How to clean in an apartment where you have not lived for a long time: tips from a cleaner.

Sometimes people rush when they leave the apartment: there is no time to sweep the floor, separate cabinets and clean the sink.

When they return, the rooms smell unpleasant, dust has accumulated, dirt has eaten the surfaces. I work professionally in cleaning and in this article I will tell you how to quickly arrange the apartment if you left it in a hurry – it does not matter if two days or five years have passed since then.

Step 1

Make a cleaning plan

When you return to the apartment, do not start cleaning immediately. I suggest you proceed in the following order:

  1. Open the windows and ventilate all the rooms. But do not allow a dip, so as not to raise dust. If the windows are plastic, the function of fortochny or even ventilation will do.
  2. Look around you and come up with a cleaning plan. May differ from apartment to apartment: somewhere it is more important to urgently deal with a strong odor and somewhere there are no smells and you have to quickly put the kitchen in order to prepare the food.
  3. If obviously unnecessary things caught your eye, throw them away. their or fold separately to get rid of them later. Maybe you would something to sell or give to those in need. But now the main thing is that these things just do not interfere.

I recommend cleaning from simple to complex: first, put things in order so that you can live in the apartment and only then – maybe the next day – take care of the big problems, for example, order dry cleaning of upholstered furniture.

Step 2

Remove dust and debris from the floor

A clean floor will quickly create a sense of habitation, but when you return to the apartment, you do not need to wash it immediately to polish it. If the owners have not been there for a long time, in the early days you will probably have to walk a lot, tidy up, carry things – and the floor will get dirty again.

Therefore, a quick surface cleaning is enough. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Wipe or vacuum to collect large debris.
  2. Use a flat-bottomed mop with a microfiber cloth attached to it to wipe the floor. This will prove that the waste lost by the vacuum cleaner or the vacuum cleaner is collected. The cloth must be exactly dry: now there is no goal to remove every stain of dust, it is important to bring everything to a neat appearance.

When the owners are installed and ready for a major cleaning, the floor can be washed clean. In homes where there is no one for a long time, it is better to use a floor cleaner with antistatic effect, so that the surface does not attract dust, which probably still remains in the apartment.

If there is no special means for washing the floor, the softener is suitable – one lid per bucket of water.

Good floor cleaners are expensive, but such a package will last for several years. Source:

Step # 3

Get rid of bad smells

Sometimes the sources of odors remain in the apartment. Most of the time, these are fragile products that were forgotten on departure: a piece of cake, an open box of milk in the fridge or apples on the table. The longer no one was there, the worse: the food rots and smells louder.

As a rule, it is enough to throw away the damaged products and wash the place where they are. But it happens that the source of the smell can not be found: it smells, but where exactly it is not clear. Then, first of all, I recommend washing the refrigerator: shelves, walls and also rubber seals.

I had a case where the owners after a long absence opened the refrigerator and from there a strong smell escaped, although everything inside was clean. This is called a “suffocating refrigerator”. To avoid this, when you leave for a long time, you should leave it open.

The refrigerator is washed with mild soapy water. To eliminate odors, you can use a folk remedy – a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar in equal proportions. But it is better to use special household chemicals immediately that remove dirt and odors at the same time.

I use Unicum Cleaner for Refrigerators and Kitchen Appliances, it smells nice and cleans well. This bottle costs about $ 300. R

After washing, leave the refrigerator open for a few hours. Right now, you can check the drain hole: food debris and other dirt sometimes accumulate there. Most often located in the back of the refrigerator.

Pour some water into the drain hole. If the water goes away, everything is fine, but if it stagnates, it is necessary to clean the sewer. It is best to trust the master: the refrigerator may need to be partially disassembled.

The drain holes for the refrigerators are on the back wall, they look like this. Here you have to pour some water and see if it will go away. Photo: 5 second Studio / Shutterstock
There are many tips on the internet on how to clean your fridge drain yourself, but the master will do it faster. Source:

Even if the refrigerator was open, I recommend washing the rubber seals with it: there is always a storehouse of germs and food debris. Simply wiping with a sponge may not be enough, so it is best to pull the seal out. It is done as follows:

  1. Gently pull the rubber into the corner – it will come out of the grooves.
  2. Soak the refrigerator chewing gum in a warm soap solution, clean it with a regular cloth or an old toothbrush.
  3. Dry and put again.
The rubber seal can be pulled out, soaked in warm soapy water and washed separately. In all refrigerators, the hose is pulled in the same way: you have to pull it gently and it will come off
A lot of dirt accumulates under the tire, because most people never wash these parts. If the refrigerator is closed for a long time, this is where the smell can come from. After cleaning, the grooves can be additionally treated with any anti-mold agent.

If the smell in the apartment persists even after thorough cleaning, use herbs or sachets to kill it.

But the result is not guaranteed: if the source of the smell has not been eliminated, the aromatization does not make sense.

Step # 4

Clean the kitchen and bathroom

At this stage, the stove, hood, sink and cooking area are cleaned. Alkaline compounds and anti-grease solutions are suitable for cleaning. I recommend professional and semi-professional chemistry – I use Buzil and Grass brands.

This is a concentrate that is diluted in water and applied to the surface with a sponge. After a few minutes, you can rinse: there are usually no signs of infection. Source:
This tool removes grease, soot and soot. The solution is suitable for washing the kitchen, oven, hood and you can also wash pans, fryers and skewers with it. Source:

Cleaning rules for bathrooms the same, as if did general cleaning. Problems are usually with the salts – an off-white deposit in the bathtub, sink or faucet, which occurs mainly due to hard water.

Lime deposits can be removed with an acid-based solution, but such products are aggressive and should be used. their you must be careful. The composition of Buzil T464 does a good job and does not spoil the chrome products.

When cleaning is complete, disinfect the bathroom surfaces to get rid of harmful microorganisms. Any bleach solution is suitable: “Whiteness” or “Domestos”.

This is Buzil T464 – a concentrate that will help against salts. Source:
Here they put the Anti-Fat solution and left it for a few minutes.
The solution was then rinsed and the surfaces cleaned to polish.

Step # 5

Clean furniture

The main problem with upholstered furniture that has not been used for a long time is the root dust. Therefore, the first thing you can do is wipe sofas and chairs with a regular vacuum cleaner.

If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, place a damp sheet on the furniture and hit it with a carpet beater or just a stick. After that, you need to walk on the surface of the furniture with a damp cloth. This method is not professional, but it does not require equipment and is easy to apply.

It happens that various rubbish is forgotten inside the sofas. He has been lying for years, some things smell

If you need to seriously clean the sofa, the mattress or something Otherwise, it is best to call a professional dry cleaner. In my practice, there have been many cases where people have tried to remove stains on their own, with the help of various shops and improvised media, but in the end it turned out to be worse: there were stains on the surface or the fabric was just burned.

Dry cleaning is done with professional chemistry, but the main thing is not even that, but a powerful vacuum cleaner-exporter that pumps dirt from the fabric with chemical residues.

Prices for dry cleaning of upholstered furniture. Source:

Step # 6

Arrange the rooms

Everyone is here Same the most liked if you did weekly maintenance cleaning.

Again, chemistry is required:

  1. Alkaline – for organic pollutants: traces of food or greasy stains. Can be used the same Azelit solution from Grass, which I suggested for the kitchen. Pay attention to the pH level: Azelit usually has it 10-13If such a solution is overexposed, the surface may burn. Factions with pH under 10 not so aggressive.
  2. Neutral – for dust removal, cleaning of mirrors, glasses and dishes.

Most surfaces are easily cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth, available at any home improvement store. For surfaces with heavy dirt, buy melamine sponges, also called “eraser sponges”: sometimes they treat dirt without any chemicals.

For windows and mirrors, special rags will be required, they will say: “for glasses” or “for glass surfaces”. These wipes will definitely not scratch the glass, and also do not leave streaks.

These are rags from the White Cat company – they are about 10 times more expensive than usual, but sometimes they deal with pollution even without chemicals. Source:

Briefly about cleaning

  1. Do not rush to wash the floors, because in the process of the next cleaning, you may get them dirty again. Deal with dust first and general cleaning can be done later when you install.
  2. If the apartment smells bad, try to find the source of the smell. Most of the time it is rotten food or leftovers. If there is no obvious source, inspect the refrigerator – it may need to be washed thoroughly.
  3. Upholstered furniture can be quickly dusted with improvised means: if there is no vacuum cleaner, spread a wet sheet over it and tap it. her tapestry.
  4. Sometimes owners are too lazy to clean or just do not know how to do it. You can always order cleaning: the professionals will make the cleaning faster and better. Read our article on how to choose a good cleaning company.

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