A small Amur resident with an esophageal abnormality loses weight quickly in anticipation of surgery

A mother of many children from Belogorsk has been fighting for the health of her child for almost two years. Little Gleb was born with a serious defect – esophageal atresia. The muscular tube, through which food should enter the body, in the baby was divided into two parts that do not communicate with each other. Fortunately, the abnormality is surgically corrected, but the young resident of Amur not only does not gain the necessary weight for the operation, but also loses it quickly. At one year and nine months, the baby weighs only six pounds. Local doctors can not find an explanation for this and in less than a month, the child is expected to be examined in a Moscow hospital. However, the family, whose only income is benefits, does not have the means to travel and live in the capital.

– I have four children, the eldest will be 14 years old, the second son became eight years old in April, the girl will be six years old in June. All children are healthy. It never occurred to me that the fourth child might have problems. Throughout the pregnancy, she walked well, the ultrasounds were done on time, none of them showed that the child had such a diagnosis. He had surgery on the first day after birth. At birth, the esophagus was short, closed, there was no passage in the stomach, with a fistula. Doctors tried to save the esophagus, but to no avail. I had to pass a tube through his stomach to put it in his stomach and take it out through a hole in his throat so that saliva would come out and he would not choke. “Now the child has a tube in the abdomen, through which he eats,” said the boy’s mother, Annazhemal.

Blagoveshchensk doctors reassured the woman that as soon as the child gained strength and grew a little, she would undergo plastic surgery on the esophagus. When the baby was nine months old, he was transferred to surgery. But the doctors of the capital considered that the child was still weak and may not survive the operation. They were advised to wait. But after returning to the Amur area, Gleb began to lose weight dramatically.

Even a special mixture does not help – the only dietary option for a child without esophagus. Each jar costs two thousand rubles and lasts only two days. In addition, since the boy was born, the mother bought the mixture at her own expense, but recently polite people suggested that they give it to the boy for free. However, neither when the child’s problems came to light, nor when Gleb’s disability was recorded, the woman was warned about it. Now Annazhemal has applied for a mix, but Amur’s woman promises free food only until the end of July.

– If we used to fly to Moscow weighing almost eight kilos, now we weigh only six kilos a year and nine months. A child is skin and bones. And no one knows what happens to us. In Blagoveshchensk they shrug their shoulders and say they do not know what to do with us. We are a mystery to them. “I am generally silent about Belogorsk,” said Amur.

Long journeys to local hospitals did not lead to anything. The boy’s mother contacted the Moscow Children’s Clinical Hospital again. NF Filatova, who sent her a ticket for treatment on June 14. There, doctors hope to discover the cause of weight loss and weight gain with a series of diet drops. After that, the boy will be transported to the operating room and undergo a long-awaited operation – they will open the chest and replace the missing part of the esophagus with a piece of the rectum.

But all this will not last even a week or two. I think we will definitely fly for two or three months. The operation itself is free, but you need money to live, formula for the child, some complex exams will have to be done for a fee. When we were in the hospital last time, I paid almost 50 thousand rubles for the exams. In connection with recent events, I tried to collect something myself, but my father died and what he collected went to his funeral. So now there is simply no financial opportunity for us to cope on our own. The father of the child helps, but he is also disabled. He is deaf, his speech is impaired. He can not officially get a job somewhere, he tried to get a job as a loader, but no one hires him. I am on maternity leave and receive a diet and pension, which are spent on food and the ointment with which we constantly treat the skin near the tube. It costs one and a half thousand rubles and a tube also leaves in two days. In addition, I have three other children who need to get dressed, put on shoes and feed. With the help of the media, we managed to raise almost 40 thousand rubles. The collection went well in the first days, a lot of people helped, I am very grateful to them. But then there was silence, – shared Gleb’s mother.

Inadequately needed time to renew the grants. Due to running to the hospitals, the Amur woman missed the deadline when it was necessary to submit documents for a new next payment period. She will now receive benefits only in July and less than a month remains before her departure for Moscow.

– We must raise at least 200 thousand rubles. First of all for accommodation, food for the child, exams. I have not received tickets yet. Social housing is full, you have to look for housing yourself. Doctors say that if all goes well, then Gleb will fly home as a full-fledged child, Annazhemal said.

You can help little Gleb have surgery by transferring it to his mother’s account using the following information:

Transfer by phone – + 7-914-618-10-23 (recipient – Kulova Annazhemal Annamukhamedovna).

Sberbank card number – 2202 2032 8390 4730;

account number – 40817810503005833077;

Bank account: 30101810600000000608;


BIC Bank: 040813608.

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