When hot weather comes to Mari El

On his social media page, environmentalist Gennady Bogdanov noted that the year may not be warm and swimwear and light dresses will not be in high demand. Especially for Mariyskaya Pravda, he said what a “cool” May could “threaten” and in what months the weather could affect his weight.

Looking at how people wrap themselves in warm clothes, I can not even believe that the end of May is already on the calendar. The warm rays of the sun seem to play with people, appearing and disappearing, giving the baton of weather to the rains and winds. And everyone is looking forward to knowing when the real summer will start, with warmth, river trips and evening walks in light clothes. We asked Gennady Bogdanov, a well-known ecologist at Mari El, a senior researcher at the Bolshaya Kokshaga State Natural Reserve, to make a long-term weather forecast based on his many years of observational nature.

– Predicting the weather in our time is a thankless task. There is a view that there will be heat and there is an opposite view. Yesterday morning in Starozhilsk the air temperature was -3 degrees. There was frost in the open, water in buckets on the road was covered with ice. Probably in the third decade of May the temperature will not reach the limits. Maybe, in summer, due to lack of temperature, May is warmer than usual. In the usual spring, dragonflies began to fly out on May 18-19, and this year it is not at all. Last year, a mass exodus of mosquitoes on May 18 (usually May 19-21). This year, not a single mosquito, – said Gennady Alekseevich. – Let’s wait and see.

– And warmer than usual – what are these temperatures? I heard the view that September, because of such a cold May, can be as hot as the Indian summer. Is there such a possibility?

“Maybe if the summer is not so hot.” There is now a tendency for heat to shift to the non-vegetation period. For another snowy spring or autumn, when it is already time for the leaves to fall. According to temperature indicators, there is no green spring yet. The night temperature is below +5 degrees and the average daily temperature is less than +10.

What is a green spring?

It was the same last year. August-September were warm. Green spring is when the green aspect is in everything – both on the ground and in the trees and bushes. We have not yet opened linden leaves, a little alder, poplar, oak and then – in early flowering forms! Even the fir and spruce do not want to fully open their buds.

– Can this be called abnormal?

– Yes you can. I watch the weather so much, but for three consecutive decades in May there was a lack of average ten-day temperatures – it was not!

– And how then can nature compensate for such a “lack”?

The average annual temperature should normally be the same. If a month does not have a temperature, then the search can be done in another month, not necessarily in the summer. Maybe winter, autumn.

– That is, such a balance that will surely be observed?

– Must be observed. But not everything is so simple. Our average annual temperature is rising gradually, the rule was typical of that dark coniferous broad-leaved subzone where our republic was located, and now such a temperature has been set that our climate is closer to the broadleaf zone, perhaps even in forest steppe. Therefore, firs and firs are drying in our country, especially after the heat of 2010.

– Wow! That is, in the coming years we expect similar temperatures? How will the fauna of democracy change because of this?

First of all, the invertebrates react, more southern species appear (handkerchiefs, southern spiders, wasps). How many new species of fauna have appeared in the last 10 years? Exactly 15 pieces (white storks, cormorants, white herons). Now it is already difficult to observe the stingrays, no one has seen a column for a long time, the range of a large ground squirrel, an ordinary hamster, has moved north.

– So is it worth waiting for the heat to come in the first decade of June? Something you can wear in light clothes?

I think that already in numbers 4-5 there will be quite comfortable summer weather. Of course, it takes more time for the water to heat up and for the opening of the swimming season, especially since the night will not be as hot as we would like. And so, it will turn out to be sunbathing during the day.

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