the environment, the economy, the lives of animals and people.

This year, fires in the country began destroying trees and fields very early. The area of ​​fires currently occupies more than 250 thousand hectares, of which 140.9 thousand hectares are covered with forests. One of the first cases was reported in Buryatia on April 4. In the Chelyabinsk region, the first forest fire broke out on the tenth day of the same month in the Whiskey region.

Reducing the spread of the fire and extinguishing it is the responsibility of the employees of the fire and rescue units, the forest firefighters and the volunteers who take care of the safety of the areas.

According to the Fire and Rescue No. 59 of Verkhneuralsk, since the beginning of the year has carried out 44 incidents, half of which burned dry grass and debris. Four fires broke out near the village of Kirsa in a total area of ​​1800 acres. There were also three grass fires near the village of Podolsky – the burning area was 1.5 thousand hectares. In other parts of the region, grass burning covered less than a thousand hectares. There have also been two cases of dry grass burning in the forests of the Verkhneuralsky district forest department – the total area of ​​the fire was almost three hectares.

It was not only the fire brigade that took part in extinguishing the fires.

Alexey Obraztsov, head of the 59th Fire Brigade, noted the responsible work of the heads of the rural settlements of Stepninsky, Krasninsky and Petropavlovsky, who quickly organized volunteer fire brigades and teams to put out fires in the landscape.

Natural areas are also protected by fire from Leskhoz LLC. The work of the forest fire brigade every year begins after the snow melts. Active fire monitoring is carried out in dry and stormy weather – they patrol the Karagai forest area and the Verkhneuralsky district forest office, they also monitor using video surveillance cameras and satellite surveillance, which helps locate the owner of the land that set fire to the grass or straw.

In addition to monitoring forest areas, experts plow them regularly. Since last autumn, the Karagai forest and the Izvoz and Mokhnataya mountains have already been plowed. Work is continuing this season.

Although firefighters are responsible for conserving deciduous and coniferous mountains, extinguishing burning grass in the open is also their job to prevent the flame from spreading to the forest area. Similar cases have already occurred near the villages of Mezhozerny and Zhukovsky.

Viktor Filippov, senior forester at Leskhoz LLC, spoke about the latest incident:

– The fire was discovered thanks to a column of thick white smoke. A field near the road to Bolshoi Bugodak burned down. The flame spread to one and a half kilometers front and reached the forest area. To extinguish the fire, a forest fire brigade based on a UAZ, GAZ vehicle with water supply is involved, the burning perimeter was plowed with a tractor. Brigades from the Verkhneuralsky Forest Company and the No. 59 Fire and Rescue Unit also took part in the three-hour firefight.

Viktor Nikolayevich added that there were fewer fires this season than last year. This may be due to different weather conditions, but it is hoped that the fire prevention propaganda, which is being actively carried out by Civil Defense and Emergency Situations officials, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Forest Service, has had an impact. They carry out weekly raids on settlements, explain fire safety rules to residents, distribute leaflets with these rules and a list of actions for the population to prevent forest and landscape fires. According to statistics, 90 percent of forest fires occur due to violation of fire safety rules by the population in places of recreation and work! To avoid fire in the natural environment, it is forbidden:

1. Throw burning cigarettes, smoldering rags in the forest.

2. Make fires in dense thickets and coniferous young plants, next to timber warehouses and within walking distance of the forest.

3. Set the reeds on fire.

4. Make fires in windy weather and leave them unattended.

5. Leave the fire on after leaving the parking lot.

6. Burn dry grass on forest glades, in gardens, in fields with trees.

In the event of a fire hazard, you should call the unique emergency number 112, the unique number of firefighters and rescuers 101.

The protection of nature from fires is the duty not only of the above services and organizations, but also of each of us. The best indicator is not only the quick response of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to their calls and their effectiveness in extinguishing fires, but mainly how conscientiously the population treats nature and observes the fire safety rules, thus eliminating the causes of fires.


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