how to help your body cope with hot weather

Increased air temperature both outdoors and indoors mainly affects the elderly and children.

The heat in Siberia this year not only reminded us of itself early, but along with its charm, unpleasant consequences can await us.

Increased air temperature both outdoors and indoors mainly affects the elderly and children. This can lead to worsening of chronic diseases and in some cases to overheating of the body and a sharp deterioration in health. These consequences can be avoided by following a series of simple but effective precautions.

How to survive the heat at home

On hot days, staying outside is recommended to be limited. However, even at home, the temperature in the heat may not be comfortable at all, especially if the apartment does not have air conditioning.

In this case, you can save yourself with simpler devices.

First of all, he is of course a fan. It will help to create a so-called “controlled sink” in the house. Even warm but circulating air will create a refreshing effect.

A humidifier can also help – it should be filled with ice water and turned on every hour and a half. This will help the air to be less dry and hot, so the heat will be easier. At the same time, do not leave the humidifier on for a long time, the nozzle in the room can become even worse.

On a hot day, do not open windows often at home. It is best to ventilate the rooms in the morning when the air is still cool. And in the heat of the window should be closed, especially if facing the sunny side. In addition, it is worthwhile to restrict access to the sun’s rays in the room, ie to close curtains or blinds.

You can cool down with a damp towel or ice pack placed on the pulse points: wrists, neck, inner folds of the arm, iliac arteries and more. A cool compress can also be applied to the forehead.

We are not afraid of coolness: what air temperature in the house is good for health

How to behave in the heat on the street

Exit on a hot day must be fully armed. First of all, it concerns the clothes. Choose light clothes from natural fabrics in light colors. It is desirable that the collar of such clothes is not tight.

Choose light clothes from natural fabrics

Choose light clothes from natural fabrics

Photo: Sergey Kulygin, BR

On the road, be sure to use a hat, sunglasses, you can use an umbrella and a fan.

Make sure you have drinks with you. In the heat the body needs a lot of fluids, otherwise it is threatened with dehydration. It is better to prefer plain water without gas, herbal decoction or fruit compote without sugar. Do not drink sugary drinks, as well as tea and coffee – they will only increase your thirst. Alcohol is strictly forbidden in the heat – even weak beer increases the load on the heart and kidneys, which is not easy in the summer heat.

If possible, limit road traffic during the hottest part of the day from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. If you have to go out again, try to be in the shade.

Do not forget your headgear

Do not forget your headgear

Photo: Sergey Kulygin, “BR”

How to eat in the heat

The need for energy in hot weather is reduced and therefore the body needs fewer high calorie foods in the summer. In a hot season, it is necessary to abandon fatty foods and minimize the consumption of meat, replacing it with fish or seafood. To maintain your immune system, eat more fruits and vegetables.

It is recommended to exclude meals during the hottest hours of the day and move them in the morning and evening. It is necessary to strictly observe the hygienic and technological requirements for cooking and food storage.

To comply with the alcohol regime, it is necessary to drink up 1.5 liters liquids per day. At the same time, it is important to remember that people with diseases of the kidneys and cardiovascular system should not increase the amount of water they consume.

On a note

  • To cool the room and reduce the dryness of the air, it is necessary to do wet cleaning as often as possible – wash the floors and all surfaces with cold water.
  • The carpet must be removed from the floor. It “attracts” heat and is a good thermal insulator.
  • A good way to cool the rooms is with ice water bottles. There may be many, for example, 5-6 pieces. They will help reduce the temperature by at least 3 degrees, or more. They should be placed higher, for example, in a closet.
  • The temperature is always the highest in the kitchen. If the stove or oven is working, turn on the hood to the maximum or ventilate the room.
  • Many people try to drink cold water in hot weather, but this is wrong. The body will replenish lost heat and warm up. It is best to drink water at room temperature.
  • If space and health allow, on the hottest nights, you can sleep on the floor by moving the mattress off the bed. The coolest air in the room always accumulates from below.

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