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In terms of ecology, Perm is unique. In addition to the full-flowing Kama, there are more than 300 small rivers in the city, more than half of the metropolis is occupied by forests, there are 24 specially protected natural areas where plant and animal species are found in the Red Book. Therefore, Perm is a fertile place for the implementation of environmental projects and environmental protection measures. And in recent years, the city authorities are paying more attention to environmental issues.

“This is a global trend. Only someone starts dealing with environmental issues earlier, someone later. We started taking care of them in time. And that’s a good sign, we’re on trend, “said Dmitry Andreev, head of the ecology and nature management department at the Perm administration.

According to the expert, a positive impact on the environment of Perm, among other things, was the attention of the first persons of the region and the regional capital: “Active reconstruction of parks and squares, conservation of the Chernyaevsky forest – these issues are heard by residents. “Because of the high profile issues that Perm has overcome, there is also a rethinking of approaches to many aspects of urban management.”

Significant changes have also taken place at the federal level over the last decade: legislation has changed, funding for local environmental projects has increased significantly. Many regions are actively involved in federal projects and Perm is no exception.

Complex story

One of the priority tasks of the city authorities at the moment is to protect and enhance the natural wealth of Perm. It is solved through the maintenance and development of the forest fund, the arrangement of recreational areas and the large-scale project “Green Ring”, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the regional capital. Attention is being paid to this project not only at the district and city level, but it is planned to attract resources from the federal budget for its implementation.

It is recalled that the “Green Ring” includes the improvement of public spaces in the valleys of the small rivers Danilikha and Egoshikha and the specially protected natural area “Chernyaevsky Forest”. That is, the very “green zone” of Perm, which will become an ecological recreation area for Perm residents and visitors to the city.

According to the project, natural parks, visitor centers, observation platforms and recreation areas, ecological paths, paths, small architectural forms will be equipped here. Including convenient navigation for orientation and additional river information.

“The project is complex and” tied “with a large interdepartmental interaction, because it affects various aspects of both the economy of the city and the inhabitants of the city. Improvement is just the tip of the iceberg. The work is much more multifaceted. “Its main task is to improve the quality of the environment and to revitalize the river valleys,” said Dmitry Andreev. The Danilikha and Yegoshikha valleys are a very large and promising resource for the city – both ecological and recreational. In order to use it, it is necessary to improve the quality of the resource itself: water, surface runoff, air and to resolve the issue of unauthorized landfills.

In other words, the project addresses a huge blockchain of environmental issues, including those that can be resolved through the creation of SPNs of regional importance of regional importance “Danilikha River Valley” and “Egoshikha Valley”. This will ensure the creation of a differentiated regime for the protection and use of the territory and will allow the regulation of scientific, recreational, economic and other types of activities. Currently, the work for the creation of protected areas is carried out by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Forests and Ecology of the Perm Region.

A new step in the development of the city

The city, for its part, has done a great deal of work to identify sources of adverse effects in the small river valleys.

“Looking at the ground, we examined where the raw rainwater enters the rivers and designed 25 rain gardens that will naturally deal with this runoff, as well as reduce the negative effects on river valleys in the form of erosion and destruction of slopes. In addition, these objects are visually interesting “, notes Dmitry Andreev.

One of these rain gardens has already been created – located behind the PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art. Innovative technology for Perm has been adapted by scientists at Perm State Research University. It is a low area of ​​the territory where surface wastewater is collected and treated. The role of natural filters is performed by specially planted plants that love moisture.

Another complex element that solves many problems at once is the extreme roads. On the one hand it is a path. On the other hand, new transport connections between the areas of Perm. On the third, there is a certain boundary between natural and residential areas.

“We believe that the Green Ring project will greatly affect the level of ecological culture of the population, as the created protected areas will provide environmental measures and environmental education. The implementation of the project will allow us to take a very big step in the ecological development of the city “, the head of the ecology and nature management department is sure.

No spaces

Residents are actively involved in various environmental activities in the city. Each year, the city hosts competitions and promotions at pan-Russian, regional and city level, designed for different categories and ages of citizens.

“We have active retirees, middle-aged residents, young people, students,” said Dmitry Andreev. “There are no gaps that are not closed by common events.”

So, just the other day, the recruitment of volunteers for the big ecological festival “Nature of the City”, which will be held in Perm on June 3 and 4, started. The center of attraction of the festival will be the esplanade: it is here, according to the plan of the organizers, that “flows” the image of the river Permyanka, the semantic core of the event. The ecofest participants will move along the “shores” of Permyanka with thematically designed zones and art objects and will be involved in thematic activities related to solving environmental issues.

Additional locations will be in the garden. Midowski, park them. AP Chekhov and other natural areas of the city.

The ecofest program includes lectures and round tables, promotions and master classes, quests and competitions. Thus, an open discussion on the concept of the city green is planned, a round table on the discussion of the Perm Region law on green areas, a discussion on adaptation to climate change, a discussion on the Green Memorandum and the School of Ecology. Volunteering. .

In addition, the Ecopraktiki, Divide and Celebrate !, and Ecovolunteer! Platforms will operate. In addition, during the “Volunteer” action, everyone will be able to help environmental organizations and initiatives. More than twenty different eco-volunteering practices will be presented at the eco-festival: creating protected areas, planting flowers in small river valleys, setting up houses for birds and insects, helping animal shelters and more.

For example, the ecological practice “Medonosnaya Polyana” is dedicated to planting honey plants to support pollinating insects. The “Rotten Reserve” will tell you that mowed grass, leaves and fallen tree branches have a number of important and necessary functions. The Bird Lands project will provide support to birds in a natural way – providing them with natural food.

Already, anyone who wants to become an eco-volunteer can fill out a questionnaire and choose one or more practices that are most interesting to themselves. In general, it is planned to attract about 200 ecological volunteers this year.

“In preparing for the Nature of the City eco-festival, we realized that emphasis should be placed on families where there is a variety of ages, where information on how to become self-aware, how to relate to nature and the environment spreads faster. “, Explains Dmitry Andreev. . “And of course, a large set of questions is devoted to young people, students, in order to increase the environmental responsibility of residents from an early age.”

“We take the role”

The main partner of Nature of the City ecofest is JSC Sibur-Khimprom. But also other large industrial companies and development companies are actively involved in measures to protect the urban environment. And in different forms, depending on the type of activity. Thus, nurseries help with the design, some companies provide volunteers, others conduct master classes in their areas.

In addition, almost all large companies in the Kama and Perm regions carry out their own socially important projects: they supervise the areas they sponsor, organize environmental education events, walks with environmentalists, etc.

“In this case, we are the coordinator. We help the company to determine the area, the types of work that can be done there, we involve local residents and public organizations in this activity. That is, we unite the industry and the community. And in general, I think we are achieving this role “, sums up Dmitry Andreev.

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